Jan. 26th, 2016

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I offer songs of praise and glory to my current med combo! (There were three adjustments lately. Also [personal profile] maramcreates and I have separate blankets which is also helping.)

I did not realize how /terrible/ my sleep was until I suddenly was actually getting better sleep sometimes!

To explain:
For the past...year? I had been getting maybe one dream a month because probably no REM sleep, and a lot of "toss and turn with weird temperature fluctations and wake up because uncomfortable and shifting the pillow around."

Now I am dreaming almost every night and sometimes more than once a night.

To give you an idea of how deprived I was, when I have woken up from nightmares of people chasing me with spears, I have been OVERJOYED by how rested I feel.

Oh my, I really was not sleeping well at all.

This morning I was interrupted during a much more pleasant dream about preparing mashed potatoes, gravy, mire poix and roast turkey. I tried to fall back to sleep so I could eat the delicious food but no luck.

Praise ye med combo of dream-filled sleep!


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