Mar. 4th, 2016

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so during my plague of doom I have had so little energy that making tea is tiring. knitting has been out as an activity for the most part.

i wiped my town in animal crossing new leaf (ACNL) and started over.

when I write the inevitable letters to my town's animals, I have been occasionally RPing as a Dark Mayor Overlord who is slightly lacking in social niceties. I  mean, there are not many options for when you get to enter your own text. Mostly it has been through the postal system and also farming rare beetles on the island. Mostly I am a nice overlord!

my inner dark humor comes out )

I am building an awesome town, though. with good planning and I designed my own tiles and stuff! I just want them to suggest actually good public works projects, not like "ooo a yield sign!" because wtf. (I mean, I should be patient, I *just* got the cafe.)

also in case you haven't seen it, this is the best thing on the internet in a bit: the setup wizard (or, hogwarts got an IT department and this is their tumblr)


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