Dec. 13th, 2016

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I thought I was done with the genre of "dystopian shows where a group of young adults compete for survival/resources."

Then I watched The 3% on Netflix, and oh man I want so much more of this show. I have ALL THE FEELS.

First off, some background on the show. Basically, it's about a society where at age 20 people go through "The Process" to decide if they're one of the 3% eligible to live among the elite who have all the resources. This is supposed to make the society fair, because everyone has a chance in this meritocracy, and no one inherits a spot on the Offshore. Mostly what it does is poke at the idea of a perfect meritocracy, and make me think many thoughts about exploitative for-profit colleges. There is also a resistance group (La Causa) working to undermine The Process.

It's a Brazilian show, so unless you speak Portuguese, subtitles are a thing. (This is actually good for me, I process shows better with close captioning or subtitles anyway. YMMV.) There's a racially diverse cast because I think they used Brazilian actors; there's an array of hair types/skin colors. Pretty sure most of the racial subtext is written for a Brazilian audience/understanding of what race means, so I only caught some of it, but it seemed well done to me. A fairly decent blend of genders (though not so much with the queer/trans rep.) ALSO there is a wheelchair user on this show and honestly most of my feels relate to Fernando.

Most shows that feature a disabled character either have them as a side-character, or someone who is inspiration porn, or maybe someone who has a magical disability and thus doesn't have to deal with most of what being disabled is like.

The 3% enters my previous list of "two TV shows and a movie" that speaks to my own experience of disability. Also FWIW I'm not currently a wheelchair user, although they would come in damn handy in museums if it were not a gazillion spoons to actually find one and if they actually had good wheelchairs not crappy for the public ones.

Anyway, the 3% is not perfect, but I'm still catching my breath from that moment of "seeing my feels onscreen".*

Spoilers ahoy (mostly for Fernando's arc).Read more... )


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