Feb. 22nd, 2016

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Slip Stitch Slouchy Hat Pattern

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Honestly I wrote it down because I invent lots of hat patterns, and often for people who don't need a 20" hat (because all the stores sell 20" hats!) and some people I know want to knit some of those hats and I figured I should just share the instructions and maybe not just give them a page full of scribbles and arrows.

So yes! It is pretty now and has both charted and written instructions, and I tried to make them as easy to read with brain fog etc as possible. And also printer-friendly so you wouldn't get weird line breaks halfway through a pattern repeat and accidentally leave off that bit of the pattern, and also underlining important things like "add a stitch here."

FWIW I really whole-heartedly endorse Uptown Worsted (an Acrylic). Usually I cannot deal with acrylic and am a huge wool snob, but this stuff is amazing and soft and sells for under $6 a ball at my LYS.

Hope you enjoy. Feel free to share, it's under a Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution license because honestly I'd be chuffed if someone felt like selling some of these on their Etsy shop or whatnot and chucking a few dollars towards Doctors Without Borders.


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