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What do all of these lucky animals have in common? They all just hitched a ride to the NY/Tri-State area to go to adoption partners and, soon, their forever homes! Ten bunnies and three cats made this transport from Alabama late last night. We are very happy for all these placements!

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Horrible photo but look at my neat little five legged dwarf frog friend, Fiver! He is the second extra-legged dwarf from I’ve had, but seems much healthier already than his ill-fated, six-legged predecessor.

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There are 15 of the 16 bunnies ACS recently rescued from a hoarding situation. We have networked with rescues in New England to find a placement for ten, plus one was adopted locally. On Monday the vet will be assessing the remaining five and scheduling their sprays/neuters.

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1. Thor, my house-eating foster dog, has been relocated into a large pen made of cattle panels and so far is staying contained. The pen is in the dog room, and the combination of having “company” plus his puppy psych meds really seem to be helping!
2. Zap has been integrated into our dog pack and is greatly enjoying roughhousing all day with the other dogs. It has significantly decreased his problematic barking.
3. We transported Hope the hound dog this week. Hope is part of an animal cruelty investigation here in Chilton County along with another dog, Champ.
4. MoxieDoxie was surrendered by her owner. This timid four pound girl quickly earned a rescue offer and is now in foster!
5. (No photo) Ava, the last of the dogs we sent to a rescue in Wisconsin, found her forever home this week!


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