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Hi! I may have subscribed to your journal because you wrote something interesting that showed up while I was browsing dreamwidth or reading my network page. Perhaps you're reading this because you think I wrote something of note. Either way, welcome.

I try to avoid hate speech of any kind on my journal. If I slip up and say something heedless of my own privilege, please tell me - in a non-flaming way. These are teachable moments, not times to whack people over the head with a newspaper.

I could list an alphabet soup of identities, but suffice it to say thatRead more... )


Apr. 10th, 2014 09:19 am
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I am back! Slowly catching up; at some point I may declare dreamwidth backlog amnesty. I missed you all, but am feeling better than I did before. <3
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FYI: going to be offline for a bit; if you are one of them that has means of contacting my partner, that is a way of passing messages on to me. <3 See you soon, my pretties!
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I am currently knitting SweaterBabe's Covetable Cape.It is a lovely pattern, and I cast on with some trepidation as I was watching Downton Abbey Season 4 Christmas Special while knitting a new pattern (i.e. counting, adding stitch markers, etc.) that also included a large cable pattern and two lace sections. It went swimmingly. I even watched about half of X2 and got about 15 rows into the top-down pattern without any major errors. (OK, so perhaps I missed the first row of the button band -- no one will know that kind of thing.)

Then I went to Knit Night -- the place where I tend to get tons of knitting done -- and things went downhill quickly. I purled where I should have knit on the cables; I lost track of where I was on the lace and cable charts even though I was marking it down on the pattern (somehow that didn't match up to my actual knitting); I dropped stitches; in attempting to fix things everything got worse. My attempts to insert a lifeline were very frustrating.

Yesterday I finally yanked out the needle and re-cast on. I decided to try watching Tin Man, a fantasy miniseries about Oz. Again, things went swimmingly (except somehow the cable is now on a garter stitch background instead of reverse stockinette, but that's less annoying to knit, so I'm good with that as it still looks great.)

Today I sat down with the Madonna Pandora station on, and I tried knitting the next row. Just the next row. It took about 20 minutes to get through the first lace section (somehow I had one too many stitches, I could not figure out why, eventually I fixed it with the time honored tradition of knitting two together ;) ). Then I got to the cable section, and OMFG. I dropped a stitch, found it, tinked agonizingly back (tinking is not kind in cables), knit again...and there was another dropped stitch. Found it, tinked back again, the same thing happend.

At this point I yelled (literally) at my knitting that if it didn't behave it was going in the closet for a week while I knit hats. From handspun. So there.

I fixed the dropped stitch (which took time, it was cantankerous), and finished the row with no further problems.

This seems very odd to me, because it's completely opposite of my usual knitting experience. TV = mistakes ; knitting people = progress; late nights = waking up in the morning to regret and bizarre knitting errors and wondering what the heck I did the night before.

I can only draw one conclusion from this turn of events:

My knitting has gained sentience, and it (she?) enjoys late nights and watching geeky TV. To optimize the knitting of this project, I should take her to the new Captain America movie and leave an assortment of comic books in my knitting bag for when I'm not able to knit.

That way, we'll both be happy. And there'll be no need for closet exile.

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I ask you, what could be better? (Also, don't miss the Vader bit around 1:37)


Mar. 27th, 2014 10:59 am
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 Waiting at the doctor and trying not to inhale because the damn drug company rep is drenched in cologne. Fortunately he is leaving now, but he has left a cloud of what smells distinctly like patchouli in his wake. Only it's not /quite/ patchouli, because that smell doesn't give me headaches. *grumps* Perchance I shall mention it to my doctor so she can mention it to the drug companies.

In other news, I cast on for my awesome poncho and made great progress with it while watching Downton Abbey and X-Men movies. Despite the fact that: knitting lace and cables in front of the TV. Then I went to knit night and I fucked up the pattern somehow. I think somehow I'm out of sync on where I am in the lace and cable patterns or something.

Anyway, a lifeline is definitely called for. *sigh* so I could be making great progress on my knitting at the doctor's except I was too brain dead to fix things last night, and today I am not going to mess with lifelines where I may get interrupted.

The bonus is that I am pretty sure if got gauge and love the pattern. Also the yarn is yummy.
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via [personal profile] raze , who is always doing all sorts of animal rescue type things:

My preferred fundraising site has changed everything around and no longer accepts the methods of payment that I and most of my donors prefer, so I've added a fundraising page to my not-yet-complete rescue website with information on how to donate towards the vet bills of Bernie the burned puppy and Gavin the injured kitten. There are three ways to donate listed, and the site will be keeping a running "thank-you" list of people who contributed, as well as updated pics of the little ones during their recovery. Signal boosts are greatly appreciated as this fundraising goal is a little higher than usual due to the extent of their injuries and the vetting they need done:

Babies With Boo-Boos

This link does include descriptions of injuries, but graphic pictures must be clicked to view, so it is a fairly "safe" link.

signal boosting and donations much appreciated

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I am trying to avoid griping too much about how much my body DNW the random 30 degree temperature changes and barometric pressure nonsense that is going on here right now. Also, today I have a serious case of Missing Rogue (even though Haley is wonderful). *sigh*

Instead, have some linkspam which is mostly me talking about knitting and spinning and suchlike:

My mom (and dad) got me glorious yarn for my birthday. I have been trying to decide what to do with it, as it is technically enough for a sweater. However, as I am heat intolerant and my mom very considerately chose chunky yarn so it would be a fast knit...I have finally decided to make a cape poncho thing with it. *is excite* I am also excited because the pattern seems to be exceedingly well written (what's this, I actually read through the pattern before knitting anything? *gasp*) and has both charts and written instructions for the lace and cabled sections. If you want piiiictuuures, it is called the Covetable Cabled Cape on Ravelry. If you are curious, the yarn I'm going to use is 50/50 wool/alpaca and ~purple~.

Also in knitting and spinning news, I have several skeins and skeins-in-progress whose colors I think will work well together. They also are of a relatively similar thickness and the textures work well together, too. I am thinking of making a shawl, perhaps Hitchhiker, perhaps something else. Who knows? I shall wait until I've finished the current spinning.

Some of the skeins I want to use have yet to be fulled. That is, they are spun, but I need to get them wet and soapy and thwack them to turn them into actual usable yarn. This is a fun process -- and a definite stress reliever -- I just haven't really had spoons. Actually, come to think of it, there's one spun bit of yarn that's still on a spindle. I, um, need to wind it onto a niddy noddy. Errr...maybe I'll do that soon. If my arms will let me, it can be a bit ache-making. Maybe if I take breaks? This is what I need small children to use as manual labor share the joys of spinning with. My second nephew is *very* good at winding yarn onto niddy noddies, or at least helping keep the spindle from flying all over the room while I do it. Does anyone else have that problem? *ponders the possibility of recruiting partner* (Partner is crimping CAT-6 cables today, though, so maybe not).

That's about all for now. Going to attempt to resist falling asleep. Naps, they seem to be consuming me these days.


Mar. 20th, 2014 05:00 pm
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I seem to have done that thing I do to my neck periodically, where I suddenly can only turn/bend it in one direction.

Sometimes massage helps, if I can swing that. *sigh* Or maybe the magician that [personal profile] synecdochic  has seen, if I want to drive be a passenger for awhile. Rather more than frustrated with my body at the moment.

Did not realize this was starting to come on when I went to Goodwill. Probably not the best idea to try on clothes on such a day, particularly when some clothes are definitely triggers for pain. Also, for the record, who the hell has decided it is a good idea to put elastic around the cuffs of short sleeve shirts? OW.

Dear all clothing designers ever,

Please for to make clothes that do not make my body cry.

Thank you in advance IF you listen,

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I think I have a new favorite dinosaur.

(I would also kind of love -- though I realize how difficult/potentially unlikely this would be to do --if scientists could link this oviraptosaur as a direct ancestor to a specific, current bird species. Specifically, if it was a direct ancestor to chickens. So we could all have some second thoughts about how we treat them, and maybe a new fun Jurassic Park type movie where these dinosaurs from the past built time machines and came and kicked our asses for how we treat modern avian species. OK, maybe that thought is just me, but I swear I saw a comic about it somewhere...)
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Just for the record, I thought Raising Steam (Terry Pratchett's latest) was amazing, finished it basically in one sitting. There was a break for some Haley-petting in the middle, as she was definitely in need of attention judging from the fact that she was rolling around on her back in the middle of the floor and snorting. Like you do.

Don't want to give spoilers, but here are some minor hints about things that theoretically could be spoilery )

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 [personal profile] staranise  has a post up about [personal profile] gingerschnapps ' situation which is much more detailed than I have brains for at the moment, but basically: gingerschnapps (aka S.) lost her cat six or seven months ago; the cat has been found by a rescue organization; funds are needed to recoup the vet bills from the rescue organization and also help S. move to an apartment that allows pets. 

For more info check out either staranise's post or gingerschnapps' post about the situation and ways to help.

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Despite the endless plagues of stomach and of upper respiratory tract, I have managed to make some exciting things. Not nearly as fast as I would like, but here is photographic proof (along with a picture of Haley that seems to have sneaked in, no idea how that happened :P ).

Handspun hat (natural BFL)
A hat I knit for Partner. It is some of my handspun BFL, undyed but *not cream*. I was getting a tad bored with cream. This is grayish-brownish, roughly worsted weight. Snuggly! It's a simple hat design, 4x4 rib and then stockinette all the way up after the ribbed border. She is a fan, but alas has not worn it outside yet as the weather has turned warmish for now. I am hoping it stays that way.

somewhat photo heavy below the cut; spinning and Haley ahoy! )

Reading stuff:

what have you recently finished reading:
I just finished reading The Wanderers, which an AWESOME AND WONDERFUL FRIEND GIFTED ME. I don't want to give away key plot points, but let's just say I am a sucker for Fairy Tale retellings that are well done, and this one is. Also, did I mention that there is a talking cat in this book? There is, and he is amazing and wonderful and a smartass (cat, remember?). Love the book, highly recommend. Trying to avoid spoilers. Another benefit of this book is that the chapters are fairly self-contained plot-wise, although there are obviously continuing elements. This is good for me because it allowed me to go to bed at 2 am rather than stay up til 4 or 5 am to finish the book. If you also have trouble with authors who tease you at the end of chapters and keep you up til unreasonable hours of the morning, this book may be your friend.

what you are currently reading:
no book spines cracked atm

what you hope to read next:
I have several additional gifts on my ereader, which I am currently eager to read because clearly my friend has excellent taste.

Also, it has not escaped my attention that Terry Pratchett's latest book, Raising Steam is out. I am a bit conflicted about my acquisition of this, as I have others of his books in paperback and I don't want a hardback messing up the shelving system. OTOH the library will not have this in stock for months, I can guarantee it. So I will probably get an ebook of Raising Steam and a paper copy when it's a mass market paperback, because I'm weird like that. (My partner infected me, what can I say.)
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So I started watching The Americans last night, which for those of you who have not seen it is a show about KGB spies living as Americans in the DC Metro region during the 1980s. I am entertained so far, though parts of my brain keep SCREAMING during the show because I know a lot about the various locations they keep talking about and some of them...don't make sense.

Care to learn more? Spoilers ahoy!
they're not really huge spoilers though )
Anyway, basically what I am saying is, I like The Americans so far, and it is also fun to nitpick about why their location choices are so ridiculously unrealistic. (But I guess it depends on where they can get access to film?)
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I cannot rant and rave enough about what an awesome person [personal profile] staranise  is, so I won't even attempt to at this juncture (especially since Lyrica + fatigue = what are brainz even?).

However, I will say that staranise and her cat, Bert, could use a bit of extra help at the moment, as staranise just moved to start a new job and Bert is having some rather large vet bills.

"So this is what I'm asking for: I would really appreciate any financial help anyone could give me right now. My job was supposed to start two weeks ago, but thanks to a bureaucratic hangup it might (maybe!) start next week, or maybe the week after; I was supposed to be earning income already. I've paid rent twice this month thanks to the move. Today's vet visit wiped out basically all the money I had left, and I don't know how I'm going to pay tomorrow morning for the medications that Bert needs now, which are averaging around $400/mo, much less any additional tests or procedures he might need.

Paypal donate button and pics of Bert over on her journal.
ETA: Sad announcement over on staranise's journal

signal boosts/donations appreciated <3

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Haley likes it when you throw her tennis ball. Over and over and over again. I have yet to reach the limit of "and now Haley is done with you throwing the tennis ball for awhile." I don't think there is one, or if there is, it is greater than the limit of how many times I can throw it.

I don't care, really. I am a sucker for her adorable little Ewok face staring at me with great joy and expectation going throw-the-ball-throw-the-ball-throw-the-ball. Sometimes she puts a gooey ball in my lap. Sometimes she puts it in front of me and nudges it with her nose. At times, she will even follow me around and put it against my leg.

These behaviors are...less than endearing to my partner. For some reason, the sound of "click click click click click click *thunk* *grab* click click click click click click *drops ball in front of thrower" get to her after, oh, maybe 50-100 throws? IDK. I think it's cute, and also, I can't resist that Face Haley makes.

Partner can resist the face. Partner has some sort of Haley-ball-neutralizing-mystical-powers wherein she puts the ball next to us on the sofa, and Haley comes and chews the ball, and then suddenly she's asleep. How does this happen? (When I attempt this, Haley just stares at the ball from the sofa until I cave and throw it again.)

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are some photos I took last night while attempting to resist the Face. I didn't make it long, but aren't the pictures cute?

Throw the Ball
Haley, a small brown Border Terrier, sitting very politely and giving me the Adorable Eye

two more pictures of dangerous adorableness below the cut )
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I tangentially know the co-chair of Katsucon and his wife (also involved with Katsucon) through a friend of mine. His wife, Christine, caught con-crud at Katsucon this year, which for her happened to be H1N1. She ended up in ICU in a medically-induced coma due to underlying medical conditions that made her more susceptible to flu. She passed away on Sunday.

Grig and his son are left with a rather large hospital bill (even with health insurance) and face the lack of Christine's half of the household income. A friend has set up a gofundme campaign to try to raise funds to help get them on their feet in the face of their loss. In addition, Grig has books available for download/hard copy on Amazon if you would like to help that way.

Donations and/or signal boosts on whichever form of social media you feel comfortable are much appreciated.
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cn: hospitals, people i tangentially know in icu, bike accidents, con plague, animal death/abuse )

Clearly time for good things. Yes, good things are a thing, yes?
  1. It is snowing but it is not a !ridiculousamount of snow, and it is not sticking to the pavement thus far. It just looks pretty.
  2. The birds are enjoying the bird feeders and it is fun to watch them.
  3. It is also fun to watch Haley watch dog TV (aka the birdfeeders), and go beserk when a squirrel encroaches on her turf.
  4. Going to attempt a Grimm marathon later.
  5. Therapy today! Much needed.
  6. Have I ever mentioned that tea is amazing? Yeah, I thought so ;)
  7. I can haz plans for a knit hat for partner made from some gray handspun BFL I spun...just waiting for it to finish drying before I swatch.
  8. Am spinning the most gorgeous targhee. I bought it pre-dyed and am very happy with how it's turning out so far.
  9. Might be a good day for fire in fireplace.
  10. Have tentative plans for crafty and/or fandom goodness with [personal profile] jelazakazone  soon!
Also also, in the continued adventures of Conversations Between Liz and Partner, we decided that there were not enough Star Trek:TNG episodes featuring Spot behaving like a real cat. For reminder, Spot is/was Data's cat and basically he just chilled in Data's rooms and let Data hold him with no scratching. Umm...what? Here are suggestions for additional Spot-themed episodes. Feel free to add your own...
  • Data, in an attempt to better understand animals, tries to teach Spot tricks. Spot ignores him initially (perhaps by licking butthole) but then proceeds to learn tricks rapidly. Data and other crewmembers are amazed. Troi is skeptical, and discovers that Spot is possessed by an alien lifeform that is able to mind-control its host. Blah blah blah subduing alien lifeform. Data disappointed that after alien lifeform leaves, all Spot wants to do is lick his butthole.
  • Spot goes missing. Data distraught, search ensues. Data goes through ship with Spot's favorite toys, cat nip, food, etc. No one thinks of air ducts until strange sounds heard from them. Spot discovered inside, killing/playing with invasive alien life form that is attempting to take over ship. Spot saves day! However, Dr. Crusher has to treat Spot for alien poisons. Spot looks smug and vomits hairball of tiny alien head at Data's feet as a victory present.
  • Data takes Spot to Holodeck to a program that is supposed to be specifically engineered for cats. It is made of laser pointers that dart across the wall. Spot pounces at laser pointers! However, person who programmed laser pointers is a Romulan spy that made a sequence of lights designed to render Data helpless until he is shown an alternate sequence of lasers. Spot gives no fucks when Data falls over, continues playing with lasers. Romulan spy kidnaps Data; Spot continues to give no fucks and plays with shiny points of light. Romulans escape with Data in ship. Spot gives fucks when his dinner does not come and makes MUCH NOISE until Geordi arrives and sees that Spot is alone in Holodeck and Data is missing, and his visor records and is able to analyze the light pattern. Rest of crew saves Data; Spot doesn't give fucks because he's being fed and cared for. When rescued Data says no more laser program in Holodeck; Spot feigns indifference and licks butthole
CLEARLY SPOT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE STAR OF TNG! The possibilities are endless! (Feel free to share if you are also enthused about the topic of introducing animals to shows with insufficient animals, and adding plotlines for them.)
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POETREE @ Dreamwidth: Exploring the Body Politic: February 17th - 22nd

From census to consensus, let's map the polities in our lives. How do we dramatize — or dismiss — our conflicts of interest? Where's poetry to be found in politics? Sign up now to participate, February 17th - 22nd @ [community profile] poetry.

This looks like so much fun.
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Words and Deeds Love Meme 4: Jan. 18th - Feb. 2nd; Hosted by J.J. Hunter at Dreamwidth

Soooo I realize that now it is closed to new nominations, which is sadface but obviously jjhunter has limitations and suchlike too, but the Words and Deeds Love Meme 4 is still open to comments for existing threads and I added a bunch right under the wire. What, me, procrastinate? I would have put in more but the doorbell rang and then it was after the deadline whoops.

Gotta go eat bacon now :P


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