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Things that may have caused your migraine, now or in the future or in the past or in an alternate timeline
(  that you should definitely track in a migraine journal or app )
  • hard cheese
  • dark chocolate
  • trace amounts of chocolate in another form of candy
  • sugar of any kind
  • aspartame or artificial sweetener
  • any form of food that tastes good
  • not eating
  • lack of sleep
  • too much sleep
  • sleeping at the wrong time of day
  • caffeine
  • lack of caffeine
  • high pressure systems
  • low pressure systems
  • Mercury in retrograde
  • your favorite show was cancelled
  • your OTP will never be canon because the producers are just queerbaiting you
  • someone was wrong on the internet
  • you were wrong on the internet and you can't take it back
  • post-modernism
  • capitalism/The System/insurance companies
  • stress because Pluto is no longer a planet and Pluto was your favorite
  • "good stress"
  • the cost of your migraine medication
  • the app does not have a box to let you track your period
  • deep existential questions about why migraines hurt so fucking much
  • maybe your migraines are really caused by something else, like the wrong glasses prescription
  • people telling you how to stop your migraine with yoga
  • migraine journals
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Has anyone ever had a headache where:
  • no pain if they are laying down (at least, after a couple minutes)
  • immediate stabbing pain if they sit up (only on one side of the head, though the side may change)
  • the pain may dull after awhile of sitting up
  • the pain is only on one side, around/just behind one ear, and feels like pressure or maybe a lance going through the head
  • sometimes there is also inner ear pain on that side of the head
  • it has lasted at least four days
I know all the medical thingies say if you experience a weird headache to go to a doctor, but this one feels SO weird (like, even my nurse-mom is like, "I'll have to think about that one") that I just worry-from-past-experience that if I go to a doctor they will do things like make me have moar brain scans (have had maybe three in the past year? and they were all fine); refer me to a specialist for whom I'll have to wait a long time; give me painkillers that are super strong and also trigger mania which is no good; decide in the end that it is either psychosomatic or a side effect of one of my meds and they can't actually do anything about it, or it will have gone away by the time my appointment with the specialist actually comes.
It's nice when you have confidence in the medical system, see?

So anyway, not expecting Medical Advice (TM) for which I will sue if it doesn't work or something, just wondering if I am the only one this has happened to or if it shares commonalities with anyone else's weird headaches. Because sometimes I really do wonder if I am going "crazy" in the negative, stereotyped-by-the-media sense of the word.

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Dear Universe,

The eight-day headache I've had on this vacation is an Abomination Unto Nuggan and I would appreciate if you would make it stop. I understand you wanted to make an epic storm yesterday (thanks for the rain on my pillow at 4 am btw) and of course there were the hormones earlier. Those are both gone now, so maybe you could give me a break? Pretty please? Ferfucksake?

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I've been suffering annoyingly-frequent migraine/tension headaches lately, and noticed that there wasn't an active place on dreamwidth to discuss them (at least according to some discussions I've seen).

Therefore, I have created a community for it! [community profile] headache is open to sufferers of all types of headaches, be they sinus, tension, migraine, something else, or a godawful combination of all three. Please see the community profile for information on community guidelines.

Cross-posted to [site community profile] dw_community_promo
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Hey friendly reading page,

I was wondering if you knew if there was a good migraine or headache community on dw. I got lots of helpful tips from [personal profile] staranise 's recent post on the subject of tension headaches.

I found one migraine community, but it has not been updated ever.

I'm thinking of starting a community if there isn't one. Something along the lines of [community profile] anxietysupport . Would this be of interest to folks?


P.S. That crazy dizziness I've been having? Current theory is that it's a vestibular migraine. Who knew you could be dizzy and have it be a migraine with no headache? KA-razy.


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