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[personal profile] rainbow 's cat Jack has passed, his gofundme is here. Rainbow and S.O. are both disabled so do not have discretionary income/savings for the vet bill, but do have themselves and other cats to support.

Signal boosting or conributions appreciated.
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The scene: a pink cat bed, placed next to the window, bathed in sunlight. Chance sleeps in the cat bed. Lily sleeps nearby. Mom turns around again and Lily is sleeping on top of Chance; she now has a bed warmer and a sunbeam. Chance's arms (and part of his head) are dangling off the bed as he gives his mom a, "Help!" expression. After mom finishes taking copious photos and enjoying herself, she rescues Chance by giving both kitties treats on the floor so they can re-settle who sleeps where.
lizcommotion: Lily and Chance squished in a cat pile-up on top of a cat tree (buff tabby, black cat with red collar) (cat stare)
I have limited hand usage so forgive me for not captioning these the way I usually would; I am about to go poop out in front of a TV and maybe fall asleep for a long time. But yay, Chance and Lily cuddling and also TOE BEANS especially for [personal profile] tyger!

Eternal cuteness of Chance and Lily

two moar kitty photos! )
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Our (small-ish) kitty rescue has found forever-homes for 93 cats this year (and there are still a few adoptions pending). ALL three of our foster cats, have been adopted (well, except for Ms. Maddy, who we are currently fostering and leaning ever more towards keeping because she is just that adorable and Chance is moving from hissing stage to meowing to get into her room stage so IDEK. She just. She makes *everyone* smile even though obviously having a gangrenous tail amputated is srsly a justifiable reason for being cranky and hiding in your closet as much as you want.)

Also, Ms. Haley, the Border Terrier we fostered for 2.5 months earlier this year, is thriving in her forever home. She has all the tennis balls she wants, goes for 5 mile walks *every day*, and gets lots of snuggles. So that is also extremely gratifying.

P.S. If you use and you don't already participate in Amazon Smile which donates a teeny tiny fraction of your purchase to non-profits so Jeff Bezos can sleep at night, please consider adding our cat rescue as your Amazon Smile designated non-profit. Totally no pressure, but I thought I'd mention it, because cats. You can try clicking here but if that link is not static then you can go to the cat rescue homepage and click on the left hand sidebar where the Amazon Smile logo is.

/PSA, and sorry to pair it with adorable animal photos but I keep having a cat step on my keyboard and try to steal my tea so it's hard to get one post up let alone two (and I still have to do the cat room cleaning/feeding schedule for the week. Did you know Maddy likes opening all the browser tabs ever?)

Animal Feel Good Photos:

seriously all the animal photos ever of our animals and a bunch of fosters> <a href= )

tw: happy-sad message to Rogue who passed away last year, maybe skip this part if you are teary already or if animal passing is hard for you right now

happy-sad message to Rogue )
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So you know how there is talk in US English about "Kitty Crazies"? That thing cats do roughly once a day where they look at you as though they have never seen you before, run around the house, etc?

Well partner's family speaks North African Arabic (also other dialects in other branches of the family). Anyway, there is another name for "kitty crazies". You say that the cat "has tagoug" (Anglicized spelling completely mine because partner is out; note that the correct grammar is not that the cat "is tagoug"). Basically it means that the cat is "possessed" (by a Djinn/demon -- what we call "genies" -- also note that not all Djinn are evil, some are aligned with God/Allah and the evil ones are not; there is a WHOLE area of study around this which not all Muslims and/or Arabs and/or Lots of Peoples I don't have room to specify agree on that I do not even begin to understand so I'm going to stop there). I kind of like this imagery because it ties back to all the ideas of cats and witchcraft and everything. It also kind of explains why cats look so uncomfortable.

Or you could go by my definition, which is that more specific than the "kitty crazies", your cat is just having a short manic episode. (Seriously, not that different from how I feel when fully manic versus hypomanic).

With our dogs, we always called these occasional bouts of RUN EVERYWHERES "racehorse dog" (though srsly they would be really poorly trained racehorses because they did not go in a ring at all). Though once my dog did get hold of the slug trap (which contained beer) and, er, emptied it into his belly before grabbing hold of the container and running round the yard. I think that was a chemically induced racehorse dog. (And don't worry, despite the alcohol/dog poison, he was fine. It was cheap crap beer with low alcohol content, which helped.)

Anyone else have other terminology for such things? Do bunnies have similar bouts of ALL THE ENERGIES? (I'm looking at you for this vital information, [personal profile] shanaqui .) What about other species?

ETA: I wonder if animals have names/thoughts for our shenanigans? Like "omg they are picking out those clothes things again"? Or whatever their idea of our recreational sex is. Or what the hell is the holiday season madness. Or VACUUMING. I mean, basically most of what we do around animals would seem to me to be nonsense to them? IDK. *curious*

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Chance the kitty
Pictured: Chance, an adorable black kitty with green eyes, laying on his side on a blue and white quilt like, "Huh, why are you disturbing me?" Part of the quilt is folded over the lower half of his body

This is why I've been having trouble getting out of bed in the morning. (I mean, aside from the 6 am feeding upon which I stumble back to bed and sleep for a bit longer.) Chance comes and snuggles up next to me with Partner on the other side and I am in a sandwich of warmth and cute cat love and how could I move? Plus when I had a dog I could say things like, "Do you want a treat in the kitchen?" and then he would move and food would commence. Chance does not yet know these words, and so he gives me dirty looks when I attempt to move out from the middle of the sleeping loved ones.Kitty! One photo and an embedded video below the cut )

Oh bodies

Nov. 10th, 2014 01:16 pm
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FWIW, I think I hurt my shoulder playing with cats. I woke up with that horrible, "I slept weird and pinched a nerve," feeling, which I thought was what had happened. Then I went to wave a mouse toy tantalizingly in front of a cat or two and my shoulder went, "Nooooo, there's the pain!"

This is where my frowny face goes.

So, uh, I did play with them this morning because I'd already started and unhappy cats are not pleasant to live with. Amelie went all RUN RUN EVERYWHERE HIDE JUMP BAT RUN on me, which is great. Chance also had a good time. They are good cats.

The other humans in my household better step up their playtime is what I'm saying, because otherwise there may be feline rebellion.
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Chance and Ameliť
Introducing Amelié, the foster cat my mom might maybe adopt (squee). She is tiiiiny (~7 lbs) and stands up to Chance and likes playing if you move the toy right. She's also been ill lately, poor thing, probably from stress. In fact she is at the dreaded vet right now. I am hoping they do not prescribe more pills because I have several scratches from trying to wiggle away from pills already. Anyway, she is a sweetie. When you are not giving her evil pills, that is. (She is a small black maybe-Bengal kitty facing the camera laying down with her paws tucked under her on top of a soft white mat thing.)

Allllll the kitty pictures; low bandwidth users beware; also beware of cuteness )

Link to a video of a scenic beach we went to earlier this fall; have been meaning to upload for awhile.

Link to a video of Chance and Amelie having happyfuntimes chilling in windows, as cats are wont to do.
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Awhile ago partner put a cat noises app on my phone. Initially it was a way for myself and various family members who were not so familiar with cats to get a sense of different types of cat noises and what they might mean.

However, it has another very useful purpose, if one doesn't overuse it. That purpose is distracting cats.

For example, when Bubba and Chance were getting a little *intense* in their play (read: Chance mostly was the intense one), sometimes I would play random cat meows from the app. Both cats would stop what they were doing and go, "Wait, there's another cat? Are you making that noise? Where is that coming from? What?" It was enough of a distraction to kind of break the cycle of predator-prey-intensity and kind of reset things.

Note: use sparingly so as not to acclimate cats to random cat noises and render ineffective.

Another useful tool is random bird noise apps or YouTube videos. Your cat may or may not respond as mine has, but there have been times when we've needed to get Chance in a cat carrier or give him meds and he has (wisely) hidden under the bed or another difficult to reach location. Rather than doing the ill-advised move-the-bed or reach-under-to-meet-unhappy-cat-pull-out-of-hiding-maneuvers, at times we have played bird noises on the phone. This has sometimes led to cat coming out to go, "Wait birds? I like birds. Where are you hiding the birds? How did they get in the tiny box?"

Again, using sparingly is key. It also helps if the noises come sometimes not when cat is about to be trapped for medicine or the carrier, but also for fun things like investigating magic bird box or getting food.

I am guessing probably more experienced cat guardians have already figured these things out, but I thought I would share for kicks, in case people find this helpful, and because my memory is sometimes swiss-cheese-like.

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Thought I'd share a couple of Chance pics. J., who heads the rescue where we got Chance, has pointed out that it can be hard to photograph black cats well because they tend to meld into one abyss of ebony. My mom certainly has trouble picking out which bit of a photo shows Chance's head and which is a paw. I blame the fact that she's usually looking on a tiny smartphone screen. Anyway, is it easier for you? We shall see.
three kitty photos under the cut )

Funny thing about Chance and blankets: he has been excellent motivation for us to make the bed. He seems to feel that sheets are lava and blankets are "safety", to reference that one childrens' game. So if we don't make the bed, he curls up in a tiny corner where there is actually blanket, leaving the vast expanse of sheet untouched. Being concerned cat guardians who want our Chance to have maximum napping/frolicking space, we have been trying to ensure bed-making. (But be assured I will also be working on awdddddddddddddddx<--CHANCE'S FIRST KEYBOARD WRITING ahem, um, helping him get used to sheets.)
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…I am either:
  1. A mermaid who has given up her underwater breathing and tail fins and shell bra to a sea witch in exchange for legs and talking like a human.
  2. A selkie whose skin has been stolen while I was out on land.
  3. An X-man/person whose superpower is feeling AWESOME in cold water (think 62 degrees) but whose kryptonite is anything warm.
  4. Someone with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome whose symptoms disappear in freaking cold sea water, and whose limbs also return to their proper size & color even when everyone in the sea at the same time (all two other people) eventually have their feet turn yellow. Yellow. My feet go from purplish to a color I'd call "regular." My fingers go from a shape I call "sausage" to one I'd call "bendable without screaming."

Personally, I think any of the first three would be kind of awesome (although the mermaid and selkie stories tend to end rather tragically like, always; also if I were an X-man person I would get to meet Professor Xavier and Magneto theoretically yes I know that it is not "real" just let me have my fantasy!)

I did somewhat enjoy chuckling to myself at the mere mortals who saw us in the water and thought, "Oh yes swimming sounds fun," and then mostly made it to about knee depth before running out screaming.

This is a vast improvement from yesterday, when I was basically curled up in a Ball Of Pain crying. Two swims and an epically awesome massage later and I feel vastly improved. Really wish I could steal the massage therapist back home with me (and his really cute dog); too bad they probably would not enjoy that and also the ocean is not portable either.

Today we bought Chance a cheap feather boa, because he has a Thing for feathers. At the moment he is not sure What to do with it. Partner and I are pretty sure he will probable decide in the middle of the night, and we will wake up in a room full of  feathers and no boa.
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...let's just skip the part about getting Chance into the carrier, which we had *thought* we'd have oh, another two weeks to get him accustomed to. There may have been climbing under the bed after treats and toys both failed. (Let's also skip the part about how this morning when maybe he was high on catnip he climbed into the carrier by himself and started batting at his rolling toy.)

He did really well in the car! Even snuggled up against my leg through the cloth carrier, which is surprising given what I had just done to him.

At the vet many indignities were committed, included having his claws trimmed; getting blood drawn for a routine heartworm test; having someone shine lights in his eyes; having someone put stain in his eyes; having someone shine a UV light in his eyes while the room was dark.

He was a very good kitty. There was no hissing, scratching, biting, or attempts at such. The most he did was attempt to escape/flee this place of terror.

Results: his right eye (the squinty one) is actually healing well; the left eye (which has been wide open) has a corneal abrasion.

So, good call that we insisted on coming into the vet early. we get to put drops 2-3 times per day in BOTH eyes.


Aw, yeah.

It totally wouldn't have worked if he didn't agree they were necessary, though.

We get to go back for a follow-up in a week, which should be...interesting. Also, Chance is getting bolder at exploring the house (though not as much when Sarge is around, even when Sarge is just in the kitchen.) Right now he has his bell collar on, and I'm pretty sure from the noises that he's in the office hidden somewhere, watching me. It's only a matter of time before he discovers that keyboards are for walking on...
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Chance, day 1
Chance explores some of his perches near his window to the birdfeeders (at night, blinds closed); he also wonders what an iPhone is so he is standing at the edge of his table perch and is leaning towards the camera. He has golden/greenish eyes and a white spot or threeish on his chest/belly (only one showing). Otherwise he is all black. He is fairly small, we think maybe 9-10 lbs but have not weighed him yet.
Many things about Chance and also cn: Sarge attempts to eat mushrooms & medically-induced vomiting )
And now off to nap like my cat is doing, or perhaps just squee a bit more that KITTY.
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So I haven't made this widely known, but I have basically wanted a cat of my own for about a decadeand it's finally gonna happen! )


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