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I told my cat he couldn’t have my cookie dough because he’s too fat, and now he’s eating me. Send help.

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It’s hard, because you don’t want to alienate your friend and when faced with cognitive dissonance and pressure people tend to make snap judgement to the side that’s most familiar and emotionally for them. Try to educate them about the realities first and then try to gently make your point.  

First, talk to them about if they really understand the nutritional needs of a dog and how hard it is to keep them from being malnourished on a vegan diet. If they’re not, you can link them to this article that explains it. 

Second, make sure they know none of the commercial foods are truly vegan - the supplements that make up for the lack of animal products are still, actually, derived from animal products. I chased down how those supplements are produced and using actually vegan supplementation would make the dog food so costly as to be prohibitive - they’d be competing with the human cosmetics market, which is impossible to do on a budget, so they use non-vegan supplements. 

When people are really determined to feed animals that need animal products to survive vegan diets, I tend to frame it as an immediate ethics dilemma. If they feed a non-vegan food, they’re supporting the deaths of multiple animals who would die regardless of if they bought the food and whose welfare they have no personal influence over - but they’re providing the best possible welfare for an animal whose quality of life they have voluntarily taken sole responsibility for. If they choose to feed a vegan diet, they get the moral righteousness of not supporting an industry they don’t like… but the dog that they voluntarily took in and accepted personal responsibility for is going to suffer directly and they are entirely responsible for that. I think the good of one animal you have direct influence over is more important than taking a moral stand about an industry and multiple animal lives that the lack of one person’s business doesn’t do a damn to effect.

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Enrichment is still enrichment - it’s still doing something, even if not what you intended. Even an item that isn’t really interacted with but is new is enriching. 

If your cat is fine with how he’s using that puzzle, let him keep using it (but make sure to rotate it out so he doesn’t get bored of it). If it’s appearing to frustrate him, that’s a good sign that you might want to find something else. 

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Did you know I used to breed invertebrates before I got highly involved in rescue? Here’s some millipedes gettin’ busy.

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I find roaming dogs every freaking day, and they don’t take holidays. People, put it behind a fence or on a leash, especially if it’s intact, because it WILL roam. Into traffic. In front of my car. And will hop in my car when I pull over.

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Happy Easter! Here is our banded gecko pictures with the Easter bunny. He’s in a critter tote because he’s a bitey little jerk.

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Ava has slimmed down to a trim 28lbs and has adjusted well to the changes she initially found so frightening after losing her home. She is now fully vetted and ready to find a forever home.

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Hamster cage: you’re doing it right. Pictured in the upper left quadrant of this kick-ass cage is Esme, a hamster adopted by one of our donors and friends. While Esme never came to ACS, this adopter stepping in is the only reason she didn’t; she was an unsellable animal at a pet store we frequently take unsellable animals from to look for adoptive homes. We told her owner C Jay that she needed a home because the rescue was on a temporary intake freeze, and she said of course! What a lucky little hamster.

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Hoping to do some real updates this week, but until then, here’s another photo of my husband’s chunky eel.


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