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  1. [personal profile] rainbow  is offering pre-orders for some pretty awesome hand-made halloween cat toys.
  2. another online friend (not sure which identities I should link together?) has made a VERY GORGEOUS dragon/crop circle art quilt. i just cannot get over the circlet of stars honestly.
  3. I am teaching my cats how to jump through a hula hoop. Steps completed so far: acquire hula hoop; remove things that cause hula hoop to make noise; show cats hula hoop is not a portal to the dungeon dimension; show cats treats fall from the sky when they go in hula hoop on ground; show cats that treats fall from the sky when they walk through upright hula hoop. Surprisingly (because I was certain the dungeon dimension step would throw him for longer), Chance is progressing faster than Lily thus far. She's learning from watching him. My main struggle atm is juggling hula hoop, target stick, clicker, treat bag, and cats demanding treats.
  4. Heartily recommend Switched at Birth. The plotline is all *mega drama* over the top a la Telenova (but maybe not so over the top, judging by some of my family?) But the awesome is they deal really well with so many actually important issues! Like teenage young women wanting to have sex, and so far *there is no slut-shaming* or parents moralizing, only "are you sure that person is the right person to sleep with?" and "so, you do know about protection?" and "sleeping with him won't let you change his behavior." WHAT SORCERY, ABC FAMILY. Also, there are multiple Deaf characters and as the show progresses and more Hearing characters learn sign there is more and more sign in the show. And a lot of time when people are signing, unless it's like some pivotal romantic moment, there's no filler background soundtrack. Just silence (sometimes for effect) or standard traffic noise or something. They also deal amazingly well with single moms, white privilege, class issues, white guilt, white savior syndrome, Latin@ identity issues,, they're not perfect but WHAT SORCERY IS THIS.
  5. I actually want to list more, but my partner and my cats want to spend time with me so I'm gonna do that. <3
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Today I battled traffic for an hour to find out that I need three to four gum surgeries in the next two months to prevent cavities (or further cavities) and root canals and tooth death and stuff. The gum dentist was all reassuring about pain and my potential concerns about the gum grafts, but honestly after my past experiences + chronic pain I am at "meh" about gum grafts. Like if they don't work and are painful and I have complications that drag on and on, then I will be pissed. But if they are an acute issue that prevents other stuff that's temporarily painful? Whatever. Bring it.

Anyway, this is a roundabout way of saying that I'm getting fed up with moar police shootings or How This Neglected Animal Ended Up in Rescue Horror Story or labor rights being chipped away or the same with reproductive rights and...

...basically, I need a reminder that the world is not a giant pile of shit. Or that if it is, it's like fertile horse manure that can be used to grow roses and tasty fucking vegetables or something. IDK this metaphor may have gotten away from me.

So, uh, if you are also feeling similarly (or have contributions!) here is an open thread to share happy stories, random acts of good things, pretty shiny pictures of things you have made or cute animals (preferably cute animals not being tormented but still looking cute plz), sunsets or sunrises, poetry, whatever.

For some reason Spring always messes with my mood, which is maybe more insulting to me because the world seems to be all, "It's spring motherfucker! Look how sunny and bright and flowery we are! We have stolen your soul to fuel our pollen masses! Now you can only sneeze and not smile!" and it seems so contradictory to feel like a gloom ball when it's like a Disney movie outside (well, maybe that's not actually contradictory), but anyway rambling again.

I am learning though that feeling weird/wonky in Spring is actually not that uncommon, so this is also a post if you just need a spot to go, "Me too! I am also feeling weird/wonky/gloom-ballicious!" However, since trying to share generally soft-and-puppy related themed things, if anything is triggering please place under a warning or maybe if someone else has spoons there can be a separate post for general woe-themed things.

signal-boosting welcome, this is an open thread. please play nice.
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  1. Tea, glorious tea
  2. Went swimming earlier this week! It was warmer than the Ocean, which was good for my companions but less good for me. Still fun! Though I still need to write what my Gran calls a "stiff letter" to the Park Authority about the accessibility stuff at that pool.
  3. Helped save a dog from a hot car yesterday! Adorable Portuguese Water Dog. So glad we were around.
  4. Chance is getting even more confident and comfortable, and among other things, has: found a perch in the kitchen; started giving my mom kisses; discovered not only how to open and close the drawer that formerly held his treats, but also how to remove his clicker from it.
  5. My mom got Sarge an appointment with our awesomesauce!thorough!whycan'tshebemydoctor vet, so maybe we'll figure out what's going on with him (because Giardia does not cause all of the symptoms he was having last week, nope it doesn't, *avoids TMI*). And my sister can't stop us because she'll be on vacation.
  6. Chats with friends!
  7. Waking up to a cat on my chest licking my nose. (Which is definitely better than when he hopped on my bladder at midnight-ish last night.)
  8. Partner is home! We might see Maleficent this weekend and/or How to Train Your Dragon 2.
  9. Doing absolutely nothing traditional for the Fourth of July weekend if I can help it.
  10. On my poncho-cape of glory, I am almost done with the first pocket and that leaves: second pocket, finishing, picking and sewing on buttons, DONE.
ETA: Also yesterday there was a TURTLE in the rain garden. XD
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Despite the endless plagues of stomach and of upper respiratory tract, I have managed to make some exciting things. Not nearly as fast as I would like, but here is photographic proof (along with a picture of Haley that seems to have sneaked in, no idea how that happened :P ).

Handspun hat (natural BFL)
A hat I knit for Partner. It is some of my handspun BFL, undyed but *not cream*. I was getting a tad bored with cream. This is grayish-brownish, roughly worsted weight. Snuggly! It's a simple hat design, 4x4 rib and then stockinette all the way up after the ribbed border. She is a fan, but alas has not worn it outside yet as the weather has turned warmish for now. I am hoping it stays that way.

somewhat photo heavy below the cut; spinning and Haley ahoy! )

Reading stuff:

what have you recently finished reading:
I just finished reading The Wanderers, which an AWESOME AND WONDERFUL FRIEND GIFTED ME. I don't want to give away key plot points, but let's just say I am a sucker for Fairy Tale retellings that are well done, and this one is. Also, did I mention that there is a talking cat in this book? There is, and he is amazing and wonderful and a smartass (cat, remember?). Love the book, highly recommend. Trying to avoid spoilers. Another benefit of this book is that the chapters are fairly self-contained plot-wise, although there are obviously continuing elements. This is good for me because it allowed me to go to bed at 2 am rather than stay up til 4 or 5 am to finish the book. If you also have trouble with authors who tease you at the end of chapters and keep you up til unreasonable hours of the morning, this book may be your friend.

what you are currently reading:
no book spines cracked atm

what you hope to read next:
I have several additional gifts on my ereader, which I am currently eager to read because clearly my friend has excellent taste.

Also, it has not escaped my attention that Terry Pratchett's latest book, Raising Steam is out. I am a bit conflicted about my acquisition of this, as I have others of his books in paperback and I don't want a hardback messing up the shelving system. OTOH the library will not have this in stock for months, I can guarantee it. So I will probably get an ebook of Raising Steam and a paper copy when it's a mass market paperback, because I'm weird like that. (My partner infected me, what can I say.)
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cn: hospitals, people i tangentially know in icu, bike accidents, con plague, animal death/abuse )

Clearly time for good things. Yes, good things are a thing, yes?
  1. It is snowing but it is not a !ridiculousamount of snow, and it is not sticking to the pavement thus far. It just looks pretty.
  2. The birds are enjoying the bird feeders and it is fun to watch them.
  3. It is also fun to watch Haley watch dog TV (aka the birdfeeders), and go beserk when a squirrel encroaches on her turf.
  4. Going to attempt a Grimm marathon later.
  5. Therapy today! Much needed.
  6. Have I ever mentioned that tea is amazing? Yeah, I thought so ;)
  7. I can haz plans for a knit hat for partner made from some gray handspun BFL I spun...just waiting for it to finish drying before I swatch.
  8. Am spinning the most gorgeous targhee. I bought it pre-dyed and am very happy with how it's turning out so far.
  9. Might be a good day for fire in fireplace.
  10. Have tentative plans for crafty and/or fandom goodness with [personal profile] jelazakazone  soon!
Also also, in the continued adventures of Conversations Between Liz and Partner, we decided that there were not enough Star Trek:TNG episodes featuring Spot behaving like a real cat. For reminder, Spot is/was Data's cat and basically he just chilled in Data's rooms and let Data hold him with no scratching. Umm...what? Here are suggestions for additional Spot-themed episodes. Feel free to add your own...
  • Data, in an attempt to better understand animals, tries to teach Spot tricks. Spot ignores him initially (perhaps by licking butthole) but then proceeds to learn tricks rapidly. Data and other crewmembers are amazed. Troi is skeptical, and discovers that Spot is possessed by an alien lifeform that is able to mind-control its host. Blah blah blah subduing alien lifeform. Data disappointed that after alien lifeform leaves, all Spot wants to do is lick his butthole.
  • Spot goes missing. Data distraught, search ensues. Data goes through ship with Spot's favorite toys, cat nip, food, etc. No one thinks of air ducts until strange sounds heard from them. Spot discovered inside, killing/playing with invasive alien life form that is attempting to take over ship. Spot saves day! However, Dr. Crusher has to treat Spot for alien poisons. Spot looks smug and vomits hairball of tiny alien head at Data's feet as a victory present.
  • Data takes Spot to Holodeck to a program that is supposed to be specifically engineered for cats. It is made of laser pointers that dart across the wall. Spot pounces at laser pointers! However, person who programmed laser pointers is a Romulan spy that made a sequence of lights designed to render Data helpless until he is shown an alternate sequence of lasers. Spot gives no fucks when Data falls over, continues playing with lasers. Romulan spy kidnaps Data; Spot continues to give no fucks and plays with shiny points of light. Romulans escape with Data in ship. Spot gives fucks when his dinner does not come and makes MUCH NOISE until Geordi arrives and sees that Spot is alone in Holodeck and Data is missing, and his visor records and is able to analyze the light pattern. Rest of crew saves Data; Spot doesn't give fucks because he's being fed and cared for. When rescued Data says no more laser program in Holodeck; Spot feigns indifference and licks butthole
CLEARLY SPOT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE STAR OF TNG! The possibilities are endless! (Feel free to share if you are also enthused about the topic of introducing animals to shows with insufficient animals, and adding plotlines for them.)
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I am way behind and I just can't catch up because brainz, so sorry, I read your comments, I <3 them, they mean a lot and keep me sane, I just can't reply right now. Or maybe I can reply after right now. There's just too much of a backlog to catch up.
  1. My guild's craft show went well despite the snow and ice! I sold 10 things so far (there's still an hour to spare) out of 32 that I put in, which I consider a success.
  2. The things that did sell are the things I liked the most; the things I put my heart into. Not the things I made because I thought they would sell, or because someone told me they would sell. So, lesson learned: follow your bliss.
  3. I ate solid food again today! So far, so good. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. I am even contemplating knitting again. So far I have not had energy to knit since Rogue died, which is the opposite of helpful in regards to one's coping mechanisms.
  5. I went to the yarn store and got some intriguing yarn. Now to find a pattern. (I know, I do it backwards, but it works for me.)
  6. Am hoping to get unsold stuff back from the craft show soon so that I can present it, either to people I know or to people who are cold who can't get warm things. (I like to think of them winging their knitted way throughout the world <3).
  7. Despite being unable to go to my guild's craft show (which is large and further from my house), I did go to [personal profile] jelazakazone 's craft show (smaller and more local). Her quilts are exquisite and my mom got some really awesome presents for people from the show.
  8. Just because people are posting these: I do have a Permanent Wishlist because hey, it's nice to want things. No obligations at all but, you know, it's there if you feel like looking.
  9. I saw a cute kitty today! <3
  10. Lovely snuggles and comfort from my partner when I had a grieving moment hour for Rogue in the middle of the night.
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  1. I found when our last dog passed that the first three days were the worst. I am finding on the fourth day that it is slightly less bad than the previous three. *crosses fingers* I know things are up and down, but -- holding on to hope.
  2. There was a litter of Border Terrier puppies born the day after Rogue passed. I like to think his spirit, or part of it, may have passed on to one of them. Or who knows where else! (My friend thinks he was the missing Panchen Lama, taking a short spiritual retreat.)
  3. The people in my guild were really understanding about Rogue's passing, and so I am no longer scheduled to do a spinning demo on the one-week anniversary of his passing. (And in fact don't have to help out at the craft show at all, which I feel slightly guilty about, but am fighting the imposter syndrome and reminding myself that I can help out  next year.)
  4. Going to attend my craft show and [personal profile] jelazakazone 's craft show on Friday with jelazakazone and my mother and maybe my partner.
  5. My aunt is getting needed medical attention in the UK! Hurrah! Have been so worried about her. *crosses fingers*
  6. Got/gave some much-needed canine attention yesterday from a friend's dog.
  7. Tea.
  8. Therapy today.
  9. Rearranged the bedroom, it looks really nice.
  10. Also gave me a chance to do a deep clean to help with allergy issues.
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  1. Achievement Unlocked: Bake tasty whole grain bread (helped greatly by finding whole grain bread flour at an Amish country store. In bulk :DDD)
  2. Ate real food yesterday (instead of caving to compulsion to subsist on leftover whipped cream from Thanksgiving.)
  3. Might get to visit with a friend's dog today. She really likes my belly rubs.
  4. Got an 8"x10" photo of Rogue at the beach hanging in the dining room now. It's nice to go talk to him. (All the other photos in the house were of Young Rogue, and that's really not how I think of him now...)
  5. My partner's aunt suggested I write a book about Rogue's not a bad idea. Am considering structure. (Because really Rogue's story starts with the loss of our previous dog, and is deeply entwined with my own mental health/physical health issues. I don't mind also writing about those things though.)
  6. Slept pretty soundly.
  7. Music still really therapeutic.
  8. Back to knitting the afghan squares, as it means that I don't have to decide on a pattern because deciding things is really hard right now. However, if anyone wants to rec a good 2-color Fair Isle hat pattern that uses either fingering or worsted yarn, I'd be grateful. I am partial to snowflake designs at the moment.
  9. Only had two seizures since Rogue passed. (I am wondering if the stress of his illness was contributing to some of them.)
  10. Family and friends.
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Good things, but I do talk about grief )
Just goes to prove that even on one of the shittiest days ever, there are good things to be found.
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...because pet death is fucking hard to deal with, even if it probably happened in the best way possible.

So, forcing myself to do my Good Things Lists, because it will give me much-needed structure and help in the dark times.
  1. Making a Flickr Photoset of Rogue pictures, and possibly also some photo books/big pictures for the house/etc. Will eventually scan puppy pictures too.
  2. Chose a memorial dwarf conifer today for him and for our previous dog, Scramble, as well as a small plaque (it says "Asked for so little, gave so much"). (Benefits of dwarf conifers: can be moved if we move house)
  3. Made a little dog shrine on the mantelpiece. Healing/grieving rituals are good.
  4. Baking bread is fun and kneading is therapeutic.
  5. Support network made of WIN. Seriously, I don't know what I'd do without y'all.
  6. The colorwork hat I knit for a friend (shown last entry) fit perfectly. Always tricky with colorwork because it alters the gauge. Also he really likes the design and says it's super warm.
  7. Feeling pretty good about my coping skills so far.
  8. Partner is pretty damn amazing.
  9. Good things lists are in and of themselves good things.
  10. Grief is a temporary state, though it is a torment to endure.
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  1. New med combo seems to be helping! There is still room for improvement, but OMG. I have so much more energy, I forgot what it felt like. Victory shall be mine! Ahem. Anyway, so we're reducing the bad!abilify slooooowly (by like 1 mg at a time) and I'm on a higher dose of Midodrine for the POTS/dysautonomia and it's the brand name (which apparently makes a difference for this drug). Energies/spoons, I can haz! *dances*
  2. Today I got up at 6 am and finished making challah (I had started it the night before and left it to rise overnight in the fridge. I have a friend who's exploring her Jewish heritage and it seemed like an appropriate and in-my-budget gift. Oh woe there were two loaves and I just had to eat one with my family. ^_^)
  3. I kneaded the dough by hand instead of using the stand mixer, and I used my grandmother's mixing bowl (the US-midwestern-prairie grandmother who I hardly knew, but whose hands have left their mark throughout the house: the latch-hook rug she made; the afghans she crocheted; her mixing bowls just slightly off kilter at the top in a way that I love and oh-so-sturdy.) I was working late at night when the house was quiet and it was just lovely and peaceful and floury...and spiritual, in that I felt so connected to women throughout time.
  4. I got a job interview offer and turned them down because even though just going for interview would have been good, I knew I couldn't do the job because the location was too far away for someone who is not allowed to drive herself because seizures. Plus, what with potential dog grief to face, bad timing. *sigh* Still -- job interview offer! For something fun and artsy (teaching digital photography to kids one day a week)! (And yes I know I could have gone and networked, but I decided to budget spoons.)
  5. I am interested and looking into doing some historical interpretation/"living history" volunteering in my area. There's a LOT of colonial sites and I am totally up for spinning for tourists/school groups as long as I get to dress up. I blame [personal profile] skud for my sudden rekindled interest in this. That and the meds (see #1).
  6. Remember my friend who lives in NYC and is cold? I managed to make her a complete matching set of hat, cowl, and fingerless gloves. I am SO EXCITE that she is visiting this weekend and I can give them to her. *hopes they fit okay and that she likes them*
  7. Dog is super cuddly and lovely and cherishing time with him. Will see how many good days he has, maybe Sunday doesn't have to be The Day. Or maybe it does, we'll see. Can cancel that home vet appointment if necessary.
  8. WENT TO THE PAGAN STORE that I had been avoiding because Bad!highpriest. He was not there, nor were other people I knew, except the owners who were lovely. Got a smudge stick to smudge the house.
  9. Realized in an "oh duh" kind of moment that I do way more in practicing my religion than I had previously thought. I may not be casting circles all the time, but I do everyday magic like baking challah late at night in my grandmother's mixing bowls and getting up at dawn to finish it. \o/
  10. FIRST SNOW of the year. It is only flurries so far but I am the excite.
  11. Also cooked today (for tomorrow): cranberry tangerine cherry sauce; whole wheat pumpkin walnut muffins; apple pie (but I was mostly an assistant on that one).

lots of cooking/baking photos behind the cut )
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Because this is how I cope, y'all.
  1. I have four hanks of yarn (one of which is very tiny, two of which are very big) drying on hangers in my bathroom.
  2. [personal profile] skud made another post about fashion which is fascinating (note very photo heavy).
  3. Friends, online and off, who are super duper amazing. If you are reading this, this means you!
  4. Had a lovely date with my partner yesterday evening. We were too tired to see Thor 2 at 8:45, which...I blame walking in cold wind for? But anyway, we had good times and might see a movie sometime soon.
  5. I got a rocking chair from Goodwill. It is my favoritest chair. It is the PERFECT height for me, and I can actually put my feet on the ground. I can also self-soothe and also if I start having venuous pooling I can rock and it helps with that too. WIN. (I might call her Gertie, I'm not sure though.)
  6. I started washing my hair in baking soda, then rinsing it with water and then rinsing it again with vinegar or apple cider vinegar per [personal profile] lynnoconnacht 's recommendation and it is amazing. Admittedly I've been doing it for two days so far, but I am a convert already.
  7. Talking to my nephews and brother on the phone.
  8. My grandmother is coming to visit for six weeks starting in mid-December. She is 94 and crossing the Atlantic solo. I love my grandma so much. <3 <3 <3
  9. I have been going for walks and spinning while I walk. This is working and increasing my cardio stuff and the amount that I spin. WIN.
  10. I met someone while doing #9 who thought his daughter might like spinning, so I gave him a tiny bit of wool for her to play with and told him about YouTube instructional videos and also local yarn shops and building spindles from a CD and a dowel. :DDD spinning evangelism ftw.
  11. I am researching doing historical interpreting as volunteering with spinning as my demonstration. It is still in a formative stage.

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I rely heavily on "10 Good Things" posts both when I'm having "eeeeee! all is good!" days and when I'm having days that are...quite the opposite. They help put perspective on life and balance things out. Right now I'm somewhere in the middle, with a number of good things and yet...just found out a friend went in the hospital, and that is really not so great. Also our 19-year-old printer is having constant paper jams and I think our 6-7 year old desktop computer is also on the outs. (Fancy that! Electronics lasting that long in the first place...) My mother always says appliances go in threes, so I am somewhat nervous.

So! Am in need of 10 good things today, so I shall shower you with them. :D
  1. I have been having fun with the photography. I've been going out early in the morning for walks in the woods behind my house and taking pictures in the early morning light, as well as going through photographs of yore. I even put a bunch more up on society6, which you are under no obligation to look at or anything. But, you know, you can if you want to. (I am *so* resisting the urge to get a tote bag or stationary cards zomg.)
  2. While I was out this morning, I had a magical moment when I was next to two pileated woodpeckers. One even let me get close enough to wish I had a better camera, but I did get this shot:pileated woodpecker amidst some trees
  3. Light box is a source of stability in the mornings. Also light visor lets me walk around the house and bake in the wee hours of the morning if I don't feel like sitting in one place! Yay!
  4. I seem to be mostly over my cold.
  5. I have Ideas about making a poetry zine in 2014. We shall see what comes of it...
  6. My friend from elementary school who moved to NYC to become an opera singer? She is cold cold cold. And I can do something to help, because I knit! Also, the yarn I wanted was on sale. WIN.
  7. Partner and I have planned the Thanksgiving Day menu and it is mouth-watering. Also, I think, not so spoon-stealing in the cooking department.
  8. Partner and I are out to another of her relatives. This is a slow process, because, y'know, Srs Cultural and Familial Baggage. But her aunt Officially Did Not Care. \o/ Small victories.
  9. Decaf Coffee con Leche. Mmmm. Small blessings.
  10. Helped save a lost dog the other day. She was only outside her house we found out, but she was heading into the street and if anyone had chased her trying to "help" then it would have been very, very bad. All I could think of was how awful I would feel if Rogue got out of the house. Was very glad to help return her to her home.
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10 good things, because every day has good things in it even when you're just treading water and clinging to your copes
  1. Talked to various and sundry circle members today, which was lovely. :) You know who you are!
  2. Had a very long lie-in. I think I have quite a sleep debt to catch up on, so the extra sleep was much needed.
  3. I am clean again. Also yay for being able to take a self-sufficient shower and not fall!
  4. The dog continues his job of being redunkulously adorable and cuddly as long as no one is making food in the kitchen.
  5. Clean sheets last night.
  6. Snuggles with partner in clean sheets.
  7. Therapy today with therapist of awesomeness.
  8. Beautiful weather! And leaves beginning to turn.
  9. Coffee which I did not have to make, and it was also a delicious coffee.
  10. I snagged part of the last homemade fig bar, which I also did not have to make.
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What. Even. Happened to my week? It was going to be all nice and ~relaxing~ and maybe getting things done, and then WHAM all the medical appointments. Seriously, I was not expecting a week with a medical appointment on four out of five days.

So here's 10 good things to sustain me through the week:
  1. Made a connection with [personal profile] jelazakazone , who is LOCAL and we are going to meet face-to-face next week for QUILTING TIME. I am very thrilled about this. (We may have talked geeked out on the phone for an hour. Just saying. It was much-needed.)
  2. There is a fiber guild meeting on Saturday and I am NOT going to miss it if I can possibly help it. No no no, I need people time. I have a ride in place, hopefully, soooooo...*fingers crossed* There's going to be a some sort of information sharing and a show and tell.
  3. Did I mention it's called a GUILD? *squees a bit*
  4. Started playing Animal Crossing: City Folk (the Wii version again and now my animals don't hate me anymore, I fixed my bedhead, got rid of *most* of the weeds, and I'm generally having fun timez. Just need someone to play with...*hint hint*
  5. I started knitting a Wingspan shawl with my handspun yarn and though I was afraid I'd need to pull back, in the end I didn't have to. I am going to blog more fully about it and what handspun/dyes I am using on [personal profile] roguecrafter , but here's a sneak peak of progress thus far:
    Wingspan #2
  6.  Partner is making Good Progress with job hunting, and despite not finding the Right Job yet she has had positive nibbles/bites. (She also reminded me that standard job hunt takes 6 months and she is nowhere near that yet, which is a good reminder.)
  7. Partner made some improvements to the trike and it has a better turning radius. Also the other day we rode in the rain and it was SO MUCH FUN. First time ever. Also I rode on a real road in the rain.
  8. Cold non-alcoholic beverages. These are goood.
  9. Finished Pandora the Spinning Wheel's wood worm treatment, and she is now safely inside away from the humidity &tc.
  10. I chatted with folks on Ravelry Forums about Pandora and they suggested some things to help, and she is apparently in really good condition considering, a "good find", and also with their help the fly wheel can now turn the fly whorl and the bobbin. So far no yarn because the flyer hooks are pretty worn and also I don't know how to set up the beginning of the spinning yet (and I learned my maximum amount of new things yesterday to try.) But anyway, if the above didn't make sense, you can see a 30 second video of what she does so far now over on the Tubes of You. (More detailed blog post about this also planned on [personal profile] roguecrafter but I'm only human and trying to space them out *g*.)


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