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!!TW for pet death!!

Folks, we can’t win ‘em all.

A couple of days ago, someone walked into my workplace with a little blonde kitten wrapped in a towel. Part of my job is greeting people’s pets and gushing over them, which is literally the one redeeming thing about my job. When I approached, however, the woman held up the kitten and asked for help.

She had captured the kitten’s siblings weeks ago but this one was too shy to catch. She found him collapsed in the yard that day, and was unable to get him to eat or drink. When I held the kitten it was obvious that he was in serious condition: he was limp, cold to the touch, minimally responsive, and his eyes weren’t focusing on anything. He was also profoundly emaciated. He needed immediate intervention, but the woman could not afford to take him to the vet.

I wrote her a note with my name and a request to my vet to do whatever he could, then sent her to my vet to place him on my account. The clinic responded quickly, providing heat, fluids, and glucose, and the kitten rallied enough to be sent home with us. We kept him on heat and made a high-calorie slurry for him to eat. He ate. He pooped. We were encouraged when he was still alive the next morning.

Unfortunately as the day went on, he lost interest in food and had to be syringe fed a caloric supplement. His water intake and urine output were unusually high. He began having trouble thermoregulating again, and by late that night, he had perished.

Kittens his age (10-12wks) normally weigh in the ballpark of 2-3lbs. This kitten, and most of it was fur frankly, weighed in at just barely 14oz, which is about as much as a healthy 5wk old kitten weighs.

This kitten was lucky to have at least died with a few meals instead of hungry and dehydrated like he would have, but it still stings that help came too late.

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Wash your hands regularly and change into different clothes when you leave, shelter clothes go into the wash. You can have a dedicated pair of shoes for the shelter or you can make a dilute bleach footbath to step in / wipe shoes down with before you go inside your house.

But, honestly, you probably won’t be exposed to really sick animals as a volunteer - and if you are they’ll probably have scrubs for you to wear. All the shelters I know have pretty solid cleaning schedules and animals are watched for signs of illness, so unless you’re cleaning up after / handling a sick animal you don’t need to worry about it a ton. I would change before going home as a routine habit, but not worry about doing more unless your cat is immunocompromised. The footbath idea is very much overkill in most situations, but if concern for your cat is something you’ll fixate on, it can be a help for peace of mind.

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Additional happy pupdates from Wisconsin: Fauna has been adopted, and while Flora is still waiting for her forever-home, she looks pretty cozy in foster!

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Ava, the day she was surrendered, and today, in her foster home in WI. Look at the difference in her body language. Look at how happy and relaxed and confident she is in the second photo. When this dog was surrendered, she was so terrified that she screamed and blew her glands when I tried to put her in a crate. She had lived in a back yard since she was a puppy and everything was new and terrifying. Now I’m getting video updates of her training progress, of her playing with kids. Proof that dogs often just need time to decompress before they show their true selves when they first come in to rescue.

I can't believe I had to say this...

Jul. 13th, 2017 09:35 am
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Specifically, I had to make a post on my Facebook pointing out that not all Asians eat dogs/cats and poach endangered wildlife because people on my Facebook feed from the rescue community have been ghoulishly cheering anything awful that happens to people in Asia because it is “karma” for how they treat animals.

I mean, putting aside for a minute that they’re appropriating the word “karma” in a really ironic way… can we talk about how literally every country has significant animal welfare problems in some regard, and placing blanket blame for those problems on the entire populous or a specific race is bigoted and gross? Can we talk about how cheering for natural disasters is something that should never be on the radar for someone with an ounce of compassion?

I don’t understand how love for one thing (dogs, for example) can be transmuted into such ugly hatred. But I see it happen all the time, to the point where people seem to see loving animals and loving humans as mutually exclusive.

Yes, we as humans do positively awful shit to animals. Horrific nightmare shit. Shit that rescuers see every day to the point that many of us, myself included, have trauma-induced psychiatric disorders.

But you know what? Humans also do amazing things for animals, selfless outstanding things. Stuff that flies in the face of cultural conditioning on how we should see and treat animals. And humans do these amazing things everywhere in the world. That includes in the countries and populations you’re belittling as cruel and backwards from the comfort of your armchair activism in front of some computer in a Western nation.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this post other than to say there is never an excuse for being a racist piece of shit, so stop trying to disguise your bigotry as animal advocacy. True advocates understand that working with people is the only way to effectively make positive change for animals - and you can’t do that when you write off entire populations and races as “evil.”

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Two of the four foster kittens will be leaving us for their rescue on the 17th. Piper, who has grown and is… well frankly kinda weird looking, is one of the two leaving.

We took in this bunny, Leo, a neutered male today despite being all “no more bunnies!” because his situation was becoming urgent and the first option we found for his owner fell through.

Might do a rabbit post soon if I can borrow a functional laptop because hot damn most people don’t know how to rabbit properly.

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Still don’t have a computer with internet access. So if you’re wondering about the lack of updates, that’d be why. I am just not up to typing long informative posts on a smart phone just to have the app glitch half the time and lose my work.

As an apology for the lack of quality content, here is a tiny preemie 6 wk old black cat on a big plush pumpkin.


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