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Hi! I may have subscribed to your journal because you wrote something interesting that showed up while I was browsing dreamwidth or reading my network page. Perhaps you're reading this because you think I wrote something of note. Either way, welcome.

I try to avoid hate speech of any kind on my journal. If I slip up and say something heedless of my own privilege, please tell me - in a non-flaming way. These are teachable moments, not times to whack people over the head with a newspaper.

I could list an alphabet soup of identities, but suffice it to say thatRead more... )
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Seasonal depression hit me like a sledgehammer a few days ago. I'm coping, but it's a lot harder than usual. I was talking to a friend today and I mentioned that thing where you are so anxious-upset-whatever that it doesn't feel safe to go to sleep, even though sleep is probably something that would help your brain and my friend went OH THAT THING THANK YOU FOR NAMING IT. So yes, sleep is hard.

I'm having to do some things to cope with the current weight of the world, and I'd appreciate your help ~
  • currently on as much of a news fast as I can manage with the news everywhere. It's fine if you want to talk about the news in your own space, but please don't mention current events here unless it's on a post specifically about a news item. (For others on news fasts, I'm trying to keep them behind magic cut-tags.)
  • please do not link any of my posts (even public ones) out at the moment without checking with me first; I'm having trouble people-ing right now.
  • writing is helping! I just keep getting stuck. talk to me about writing, though general awareness of "different brains work differently" is greatly appreciated.
  • as always, cute photos of animals, humor (light and dark humor), poetry, amazing!science and other things that make the world worth living are amazing and I appreciate you sharing.
thanks for reading!
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my partner made the bestest food ever and I have to wait for our writing buddies to come over so I can eat it. *flails hands*

you have maybe heard of baba ghanoush? this is NOT that. no. this is much, much MUCH better. because it involves ground walnuts and pomegranate molasses and my mouth basically melting and curling up in a corner and purring.

(also if I eat too much it's bad because of that sliiiight eggplant allergy but I CARE NOT omg omg *flails hands*)

I attempted to make gluten free cookies for our friend who is coming over. they are mostly okay I think. like delicious and full of chocolate but consistency sans flour is hard. anyway, I tried.

also here is a funny comic that accurately depicts my monetary priorities when I have money by Sarah Anderson.
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"I've given you plenty of time," Lily said, licking her paw.

Amelie eyed the small tabby over her bowl of food. She wasn't sure what the protocol was. She never knew how to behave around these other cats. At first Chance had seemed the greater threat with his pacing outside her door and his gifts, but glancing at the self-assured queen now she wasn't quite so sure.

"I'm told he's been finishing your food," the tabby continued.

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Just thinking about this most excellent pain scale that [personal profile] alexseanchai linked to.

Talking about pain is weird and hard because people experience pain differently. There is no way for me to know if the blue I see is the blue you see. And there is definitely no way for me to know if your period cramps are the same as my period cramps.

lots of thoughts about pain and issues with how we talk about it, including ableism )

Probably I could fill volumes but I'll leave this here for now as an open post, and feel free to cross link in dreamwidth (but ask before tumblr etc for the moment because different type of commenter) as I think I'm not the only one who has many thoughts and a need to talk about chronic pain not just in the medical-ese of the fucking pain scale or in a list of words like "stabbing" and "throbbing" and other things that look like they could come from a sexyfuntimes fic but are not, actually, that sexyfuntimes in this case.
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To those who celebrate. ^_^
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Today I weighed my purse because why not be mad about gender. I keep it as small as possible with as little extra change/papers/etc as possible, though I do carry a knitting bag with me or additional laptop bag if I'm going to write or something. Or bag' o' books or ereader for a long waiting room trip.

This bag is literally what sits on my shoulder when I'm out. I have tried the two-shoulder-option and also the fanny pack option, but both put pressure in different places that are also not fun. So. Here we are.

Total weight: 1 lb 5 oz (21 oz or or 595 grams)

Cell phone: 4 oz
Keys: 4 oz
Glasses, case so they don't get damaged, and sunglasses clips: 3 oz
Necessary things listed above: 11 oz, or just over half of the weight of my purse

Other things that live in my purse? Pen, lip balm, "feminine hygiene products", insurance cards, list of emergency meds, library cards, credit cards, a tiny bit of cash, metro card, a couple relevant coupons.

Sometimes emergency meds live in there, but at the moment there aren't any that are really helping except a tube of Voltaren whatnot which is messy.

Even subtracting for the weight of the purse, that's still about a pound of necessary items I'm supposed to just lug around what, in my very feminine tiny pockets somehow? Like the ones that are designed for a single locker key?

I am sick of a certain type of person complaining that I should somehow magically be able to carry everything in my non-existent pockets; or that somehow I should find men's pants that fit my curvy self and wear those for the pockets. Or that I should go on some sort of Purse Quest and find The Perfect Purse that will fit everything I need, always be organized, and not cause any pain. Or that fanny packs are the answer which they actually just put a lot of pressure on my low back.

I think the answer is clear. I think I need The Luggage. Failing any sapient pearwood, I maybe just need a service dog who -- among other very useful tasks -- can also carry maxi pads and spare change for me. I would suggest a robotic assistant, but I kind of worry about getting my period right in the middle of the AI singularity. Awkward.
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My Only Carriage: On Naming a Nameless Disability via The Toast

"I knew, in other words, that something had gone wrong in his body and he was working very hard to make his body look normal. I knew this because I was also standing with my actual knees actually locked. I knew this because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to stand up or still or straight."

Sick Woman Theory (long but worth the read)

"So, as I lay there, unable to march, hold up a sign, shout a slogan that would be heard, or be visible in any traditional capacity as a political being, the central question of Sick Woman Theory formed: How do you throw a brick through the window of a bank if you can’t get out of bed?"

My Disability IS My Excuse via [personal profile] umadoshi 

'There’s one kind of disabled person that the abled world really likes: The disabled athlete. The disabled athlete pushed boundaries, “overcomes disability”, and is often used as inspiration porn for the abled. “What’s your excuse?” they superimpose over a picture of an attractive young woman with a single lower leg prosthetic.'

Book recommendation : Far From the Tree: Parents, children and the search for identity by Andrew Solomon
(link is to excerpt)
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I offer songs of praise and glory to my current med combo! (There were three adjustments lately. Also [personal profile] maramcreates and I have separate blankets which is also helping.)

I did not realize how /terrible/ my sleep was until I suddenly was actually getting better sleep sometimes!

To explain:
For the past...year? I had been getting maybe one dream a month because probably no REM sleep, and a lot of "toss and turn with weird temperature fluctations and wake up because uncomfortable and shifting the pillow around."

Now I am dreaming almost every night and sometimes more than once a night.

To give you an idea of how deprived I was, when I have woken up from nightmares of people chasing me with spears, I have been OVERJOYED by how rested I feel.

Oh my, I really was not sleeping well at all.

This morning I was interrupted during a much more pleasant dream about preparing mashed potatoes, gravy, mire poix and roast turkey. I tried to fall back to sleep so I could eat the delicious food but no luck.

Praise ye med combo of dream-filled sleep!
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ok ok

so i'm really liking the 100 now I've gotten past the beginning, and actually now I've gotten to canon f/f pairings i'm ON BOARD.

however the thing that is bothering me with a lot of these dystopias is FIBER.
this is totally a geek rant I know they make costuming decisions for aesthetics )
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I am playing with code to learn Python moar, because I really learn better by using stuff than by trying to memorize abstract things, and even moar when it feels useful.

So yes.

It is going well except I'm trying to do a Thing which feels like it should feel simple except maybe I don't know the search term for what it's called or maybe in actual programming it's not simple? So I thought I'd ask the hive mind here and then if no luck maybe move on to Python forums hivemind or something.

the question )

any feedback appreciated!
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I spend a lot of time looking for a doctor I feel I can work with before I actually make an appointment. I am lucky in that I have a PPO in addition to Medicare, and I have the educational background that lets me know how to do all of this shit. It is a pain in the butt, no joke, and it is not always successful. I don't do all of this for every doctor, and I hope it isn't just super overwhelmoing. However, if you are stuck in WHY AM I ONLY FINDING ASSHOLES limbo, here are some of the things I try in order to find a good doctor for me:
US centric, based on what works for me and my health insurance plan etc, but putting this out there because it's taken me years to make an art out of doing this )
tl;dr I use a combo of word of mouth, finding out who's researching the thing, and double checking someone's background on the internet (aka "what's your internet resume?") I don't do all of this for every appointment; usually I do more if I've had a run of terribad experiences in a specialty or it's a super-rare thing I'm trying to find a doctor for.

(note: dw pingback to this is okay, but please ask before linking it out to the wider internets)
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My body feels roughly as crappy as it did when I did theater in high school and it was "hell week" cn: spoonie self-talk about having to cancel a thing, and also oh hai pain flare, we're gonna rest now, huh )
And all of this? All of this I carry in my head as a tape now that the brain weasels helpfully roll out every time I might have to cancel something I had scheduled. *sigh*

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I do not even know where most of this is from anymore, but I share with you becauase I found them interesting and I do so enjoy [personal profile] umadoshi's linkspam. I hope you find something of interest.


quote via this tweet: "In short, the most optimistic fiction you can write is fiction where people treat each other well under conditions of crisis." --C Doctorow

Read more... )

Gender & sexuality & feminism, oh my!

Overthinking it: Female character flowchart

Read more... )

Gaming and media

Can Live Action Role-Playing Bring about social change?

Read more... )

Various posts that I connect somehow to feeling crappy about work/not work/not the "right kind" of work

On Tumblr Skillz and their utility in the job market

Read more... )

Just for fun

The Kitty Convict Project -- IDing escaped indoor cats

the yarn harlot is giving me sock envy. good thing i am currently knitting weasley socks in autumn colors (*coughgreatlyaccidentallyalteringthepatternonpurposecough*).

(beware: gif/vine thing!) velociraptors attack outdoor christmas decorations

From the Point of View of the Cat, by Czech writer Karel ńĆapek, 1935 (note: text is in image file, transcription currently unavailable)

Comic about what the Oxfam goats think about Oxfam donations (note transcription currently unavailable

@hourlykitten If you use twitter, I've been following @hourlykitten rather than Emergency Kitten because @hourlykitten cites sources of photos and I find that admirable. (also, it's nice to be able to track back to the original photographer, etc.) I have no affiliation, but I recommend them.

There is an adorable rat on this chilled out cat's head. Not recommended at home.
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I can unhesitatingly endorse Ceredwyn Alexander's Night Draws In and the associated IndieGoGo project to fund professional editing and publishing of it. (I may be also slightly self-serving, as I beta-read all but the final chapters and I really want to read the end.)

From the IndieGoGo:

Its difficult to find stories with queer or disabled characters that don't make disability or queerness the story. Or else they become a stereotype: the disabled BFF, the gay confidante. Worst of all, they may merely be a part of the hero's tragic backstory-the chronically ill or queer significant other who died and left the protagonist with a hunger for justice/vengeance or whatever.

The cast represents a more realistic view of disability and difference than is often portrayed in young adult novels. While each of the characters has some kind of disability, these disabilities are only part of them, not their defining feature.
Night Draws In is a contemporary fantasy that features characters who are more than one attribute.

Supporting this book is supporting diversity in fantasy/science fiction.

I can second this, as the changeling character's mental cognition changes that resulted from her transition from Fae to the mortal realms (plus her tendency to drift back into Faery Realm English) give her memory and aphasia-type qualities that are super duper familiar to me. I have never seen these depicted so accurately or compassionately in fiction before, and it was...really good. For me, as an adult.

Please consider donating or signal-boosting!
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so the other day i went to my psychiatrist because seasonal depression was all HA i came AFTER the solstice, whatcha gonna do now? except the better verb is "dragged", i dragged myself there.

tw: medical bullshit, lorena bobbit interview, the patriarchy, ableism, in which activism is tiring )

that is my latest rant about gender and medicine and also people thinking I'm a hysterical psych patient, all rolled into one. *sigh*
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There's one very "Trump like" piece of legislation that has actually had me worried about how "Trump-like" the rhetoric it is, and because it doesn't actually do much to make people safer (other than the way "duck and cover" drills in the Cold War were meant to make you feel safer in the case of nuclear war.)

Read more... )

Here is a petition. There is also another petition. You can also contact your Senators directly. If you live outside the US, I would advise petitioning your government to pressure the US government not to pass this bill, as it would probably affect travel regulations in your country as well. (And right now I think backers are relying on "nobody will notice, it's the holidays, we need the appropriations bill passed" to get it through; it's also a toned down version of what Republicans wanted to do to incoming refugees which is a not good compromise in my opinion because it sets a terrible precedent and has no expiration date.)

ETA: so apparently despite checking several bill trackers and Congress, I missed that this did pass. On Friday. You can still sign petitions to make a point, amendments are possible in the future. I do not know at this point what next steps are, but please let me know and ugh.

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I have a problem with the way the criminal justice system is portrayed in a lot of shows that otherwise could be possibly entertaining maybe (and sometimes are entertaining, I'm looking at you, Elementary).

cn: specific examples, tw: police brutality, waterboarding, warrantless searches, etc as entertainment )

There is a ton of criticism leveled at shows that don't pass the Bechdel-Wallace test, or don't have enough diversity of characters (with varying definitions of diversity), or have too many rape tropes. What do we call tropes that play into a narrative that props up a failing criminal "justice" system? I think that, however dear our fandoms are, we have to call those out too.

I don't have a snazzy name or a snazzy hashtag, and I doubt it will be profitable for producers unless enough people ask for it and even then it will be "controversial" because these narratives are comfortable as they allow those of us with white privilege to pretend that the system is working just fine. But it's not, and we need to stop pretending that it is (even in make-believe TV shows).

(Note if necessary I will break out the banhammer on this one, but I am hoping that will not be necessary. Signal-boosting okay for this entry, though please don't post it outside dw without checking with me.)

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A post of cuteness because today I need cuteness. *avoids news and thinkpieces like the plague*

But in the meantime, I have been harassing photographing the cats with my new camera.

I made a Flickr set with just-new-camera photos. I am also going to play with video editing because I got video of butt-wiggles but it's interspersed with lots of time of them deciding when is a good time to pounce.

Also here's a teaser photo below the cut )

And on my tumblrs there is a Lily lolcat meme because butter box.

Also if you are looking for cute animal things, this animal shelter has some really good cat memes on their facebook page. (Including Adele-new-album mashups).

(feel free to link if people are looking for cute things for today or whatnots)


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