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so i finally watched Captain America: Civil War, which I didn't see in theaters because money and also I got upset about a certain winter soldier.

(i am still upset, fyi)

but now that i have finally seen it, I have a fic idea and like...goddammit brain, do you know how many writing projects we're working on? (answer: two novels and i lost count of how many fanfics and also some poetry, that's how many.)


ok ok so as of the end of CA:CW, War Machine aka James Rhodes is parapalegic and also Bucky has lost his prosthetic arm. what if the Avengers take on the shoddy implementation of the ADA?

basically Stark is trying to make all these gadgets to make it so Rhodes can walk again and his friend is finally like "you know what would make life way better? if people actually put in curb cuts. and also stopped using accessible hallways as storage space. and also if i could find an apartment with an elevator and maybe grab rails and kitchen counters that weren't super high."

and then Stark asked his computer about why the ADA was not doing its job, because wasn't that what it was for? and got super mad at the answer, and decided to make a new Stark Industries campaign for accessibility. (but also still trying to make gadgets so Rhodes can walk, and also more accessible housing and things)

It works to a degree except eventually Rhodes has to pull him aside and be like, "Dude, can you stop talking FOR me? It's really infantilizing."

Possibly things end by Stark realizing that he's probably right about the Avengers needing more oversight, but also he should stop being such a douche to people with PTSD who have been brainwashed and held captive for decades.

Also Congress initiates a department to investigate ADA compliance, because businesses decide it is better than being sued by Tony Stark.
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