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Hi! I may have subscribed to your journal because you wrote something interesting that showed up while I was browsing dreamwidth or reading my network page. Perhaps you're reading this because you think I wrote something of note. Either way, welcome.

I try to avoid hate speech of any kind on my journal. If I slip up and say something heedless of my own privilege, please tell me - in a non-flaming way. These are teachable moments, not times to whack people over the head with a newspaper.

I could list an alphabet soup of identities, but suffice it to say thatRead more... )
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But thank you for doing so, it has been keeping me entertained all morning!

How to blow your cat's mind (brush its teeth)

Also this photo of a Frozen-themed girls' softball team is amazing.

I found The Straight White Man's Guide to the 21st Century very entertaining, but really don't read the comments. Don't.

Also, throwback...Wednesday? The flash version of this spoof on "Windows Real Good (RG) Edition" isn't working for me because Adobe stopped supporting flash and ruined Glitch, but someone took a Youtube video of it in all its glory.
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People talk a lot about sexual assault on college campuses, talking to college students about consent, yadda yadda.

It needs to start much, much earlier.

Here's why, based on my own personal anecdata.

By the time I went to college:
tw: sexual assault, depression, suicidality, one teenager trying to handle way too many decisions about sexual assault alone, mis-handling of reports/assault/creepers by authority figures )

Moral of the story, if there is one: Read more... )

*drops mic*

ETA: signal boosting or sharing open because I'm tired of being silent about this shit.
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I got to this comic via the comments section of the Bloggess, and was scolded for shrieking loudly with laughter last night when other people might be trying to sleep. I was also told I upset the cats with my strange human mouth noises. I...honestly there are a lot of great ones.

This I think is representative of their humor, which is probably dark/odd enough at times that not for everyone?
image behind cut for those with connection issues )
The most recent one about the doctor is on-point. My mother did not get why it was funny, which is also telling.

Will now attempt to put on real clothes and do something out of the house.
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tSo partner I were talking about the whole hacking fiasco of late, and how people freak out but as an individual there are limited things you can do about how securely other people store the data they have about you.

Then we were talking about 1950s/1960s government PSA movies about nuclear bombs and all the reassuring-but-not-useful advice they gave, like "let's practice getting under our desks in case of a nuclear bomb" (which will do fuck-all) or "put duct tape on your windows" (also not really that helpful against a nuclear bomb). But it means you are doing something and is psychologically helpful!

If you have seen The Big Snit (if not stop watching this and go watch it, it's less than 10 minutes and is brilliant), then you are familiar with the advice given there like bits about going under a refrigerator (I forget whether or not that was recommended).

So we came up with a spoof-y list of Things To Do To Improve Your Network Security along those lines. Please note I am NOT actually recommending ANY of these things:

  • As we all know, the internet is a series of tubes. Therefore it is possible there are unsecured tubes entering your house which could be disguised as pipes or even dining straws. Search your house for any unsecured tubes and either dispose of them (preferred) or wrap them in aluminum foil.

  • Place a protective wind-chime made of old AOL disks outside your home. This will make hackers think that you are running a slow internet connection, and discourage them from trying to access your home network.

  • Did you know that your router's firewall is not fully effective until it has been tried by fire? Throw your router over an open flame. If it survives, it is worthy of protecting your home. If not, you have a bad router and need to replace it with a new one. Complain loudly on the forums of the original router's manufacturer about their ill-made routers.

  • Hackers are less likely to attack your computer if it is slow and annoying. The safest computer to use is one which needs to be restarted at least every half hour, and takes at least a minute to load a simple page.

  • We all know that the internet is run by a Shadow Council of cat lords. Therefore, the more CATs you have on your ethernet cable, the better protected you will be. Are you using a CAT 5 cable? You have angered the Shadow Council, and must pay penance by donating to cat rescue, feeding feral cats, or better yet adopting your own Cat Lord to protect your house!

  • Sometimes cats (being lords of the internet) can sense incoming hacker threats. Therefore when your cat is walking on your keyboard, head-butting your hand away from your mouse, or otherwise interrupting you at the computer YOU COULD BE BEING HACKED RIGHT THEN. The correct solution is to immediately turn off your computer and pay homage to your wise cat lord with food and attention.

  • Hackers are less likely to hack into your computer when you are watching cat videos on YouTube or looking at cute cat memes, which are ways of paying homage to the Shadow Council. It is wise to partake of these activities several times a day, just to be safe.

  • If your identity has been stolen, then you need to change your identity right away. Do you have a spare passport ready? Another home or safe house to go to? Be prepared to run. Ideally, your new name will make some reference to famous cats such as Grumpy or Cheezeburger. Then the hackers will know you are under protection of the Shadow Council and stay away.

Do you have ridiculous suggestions for protecting yourself from hackers? Pleaes share in comments! I could use a laugh. :D
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I miss having a meatspace community. In high school I managed to have several I would hop between, though I never quite fit into any of them. I know post-school socialing is different for a lot of people, because it's not like there are a bazillion clubs or things to choose from and many people are focused on jobs/making ends meet/romance rather than Hi I Am Also New Let's Try Being Friends!

But -- it's been so much harder since I started dealing with physical disability issues, which is when I was actually *in* college.I accidentally a memory lane; tw for friend's substance abuse and some social isolation )

Here are things that would make it so much easier for me as a person with a disability to spend time with you, whether or not you have health issues (the same as me or otherwise):
Read more... )

tl;dr. Do you want to hang with me? It comes with a side of "managing chronic pain and fatigue" and dark humor about bodies that don't cooperate the way I want them to. I might have to press the "abort" button on our plans earlier than either of us realized, and I know that is disappointed for everyone and extra work. But guess what? That means you get to press the "abort" button when you need to, no questions asked.

I still think I'm a lot of fun -- especially if we share a fandom -- and great at including people.
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so I totally haven't set up those new filters yet because I made that poll and then basically packed and hopped in a car with three cats for 12 hours and now have been unkinking my body and getting cats adjusted to NEW. (They are doing really, really well. More on that...some other time.)

Sahtein )
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At the risk of spamming everyone's feeds today (hi, I haz been posting a lot in lots of places!), I keep hearing that Jane the Virgin is good but I have no idea what it's about (in like a short non-spoilery way) or if there's any really obvious triggers I should know about (the first scene starts with someone being assaulted/murdered/mainsplained to).

So come at me -- should I add Jane the Virgin to my list of things I'm watching?
other stuff I've been watching )
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Hi! I am trying to do things like maybe be in not-pj's and entertain my cats so they don't dance on the keyboard and maybe get my tires aligned and also make sure I add people from the friending meme while keeping track of my overflowing inbox. This is a general welcome-y post because I don't think I have brains at the moment for individual comments of "yes you also sound awesome and I am adding you back!"

so, consider yourself welcomed! =^_^=
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Based on some conversations I've had with jelazakazone and others, and because it's puppy/kitten season right now and there are a lot of cute adoptable animals who need homes. (Our local shelter is so overrun with kittens they stop taking in older cats for a month or two because kittens are easier to move in and out, and often they just waive or greatly reduce cat adoption fees. That is how many cats they have.)

An incomplete list of reasons to adopt a puppy
Read more... )
An incomplete list of reasons to adopt an older dog
Read more... )
An incomplete list of things to keep in mind when adopting a canine
Read more... )
OK that sounds like a fuckton of work, why does anyone get a dog no matter how cute they are?
    cn mention of brain weasels )
    tl;dr Dogs are work, because they rely pretty much totally on you for their care: food, health, access to the bathroom and fresh water, certain forms of entertainment, getting to see other dogs. They can be little butts about certain things, especially if you haven't trained them that "begging at the table doesn't mean treats." OTOH having a dog in your life can be really super rewarding, you just have to decide: am I willing to put in the time, effort and money to reap the rewards of having a dog around? Or does that payoff not feel enough for me? Because if not, you're not going to want to walk your dog or do the training, they will get bored and frustrated and destructive, and no one will end up happy with the situation.

    note: feel free to link, but please keep it linked to this username not the one I have on twitter or legal name
    Anyone else have any thoughts or insights on the subject?
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[personal profile] jadelennox is hosting a friending meme. Maybe you don't have spoons, you have no more time for reading more people, or even new internet people are scary right now. That is all cool! But if you want, you can check the meme out.
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Hey! Partner took a bunch of photos of cats and I finally snagged them from her Smaug-like-hoard and put them on Flickr but I haven't arranged the set yet so be warned the newest ones are all at the bottom. (Well, some of them. There were LOTS and also some duplicates.)

If you want to see them, here is the Flickr set and also I'm putting one of Lily begging here. We taught it to Chance as a trick, she learned it from him, and now she will spontaneously do things like tap your hand with her paw and you look down and she's doing this:

Lily standing on her hind paws and "begging" for food, which is a very effective strategy because it's irresistibly cute.

Her expression says, "Look into my eyes! Please madam, I want some more...I was a poor starving orphan my eyes you can see all the hunger and longing and love of the you have an urge to feed meeee..."


Also, I am particularly proud of this recent tweet of mine, because it makes me giggle:

Cross-posted to [community profile] petographs
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So in raising funds for moving out, I've remembered that one of my grandparents left me their coin and stamp collection. I'm not planning on keeping most of it (although there are a couple of historical significance that I might like to keep as mementos possibly like one of the hyperinflation notes from the Weimar Republic), and now seems as good a time as any to downsize and earn funds.

One thing I do NOT have spoons for is pricing and selling and shipping each item individually or in groups online. Like, nope. Nope nope nope.

Also, as the grandparent is of the paternal line, my dad for ages was all, "nooooooooooooooo you can't selllllllllll it," until we moved, and then he wanted me to sell it *perfectly*, so even though it's mine I'd prefer the sale to be one thing that is a done deal rather than something that happens gradually and can then be pressured to stop. (Because faaaaaaaaaaaaamily.)

That being said, does anyone know anything about bulk-selling things of this nature without getting totally swindled? Would prefer that if there was something of great value, got to actually have some of that rather than the person who bought it a rare artifact and resold it. That being said, some of what there is is rather...hoarder like. I know she would get a roll of new pennies and just keep them in the hopes that they would increase in value,, I dunno if that is even a thing. Look, a shiny mid-century-modern penny!

I personally don't mind valuing things (history geek, natch), but the selling oh the selling I hatessss it.

So I guess my questions are:

(a) what is the best way to assess the value of old stamps/coins? Mine are primarily US but a number of international ones, particularly dating to around the Second World War because a lot of relatives brought things back for her when they knew she was collecting.

(b) once I have an idea of what there is, how does one go about selling things? should I take them to a shop, post a bulk thing on eBay (here's what there is in my opinion with documentation, take it all!), something on a local stamp/coin lover's message board, what do you think?

(c) is anyone here interested in first dibs if I find something interesting? (Interesting not necessarily being something of high monetary value, but also personal/historical interest or connection to a place or time.)

If you know someone who might know something, it is okay to pass this along.
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I've always thought that people would have to be nuts to live in Midsummer (of fictional Midsummer Murders). Small communities, about three people die per episode, there's four-ish episodes per series, and 17 series so far. That's roughly 204 fictional murders since 1997, and all the British police have done is assign two rather bumbling detectives to the cases. Surely that much of a crime spike deserves a closer investigation...unless it's intentional?

Thus I present #MidsummerConspiracies, or alternate explanations for what goes on there. Feel free to play along.
  • There is a very efficient serial killer there, who likes to kill in a variety of ways so as not to get caught. The police don't notice if the killer takes trophies, and the killer isn't doing it for public recognition or power. Or maybe the killer is one of the cops?
  • It's a complex, multi-year study on how high the crime rate has to be in an area with good schools before the property values drop dramatically.
  • It's a complex, multi-year study on adding drugs (or TOXINS) to the water supply to induce murderous rages over trifling insults in the general populace of Midsummer.
  • Something something Dr Who crossover he's late and the aliens have been getting away with their mind control for far too long. But now, don't worry, the Doctor is here!
  • One of the Doctor's previous companions is trying to get his attention with a weird murder spree, when really she just needs to go to a museum.
  • (Warning: Dr Who spoilers) River Song is practicing for the big day.
  • If everyone had stopped vaccinating their children, this wouldn't have happened. #pleaseknowthisisinternetsarcasm #vaccinessavelives
  • It's like a murder chain letter, and if you don't kill someone when you get tagged then you're the next victim.
  • It is a complex piece of performance art with lots of fake blood, and those who are arrested are let out a few hours later by Agatha Christie. She's waiting to see how long it takes the police to realize what's going on, and also testing out plot ideas.
  • Each episode is actually the same day played over again, and a time traveler has been going back in time to try to create a day with NO murders for over a decade of our time. Unsuccessfully.
  • ETA: It's a Wesen coming of age ritual that involves killing a human *specifically* in Midsummer. Possibly because there isn't a cop who is a Grimm there.
  • ETA2: All the best families have a murderer these days. But only the right kind of murder. Not some silly dust-up over drugs. Nothing so crass. It has to be a gentle murder in a respectable place.
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Found several fun-looking citizen science things in my internet wormhole today:

Foldit! Protein-folding research game

Humans play a game to find the best ways to fold proteins, scientists use the data to program better computer modules which then help with disease treatments.

The Baby Laughter Project
What makes babies laugh? One or more (human) babies required. Hypothesis is that babies laugh when something unexpected happens.

Lots and lots of dog-related citizen science (and one cat one, and some resources)
Things for dog-owners and also people currently lacking their own dog. Like, what do dog barks mean to you? And also playing games with your dog. And fun thiiiings. The cat one is for indoor/outdoor cats, and involves tracking where they goooooo.

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So I'm going to be taking on some new volunteer work for my cat rescue, and I thought I'd maybe crowdsource some info gathering via the hivemind:
  1. Our social media main person is really good with PR, not so much experience with computers...yet (and she has some baggage around computers, so it's sort of like math anxiety, but is good at overall PR strategy stuff). I'm going to be tutoring her some. If anyone has experience teaching non-tech people how to use things like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr or other basic computing tasks, or like web tutorials that are super basic things, that would be appreciated. Preferably like step-by-step, with screenshots kind of things or maybe even video tutorials? Links to very basic how-to's for social media for the newb appreciated, anyway. Also maybe something on basic netiquette and a guide to what leetspeak abbreviations mean.

  2. One of the things I'm going to be working on is posting funny and/or informative cat related things on our social media, as opposed to content primarily about our cats (so people will look at what we post instead of just tuning it out). Do you perhaps have lots of bookmarks of funny cat stories or memes or gifs? Can you send them my way? I would love you forever. Also things like "here is how to do basic cat care" for someone who has never had a cat before would be great. Just know that I will be reposting in a public setting, so if you are uncomfortable with that happening don't send me a picture of like you with your cat or something.
  3. c
  4. There are a number of computer related tasks that our fearless leader is trying to outsource so she doesn't get burned out. Thanks to the internet, these could get done by people who are not maybe you? Do you maybe have time to tele-volunteer for a cat rescue? If so, do you think it would be like an occasional thing (sending cool cat things to repost or reblogging fundraising campaigns or proofreading adoption posts) or something more involved (e.g. our website needs work, though I'm not sure if she's found someone yet)?

  5. We are thinking of doing the occasional focused fundraising campaign for cats with compelling stories and high vet bills. I know GoFundMe has gotten some bad press lately. If you have done online fundraising for pass-the-hat-type-things, what sites have you used and how has that gone? Is there one in particular that you recommend, or one you would definitely avoid?

  6. ETA: Have you ever been an intern or supervised an intern? Any advices on pitfalls to avoid? Best practices?
Signal boosting appreciated. Thank you, oh wonderful dreamwidth hivemind!
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  1. Angsty Poetry or angsty folk music, written in the style of say a high school or college student consumed with their suffering, on the topic of the suffering they endure because their roommate does not help with chores. Possibly this artwork might be scribbled on post-its and left throughout their apartment or dorm.
  2. I just found out that there is a feral cat colony that lives in the ruins of the Theatre of Pompey, where Julius Caesar was murdered. This leads me to wonder...what if the cats had a role in his downfall? What if Caesar's rise to power was because of a deal with cats? What if he betrayed them? What if he made a deal with cat deities in Egypt and then something something Cleopatra? IDK, this needs fleshing out, I just feel that there is so much potential here and clearly the cats are still marking the place of his death with their scent and ownership as a warning to those who welsh on a deal with felines. Ahem.
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This is a somewhat belated signal boost for a still ongoing situation.

[personal profile] erika is moving because her boyfriend is an abusive asshole, and the ex is currently facing court charges for third degree sexual assault.

She is currently moving back in with family, and due to the upheaval is facing reduced hours at work.

Any extra donations you can toss her way would be helpful in funding life.

Still accepting donations. for Paypal, gofundme, and if you have any other way you'd like, let me know. I'll accept bitcoin too, for my anarchist peeps.

In addition, if you or someone you know lives near Iowa City and is looking to adopt two adult kitties, erika needs to rehome them. She had taken in two that a friend could no longer keep, and she cannot bring them to her new living situation because they are already maxed out on cats. I don't know much about the cats themselves, but I am sure she would be happy to provide more details about them via the email above or DM.

Also I am sure further signal boosting and good thoughts would be helpful if you cannot help with the above.
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So my phone camera situation has changed and I have a shittier camera and my partner never has the good camera with her at the good camera taking moments. Clearly it is therefore her fault that we have missed some ideal cat photography moments, but nevertheless I bring some cute cat photos as offerings to the alter of the cat internet. (The slightly blurry ones are on my camera, but still duly adorables.)

Lily the Yogini
Lily on a blue and wuite quilt contorted in a weird pose because she is trying to: (1) wrestle a toy; (2) groom herself; (3) attack the quilt; (4) probably something else too. Her tongue is sticking out a tiny bit.

Here there be cat photos to eat your data plan )

I am being circled by hungry cats because their lunchtime is very soon and they say it should be now. Or maybe like every hour. Or definitely before now.

P.S. My mom seems to have all the good Amelie photos on her phone, which is with her not at the house
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Today I battled traffic for an hour to find out that I need three to four gum surgeries in the next two months to prevent cavities (or further cavities) and root canals and tooth death and stuff. The gum dentist was all reassuring about pain and my potential concerns about the gum grafts, but honestly after my past experiences + chronic pain I am at "meh" about gum grafts. Like if they don't work and are painful and I have complications that drag on and on, then I will be pissed. But if they are an acute issue that prevents other stuff that's temporarily painful? Whatever. Bring it.

Anyway, this is a roundabout way of saying that I'm getting fed up with moar police shootings or How This Neglected Animal Ended Up in Rescue Horror Story or labor rights being chipped away or the same with reproductive rights and...

...basically, I need a reminder that the world is not a giant pile of shit. Or that if it is, it's like fertile horse manure that can be used to grow roses and tasty fucking vegetables or something. IDK this metaphor may have gotten away from me.

So, uh, if you are also feeling similarly (or have contributions!) here is an open thread to share happy stories, random acts of good things, pretty shiny pictures of things you have made or cute animals (preferably cute animals not being tormented but still looking cute plz), sunsets or sunrises, poetry, whatever.

For some reason Spring always messes with my mood, which is maybe more insulting to me because the world seems to be all, "It's spring motherfucker! Look how sunny and bright and flowery we are! We have stolen your soul to fuel our pollen masses! Now you can only sneeze and not smile!" and it seems so contradictory to feel like a gloom ball when it's like a Disney movie outside (well, maybe that's not actually contradictory), but anyway rambling again.

I am learning though that feeling weird/wonky in Spring is actually not that uncommon, so this is also a post if you just need a spot to go, "Me too! I am also feeling weird/wonky/gloom-ballicious!" However, since trying to share generally soft-and-puppy related themed things, if anything is triggering please place under a warning or maybe if someone else has spoons there can be a separate post for general woe-themed things.

signal-boosting welcome, this is an open thread. please play nice.


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