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Hi! I may have subscribed to your journal because you wrote something interesting that showed up while I was browsing dreamwidth or reading my network page. Perhaps you're reading this because you think I wrote something of note. Either way, welcome.

I try to avoid hate speech of any kind on my journal. If I slip up and say something heedless of my own privilege, please tell me - in a non-flaming way. These are teachable moments, not times to whack people over the head with a newspaper.

I could list an alphabet soup of identities, but suffice it to say thatRead more... )
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I am having a lot of feelz lately when I do recognize something in my health experience or queer experience in mass media represented and it's not just "oh look and inspiring story about how lazy we all are if we don't run a marathon like this kid in the special olympics" or "don't get close to these two women in love, they're about to experience a horrible fate to remind us all that queers can never be truly happy!"


A show which has been counteracting these depressing trends and giving me warm fuzzies, which I will pimp *again*, is Switched at Birth.

I won't go into the particulars of how this scene came up, because spoilerz, but:

A character with an invisible disability (Person A) who was closeted about it was talking to a Deaf character (Person B) who is strongly involved in the Deaf community. They were frustrated that someone they knew had a physical disability (Person C) that was interfering with their ability to sign, and thus have a really close form of communication (versus lip-reading).

Person A told Person B that, "[Person C] is probably a hundred times more frustrated, because it really sucks to have your body betray you."

[mic drop]

I'm sorry, I lost my shit. For several days. Someone on ABC FAMILY just spoke my truth to millions of viewers while navigating the waters of intersectionality and hiding disability and that being a legit choice and that there are different types of disability and it sucks and it's no one's *fault* and there's all kinds of adjustments and grieving that happens when you have a new diagnosis.

Excuse me while I recover from my swoon


At the suggestion of [personal profile] kaberett , I've been checking out

additional example, cn: ER visits, the suckage therein, validation around the suckage, feelings about how invasive medical exams can feel like assault )


So, does anyone have any recs for fic or books or media or whatever that will give me similar tingly feelings of "omigod other people feel this too??"

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(sorry for the posting spam today)

In regards to my earlier post about difficulty with competition and competitive games (tw: evil bees/dysfunctional families), just wanted to say that I do really enjoy collaborative games.

Herein be an open list of collaborative games. Feel free to add more in the comments!

Polaris (a GM-less RPG about being a doomed knight in the Northlands; my first session lasted 9 hours; I don't do tabletop much). Tao games also has a lot of other promising-looking RPGs, including Hot Guys Making Out.

Crap Scrabble looks amazing but I have not had a chance to play it yet (example from the rules: "If the cat lays down on your tiles they are no longer yours and you must play around the cat until she leaves.")

Improv games (honestly probably where I first learned cooperative gameplay). Simple ones include the kind where someone starts a story and then passes it on to another person, etc. Can also be facilitated by Story Cubes.

Obviously harder to plan, but those things where you have a murder mystery party at your house or wherever. I assume a lot of LARPing also falls somewhere in this category, but some does not.

(For definition's sake, I am non-scientifically definining a collaborative game as one in which no one person "wins", and/or the point is just to have fun or create something together and points are not emphasized.)

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My family is, on the whole, fiercely Herein be evil bees, mostly of the dysfunctional sibling variety and also multi-generational, on why it's important to let kids win sometimes )
(thanks to [personal profile] tyger  for conversation reminding me I've been wanting to write this post for awhile)

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[personal profile] rainbow 's cat Jack has passed, his gofundme is here. Rainbow and S.O. are both disabled so do not have discretionary income/savings for the vet bill, but do have themselves and other cats to support.

Signal boosting or conributions appreciated.
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So if I'm not responding to your posts it's because I can't get my reading page to load. Have submitted a ticket (yesterday), still waiting on resolution. Urgh. :(
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My partner and I are Officially Commencing our housing search in the Boston area.

If you (or someone you know) is looking for roommates or has a spot in a co-housing situation for a couple who've been described as "hobbitses" with their two lovely but shy cats, please check out our craigslist posting.

Signal boosts appreciated!
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FYI: If very literal interpretations of the Garden of Eden/Original Sin are very important to you and your sense of being, probably don't read the following. If however you are open to "[religious text] may be more of an allegory than the literal truth", then maybe we can talk about some thoughts I just had while showering with intense PMS. Also be forewarned, most of my Biblical knowledge is based on several Children's Bibles, a sister who co-majored in Religion, religious friends, and stuff I picked up in history classes on the Protestant/Catholic split.

Herein be thoughts:

heresy: Original Sin does not hold up for me when I think about cat sex. Sorry. )

Alternate version which is very, very, very heretical:

heresy. you be warned. )

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so i was reading this very entertaining article about if male musicians were described the same way as female musicians and chatting with my good friend [personal profile] erika and now we have a ficlet she is working on...

a cosmo-esque article written in the style of "how the news media writes about female celebrities"...written about tony stark (and bruce banner). i am very excited!

so just going to throw out a plotbunny if anyone wants to write such an article about any of the *other* Avengers (or Nick Fury! omg!), or perhaps write a story about say Black Widow or Scarlet Witch written in the style of magazines/news articles about dudes.

(no Avenger's icon atm because I'm delaying paid account again til after move)
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  1. [personal profile] rainbow  is offering pre-orders for some pretty awesome hand-made halloween cat toys.
  2. another online friend (not sure which identities I should link together?) has made a VERY GORGEOUS dragon/crop circle art quilt. i just cannot get over the circlet of stars honestly.
  3. I am teaching my cats how to jump through a hula hoop. Steps completed so far: acquire hula hoop; remove things that cause hula hoop to make noise; show cats hula hoop is not a portal to the dungeon dimension; show cats treats fall from the sky when they go in hula hoop on ground; show cats that treats fall from the sky when they walk through upright hula hoop. Surprisingly (because I was certain the dungeon dimension step would throw him for longer), Chance is progressing faster than Lily thus far. She's learning from watching him. My main struggle atm is juggling hula hoop, target stick, clicker, treat bag, and cats demanding treats.
  4. Heartily recommend Switched at Birth. The plotline is all *mega drama* over the top a la Telenova (but maybe not so over the top, judging by some of my family?) But the awesome is they deal really well with so many actually important issues! Like teenage young women wanting to have sex, and so far *there is no slut-shaming* or parents moralizing, only "are you sure that person is the right person to sleep with?" and "so, you do know about protection?" and "sleeping with him won't let you change his behavior." WHAT SORCERY, ABC FAMILY. Also, there are multiple Deaf characters and as the show progresses and more Hearing characters learn sign there is more and more sign in the show. And a lot of time when people are signing, unless it's like some pivotal romantic moment, there's no filler background soundtrack. Just silence (sometimes for effect) or standard traffic noise or something. They also deal amazingly well with single moms, white privilege, class issues, white guilt, white savior syndrome, Latin@ identity issues,, they're not perfect but WHAT SORCERY IS THIS.
  5. I actually want to list more, but my partner and my cats want to spend time with me so I'm gonna do that. <3
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[just going to apologize now, there are going to be a number of moving-related posts in the coming weeks. but hopefully that will result in moving and that will be exciting and result in less ambient stress as well, so. please bear with me. ♥ ♥ ♥]

my partner is selling her schmancy touring bike in preparation for our move. if you are looking for a bike in the DC-metro area (or nearby metropolises) and would like to help support us in the move, here are the specs:

Bike: Surly Long Haul Trucker (2012; Super Dark Green)
Size: 56cm frame for 700c wheels
Selling Price: $1,000.00
Components: All stock components as listed in the catalog (, with one exception. The cassette (aka cog/cogset) is [11-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32t] and NOT [11-13-15-17-20-23-26-30-34t].
History: The bike has been lovingly cared for (stored indoors when not in use; cleaned after long rides; maintained to prevent undue wear), and while some wear is appearent (the odd scuff here and there, the handlebar tape reinforced when torn, and so on) the bike is effectively like new with lots of life left in the consumable components.

Photo )

You can also help by signal-boosting, if you are so inclined. Here's a direct link to the Craigslist posting in case you're using a non-dreamwidth social media account.

For more information feel free to contact me via PM on dreamwidth or via the email linked to Craigslist. Thank you for your patience!

cross-posted to [community profile] bicycles  and [community profile] signalboost 
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Welcome to Knit Vale

The pattern takes a size 7 needle. Going through the roll, you have all but a 7. 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,10.5,11,12,13. There is no 7. You change patterns. The pattern takes a size 5 needle. Going through the roll, you have all but a 5. 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,10.5,11,12,13. There is no 5.

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So this came up in a conversation with a couple ppl lately, so here's a summary of some of the things I do with bouncy dogs.

First off is understanding motivation.cut for length and in case you are not a dog person )

(Was going to put this in the animal filter but I wanted it to be public, so thus the cut)
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But thank you for doing so, it has been keeping me entertained all morning!

How to blow your cat's mind (brush its teeth)

Also this photo of a Frozen-themed girls' softball team is amazing.

I found The Straight White Man's Guide to the 21st Century very entertaining, but really don't read the comments. Don't.

Also, throwback...Wednesday? The flash version of this spoof on "Windows Real Good (RG) Edition" isn't working for me because Adobe stopped supporting flash and ruined Glitch, but someone took a Youtube video of it in all its glory.
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People talk a lot about sexual assault on college campuses, talking to college students about consent, yadda yadda.

It needs to start much, much earlier.

Here's why, based on my own personal anecdata.

By the time I went to college:
tw: sexual assault, depression, suicidality, one teenager trying to handle way too many decisions about sexual assault alone, mis-handling of reports/assault/creepers by authority figures )

Moral of the story, if there is one: Read more... )

*drops mic*

ETA: signal boosting or sharing open because I'm tired of being silent about this shit.
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I got to this comic via the comments section of the Bloggess, and was scolded for shrieking loudly with laughter last night when other people might be trying to sleep. I was also told I upset the cats with my strange human mouth noises. I...honestly there are a lot of great ones.

This I think is representative of their humor, which is probably dark/odd enough at times that not for everyone?
image behind cut for those with connection issues )
The most recent one about the doctor is on-point. My mother did not get why it was funny, which is also telling.

Will now attempt to put on real clothes and do something out of the house.
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tSo partner I were talking about the whole hacking fiasco of late, and how people freak out but as an individual there are limited things you can do about how securely other people store the data they have about you.

Then we were talking about 1950s/1960s government PSA movies about nuclear bombs and all the reassuring-but-not-useful advice they gave, like "let's practice getting under our desks in case of a nuclear bomb" (which will do fuck-all) or "put duct tape on your windows" (also not really that helpful against a nuclear bomb). But it means you are doing something and is psychologically helpful!

If you have seen The Big Snit (if not stop watching this and go watch it, it's less than 10 minutes and is brilliant), then you are familiar with the advice given there like bits about going under a refrigerator (I forget whether or not that was recommended).

So we came up with a spoof-y list of Things To Do To Improve Your Network Security along those lines. Please note I am NOT actually recommending ANY of these things:

  • As we all know, the internet is a series of tubes. Therefore it is possible there are unsecured tubes entering your house which could be disguised as pipes or even dining straws. Search your house for any unsecured tubes and either dispose of them (preferred) or wrap them in aluminum foil.

  • Place a protective wind-chime made of old AOL disks outside your home. This will make hackers think that you are running a slow internet connection, and discourage them from trying to access your home network.

  • Did you know that your router's firewall is not fully effective until it has been tried by fire? Throw your router over an open flame. If it survives, it is worthy of protecting your home. If not, you have a bad router and need to replace it with a new one. Complain loudly on the forums of the original router's manufacturer about their ill-made routers.

  • Hackers are less likely to attack your computer if it is slow and annoying. The safest computer to use is one which needs to be restarted at least every half hour, and takes at least a minute to load a simple page.

  • We all know that the internet is run by a Shadow Council of cat lords. Therefore, the more CATs you have on your ethernet cable, the better protected you will be. Are you using a CAT 5 cable? You have angered the Shadow Council, and must pay penance by donating to cat rescue, feeding feral cats, or better yet adopting your own Cat Lord to protect your house!

  • Sometimes cats (being lords of the internet) can sense incoming hacker threats. Therefore when your cat is walking on your keyboard, head-butting your hand away from your mouse, or otherwise interrupting you at the computer YOU COULD BE BEING HACKED RIGHT THEN. The correct solution is to immediately turn off your computer and pay homage to your wise cat lord with food and attention.

  • Hackers are less likely to hack into your computer when you are watching cat videos on YouTube or looking at cute cat memes, which are ways of paying homage to the Shadow Council. It is wise to partake of these activities several times a day, just to be safe.

  • If your identity has been stolen, then you need to change your identity right away. Do you have a spare passport ready? Another home or safe house to go to? Be prepared to run. Ideally, your new name will make some reference to famous cats such as Grumpy or Cheezeburger. Then the hackers will know you are under protection of the Shadow Council and stay away.

Do you have ridiculous suggestions for protecting yourself from hackers? Pleaes share in comments! I could use a laugh. :D
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I miss having a meatspace community. In high school I managed to have several I would hop between, though I never quite fit into any of them. I know post-school socialing is different for a lot of people, because it's not like there are a bazillion clubs or things to choose from and many people are focused on jobs/making ends meet/romance rather than Hi I Am Also New Let's Try Being Friends!

But -- it's been so much harder since I started dealing with physical disability issues, which is when I was actually *in* college.I accidentally a memory lane; tw for friend's substance abuse and some social isolation )

Here are things that would make it so much easier for me as a person with a disability to spend time with you, whether or not you have health issues (the same as me or otherwise):
Read more... )

tl;dr. Do you want to hang with me? It comes with a side of "managing chronic pain and fatigue" and dark humor about bodies that don't cooperate the way I want them to. I might have to press the "abort" button on our plans earlier than either of us realized, and I know that is disappointed for everyone and extra work. But guess what? That means you get to press the "abort" button when you need to, no questions asked.

I still think I'm a lot of fun -- especially if we share a fandom -- and great at including people.


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