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Hi! I may have subscribed to your journal because you wrote something interesting that showed up while I was browsing dreamwidth or reading my network page. Perhaps you're reading this because you think I wrote something of note. Either way, welcome.

I try to avoid hate speech of any kind on my journal. If I slip up and say something heedless of my own privilege, please tell me - in a non-flaming way. These are teachable moments, not times to whack people over the head with a newspaper.

I could list an alphabet soup of identities, but suffice it to say thatRead more... )
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I switched from a smartphone to a tablet/flip-phone set-up last year and have overall been very happy with it.

My one issue is that the tablet I have (an ASUS...something something that runs Droid) has a really shitty camera. For example, if I take photos in good lighting of both of my cats together the camera does not know how to adjust the white balance so one of my cats looks like some sort of alien/ghost making a spectral appearance in the shot. Or everything is hella blurry.

Let us not speak of the video.

This is part of why there have been fewer yarn photos and cat photos overall lately. When I *do* want to take photos, I have been tracking down my partner (who is using my old iPhone 4S -- sans 3G service -- as a tablet) and using the camera on that. I do have a digital camera, but it is sadly to the point where photos from it just look pixelated and weird now.

The plan is to update my tablet about every year anyway (while it still has some trade-in value). I know that the Droid/Apple divide is basically "pick which proprietary system you would prefer to work with!" and if necessary, I could just get a refurbished iPhone 5c or something and use that. However, I have grown used to Droid keyboard controls and would prefer not to keep switching back and forth ad nauseum. Also, Droid is more likely to play nicely with my Linux machine, should I need it to. (I don't have a machine that runs iTunes to sync an iThing with, should I want to back it up.)

Here are the kinds of things I need my tablet to do (besides take photos):
  • calendar, email, web-browsing, google drive document thingies
  • Netflix and Pandora integration
  • take decent photographs, plays nicely with Flickr and Youtube uploaders
  • some sort of note-taking app would be nice (droid does suck with this)
  • be physically light enough that I don't want to murder someone
  • It would be good to get some sort of stand for the new tablet since I seem to read/watch laying down a fair bit
  • affordable ($200 or less, this is probably a Christmas + "hey I did a trade in" kind of thing)
  • storage space for photos or if I want to save things like maps/bus schedules/knitting patterns offline
Anyone have suggestions or ideas?
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I am trying to help my mom be more tech independent, because right now partner and I are her tech support and when we move it would be nice if we weren't. (Or just emergency tech support.)

Yesterday we worked on "how to post photos to Facebook and Craigslist," which was a subset of "transferring files from your email to the computer.

It was then that I learned that she (a) never opens her computer's file browser system; (b) saves most of her files in the Downloads folder; (c) all of the "it's like a filing system" explanations over the years have never sunk in and my mom does not understand how to save a file and find it later, or transfer it between one space and another. This may also explain why she can't find old emails I send her and is always asking me to resend them.

She also tends to memorize tasks in a linear manner, like if she is already browsing the internet and you tell her to open her email, she closes the browser, opens Firefox, then goes to the email tab.

I have tried sending her WikiHows on posting photos, etc, but I think part of the issue is that they are not basic enough for her.

Also complicating things is that she is using a 10 year old Linux tower partner and I built, and my dad does *not* do anything but Windows. So when we leave she is going to have to (a) find someone to port her data to a ~new computer~ and decide on an OS; (b) find someone to maintain a Linux system with files saved god knows where.

Does anyone have advice for an external source where I can send my mom to learn super basic computer skills like "how to find things in your email" or "how does saving and finding your files work"? (Complicated somewhat because she's not in a Windows environment and she has trouble translating skills from one platform to another; this is an issue whenever she gets a new phone as well.)

(And yes I know it is technically not my problem, but it will be easier for it to be not my problem if I can refer her to another way to solve the problems she is having.)

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[personal profile] alexseanchai  is hosting a Two By Two: Fun with Couplets poetry event (and you don't have to rhyme or use meter unless you want to)

[personal profile] jjhunter  is hosting How are You? in Haiku

come play with us!
(seriously, my brain fog is all mrrrrph today, so it's definitely *not a contest*, just fun with words)

[signal boosts appreciated! ]

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I have been brainstorming with partner and some other dw folks about a potentially very cool and exciting project. Also it is one that I cannot do alone (even if I had the spoons I did in high school, which was a LOT of spoons). So I'm going to talk about the idea and then see if anyone else is interested, and what they might want to do possibly.


A blog-zine-website type thing a la The Toast or Autostraddle, but aimed at disability-type issues or interests. Potential posts or sections or topics could include (but are by no means limited to):cut for length )
Note: not helpful right now, anything along the lines of, "This is cool but totally unrealistic." My brain weasels can rain on the parade on their own without contributions so it would help if you did not feed them.

If there is a lot of interest I would be up for starting a dreamwidth comm about this, but would need a name.

Signal boosting appreciated

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Vimto song by Alaa Wardi
~a song made using vimto bottles and awesome editing~

two more behind the cut, No Woman, No Drive and Aicha )

*pokes YouTube Channel some more*
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I have short legs and a super long upper body and am overall pretty short.

This means that when I sit in chairs, my legs dangle over the edge. As a result, I tend to (when situationally appropriate) slip my shoes off and sit cross-legged. Otherwise I tend to pitch forward in my seat and it's really uncomfortable. I've tried footrests for office chairs, but they are kind of meh; don't work for "I'm out and about"; I would need them for all my chairs. As far as ottoman-type stretch your leg out things go, when my legs are stretched out in front of me and only my heel or calf is resting on the leg rest, I tend to hyperextend my knees (also a problem).

Does anyone have suggestions for dealing with short dangly legs in waiting rooms or restaurants or cafes?
Does anyone have good chair-brand or seating option suggestions for short legs (and long upper backs/lumbar support)? Or ways to "hack" existing chairs?
Any other recommended seating postures for "not breaking my body"?

Also related:
Apparently because of my ulnar neuropathy, I'm not supposed to bend/compress my elbows too much. I do okay most of the time, even though I'm a side sleeper. However, when I read books (even when I hold them in my lap supported by a pillow), it seems to flare the pain up -- which then interferes with things like using my arms for a few days. I do like books though. My tablet also can flare this issue, but more with thumb pain. Any ideas for "how to hold things I need to hold in front of me to read without losing the ability to use my arms"?
(I do prefer paper books to ereaders for a number of reasons, like cost and reading comprehension is easier with my brain fog. I just. Don't know what to do because booooks.)

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[personal profile] k_a_webb  is running a Finish Things Fundraiser to pay for some unexpected medical expenses this month:

Illness means money's going to be a little tight next month, so I've been thinking about how I can deal with that issue, and as I have far too many stories that need finishing I will finish any currently posted story (the only exception being Case of the Counterfeit Enchantments, as I'm still working on changing the system I'm using for it) for $20. I will also write a new completed story for any known character, including those in stories that are outside the worlds.

If you'd like more than one story completed/written the second is half price, so you can get two completed stories for $30. This also means four completed stories will be $60, and this continues for as many stories as you may be interested in, although the more stories you buy the more time it will take.

Completed stories will be posted at the website and sent in the format of your choice (PDF, epub, mobi, .docx, etc.) to your email.

All donations will be going towards the pay the rent fund. At the moment I know I have enough work to earn $1000, which leaves me about $500 off what I need to cover all outgoings in the next month.

(signal boosting appreciated)

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So I kept waiting for the right lighting or something and...anyway, I wanted to photograph things (even some yarn that is *technically not yet done gasp*) because otherwise it is not going to happen and then it will be out of my house or part of some other project or something.
image heavy )
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I saw a lot of good posts this week, and for once actually got my butt around to messaging people about if they'd mind if I collated a follow friday post. Yay! (It even accidentally has a theme.)

In no particular order...

[personal profile] kaberett: Sonnet III: to make the dawn leaves me speechless

[personal profile] liv: National poetry day sonnet about the modernization/reinterpritization of Shakespeare is on point and also a good poem!

[profile] alexsenchai: Dust If You Must, attributed to Rose Milligan
Dust if you must, but the world’s out there,/With the sun in your eyes, the wind in your hair
(I need to paste this near all the places I have perfectionism freak-outs)

[personal profile] raze has a micro-snippet of fiction entitled Daughters of Eve (tw: mild gore). This is my new Garden of Eden head canon.

[personal profile] maramcreates wrote a NSFW post about the confusions of pronouns and same-sex slash/fic, which has devolved to us coming up with name pairings in the comments section that sound clunky and awkward when writing sexy scenes. (I think we are up to Betty & Veronica. Come play the game with us!)
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"Where's My Cut?" Emotional Labor MetaFilter summary (in case you too got overwhelmed by the number of comments on the original post)

Melissa Lozada-Oliva - "Like Totally Whatever" (NPS 2015) spoken word poetry, via [personal profile] shehasathree

'An American Wedding', poem by Essex Hemphill, NSFW, also if you're interested a brief biography of Hemphill

Bad Romance: Women's Suffrage

Underwear/Binders for trans* people are becoming less cumbersome, not necessarily more affordable

Don't Criticize Black Lives Matter for provoking violence. The Civil Rights Movement did, too.: The Washington Post actually had an article I liked for once!

Tongues Untied, a 1991 Documentary by Marlon Riggs about being Black and Gay -- in case you want to counteract the effects of the new whitewashed movie about Stonewall (note: for non-US'ers, you might do better checking out the IMdB link. Not sure where/if it's streaming atm, but it's worth tracking down if a local library has it.)

Before Rosa Parks, there was Claudette Colvin

anyone else have links to share?


Oct. 1st, 2015 01:10 pm
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Anxiety alligator (video, French with English subtitles) via hunningham

Cringe Monster (comic) via hunningham

Omelette (super cute video about a dog, a tired owner, and making omelettes)

Bioluminescent sea turtle!

I have finally gotten on the Hamilton bandwagon and it hit me halfway through the first song. All The Toast commenters & Mallory were totally right. (It's a musical about Alexander Hamilton and how could I have doubted this would be awesome?)
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I wish to signal-boost [personal profile] truelove's post about her survey for her final project for a course. The survey, linked from that post, is about social expectations with respect to one's body and one's food and activity choices, and I understand [personal profile] truelove has not much turnaround time and is hoping for more than a handful of responses in that time.


Sep. 24th, 2015 12:45 pm
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Cute Animals

17 Bunnies for all the sad people out there (note: via Buzzfeed) also because **I got to snuggle a 3 month old bunny yesterday**

Giraffes hum to each other at night and zookeepers never noticed (via [personal profile] umadoshi )


Mummy Brown and Other Historical Colors comic (via [personal profile] umadoshi , plus as a bonus the text and extra info is at the bottom)

Morning Me (comic) ... aka why evening self is an asshole


It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers (via [personal profile] umadoshi )

An Open Letter to Pumpkin Flavored Treats

Homeric Hymn to Demeter (cn: you know how the Persephone legend is creepy? this is that story told from her mother's perspective in a contemporaneous poem. I also really like it, but just...emotional space may be needed for this poem because kidnapping and also the dysfunction of Greek deities)

The Toast (older links I've been meaning to post for awhile)

A League of Their Own Inspired Thinkpieces

Let's Be Real: Two Women in Their Latter 20s Watch the 2005 Pride and Prejudice

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You know how a lot of "white-collar" offices have a policy where you can donate sick days to someone who needs them? Like you have been healthy, but someone else in your office has had surgery or needs to do major caregiver stuff and used all of theirs.

I wish there was a way to do some sort of "spoon donor" thing. Like, physically. I mean I can see ways for it to be creepy and exploitative, obvsly. But it would be reallllly nice to have the equivalent of a "take a penny, leave a penny" jar. Or just to store one's own excess spoons for later.

(I mean, if you could harness the power of your toddler self for later years...)
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Sorry for so many posts today, but I keep meaning to mention this because I think it would interest some of you. Then I forget because it happens so often.

We have a bird bath outside. Almost daily, someone has to fish out a soggy piece of bread. We finally figured out that someone nearby must be leaving out stale bread for local wildlife, and the local crows take it to our birdfeeder and let it soak *just enough* that it is the right consistancy for them. They then break it up amongst themselves -- possibly accompanied with fending off the grackle population -- but usually leave a bit behind.

I'm not sure why they leave a bit behind? Maybe it gets too soft at that point? They leave a certain piece of the bread? IDK.

But yeah. I also don't know if this counts as "tool use" officially, or just "more smart crow behavior."
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things my cats have never experienced before today (as judged by their behavior):
  • a litterbox that has just been cleaned
  • washing machines (off or on)
  • trash bags
  • vacuum cleaners (off or on)
  • cardboard boxes
  • food, ever. they have never, ever been fed. (this resets...every minute or so?)
  • open windows
  • the other cats in the house
i don't judge.
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Highly rec the following TED Talk about Whitopia (run time about 12 minutes)

As America becomes more and more multicultural, Rich Benjamin noticed a phenomenon: Some communities were actually getting less diverse. So he got out a map, found the whitest towns in the USA — and moved in. In this funny, honest, human talk, he shares what he learned as a black man in Whitopia.


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