Apr. 2nd, 2016

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So I don't get to do as much gardening or plant things as I would like, due to the gardener in my house taking up all the outside space (despite offering me space periodically) and having cats + super low light in my house. BUT I have experience with gardening, plus said gardener dragging me taking me to all kinds of gardening things for years. Plus I am pretty good at pruning -- real pruning, not the crap the power companies do -- even though my hands don't want to cooperate anymore.

Many of my friends now seem to have actual garden space, or want to do more with herbs or houseplants or whatnot. But if you haven't absorbed a bunch of gardening stuff from Master Gardener child-of-farmer for years, it can be difficult to know "what is enough water" or "how do you pick soil". So, I was thinking of maybe doing some gardening posts? If people are interested? Plus I know enough to know what I don't know, which...there is so much to know, plus cool science.

Thus, a poll:

Poll #17393 Gardening Post interest survey
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 31

Are you interested in gardening posts?

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Yes, for my own current garden use
13 (43.3%)

Yes, for future garden use
10 (33.3%)

Yes, to share with someone I know
6 (20.0%)

I'd read them just to know stuff, but they're not a high priority
14 (46.7%)

They're not my thing
1 (3.3%)

What kinds of gardening info would you be most interested in?

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How to water houseplants
14 (48.3%)

Choosing plants
17 (58.6%)

Microclimates or other science! thing
16 (55.2%)

Pruning: how to & seasonality
13 (44.8%)

Growing plants from seed
16 (55.2%)

What to watch out for on a plant label
12 (41.4%)

Plants I wish I could ban from nurseries
13 (44.8%)

Why being ruthless can be good for ecosystems
14 (48.3%)

Growing bulbs outdoors
13 (44.8%)

Other I will explain in comments
5 (17.2%)


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14 (45.2%)

1 (3.2%)

1 (3.2%)

1 (3.2%)

Sleeping in
14 (45.2%)

How would you describe your gardening experience? (1 is "I have never touched soil" 10 is "green thumb")

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Mean: 4.20 Median: 4 Std. Dev 2.27
12 (6.7%)
28 (26.7%)
34 (13.3%)
44 (13.3%)
52 (6.7%)
64 (13.3%)
73 (10.0%)
82 (6.7%)
91 (3.3%)
100 (0.0%)

p.s. unrelated to current poll, am thinking of making a twitter that is me ranting about plant things that piss me off. (such as the massacres that power companies regularly do when people plant tall trees under power lines, which then weaken the trees anyway.) "plant rant" is sadly taken, but if you have any good twitter handle ideas let me know. was thinking of something Lorax related, but I find the whole "speak for the trees" theme kind of irritating even though that is kind of what I would be doing...
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Also because I finally have some spoons maybe let us hope, I have been wanting to host an online unfinished object (UFO) and work in progress (WIP) party for awhile now. Because I am an extrovert who is mostly stuck in my house and what else is the internet for.

Here is another poll gauging interest and also trying to figure out accessibility, time zones, and tech issues.

I am hoping that if it goes well, it can happen more than once (spoons willing) because I'm pretty sure there's no way to host a thing that cooperates with everyone's schedule and suchlike. (See: Geek Social Fallacy # 5)
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