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My Only Carriage: On Naming a Nameless Disability via The Toast

"I knew, in other words, that something had gone wrong in his body and he was working very hard to make his body look normal. I knew this because I was also standing with my actual knees actually locked. I knew this because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to stand up or still or straight."

Sick Woman Theory (long but worth the read)

"So, as I lay there, unable to march, hold up a sign, shout a slogan that would be heard, or be visible in any traditional capacity as a political being, the central question of Sick Woman Theory formed: How do you throw a brick through the window of a bank if you can’t get out of bed?"

My Disability IS My Excuse via [personal profile] umadoshi 

'There’s one kind of disabled person that the abled world really likes: The disabled athlete. The disabled athlete pushed boundaries, “overcomes disability”, and is often used as inspiration porn for the abled. “What’s your excuse?” they superimpose over a picture of an attractive young woman with a single lower leg prosthetic.'

Book recommendation : Far From the Tree: Parents, children and the search for identity by Andrew Solomon
(link is to excerpt)
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  • [personal profile] brigid posted a very helpful list of Retail (and Fast Food) red flags for anyone who's job searching, as a follow-up to Captain Awkward's more white-collar oriented Job Search Red Flags. Both are worth reading.

  • [personal profile] sharpeningthebones has An open post for those who ned a safe space to vent, cheer, ask for help or anything else

  • I have a thread there wherein I vent about Crohn's and in particular open up about why the colonoscopies &tc are particularly triggering for me. (TW: new medical diagnosis, dis/ability, sick pet, anger and an*l r*** survivor). Breaking the silence, what.

  • Just a general FYI, I'm feeling really really shattered by this diagnosis in particular. I'm not sure why except that it comes on top of a very stressful week month year, so I'm feeling unlike my usual lovingkindness self and more...grumpy/grouchy. So if I come across that way, it is very much me and not you. Because being grumpy/grouchy is making me more grumpy/grouchy overall. Anywho, I deeply apologize if I offend in any way and ask that you gently bring it up with me if some of my actions really bother you/are problematic. Because I want to know/fix them.

  • That being said, I just wanted to make a general heads-up that at this time I'm finding unsolicited advice extremely triggery and I ask that folks not make it on my journal space. Thanks to a certain someone for helping me realize I was falling into this trap myself, and for helping me do some serious self-examination about whether I wanted to consider making unsolicited advice in general. Here's a partial list of why it's problematic for me (note that it's not a Universal Experience):
      I may have/probably have already considered the options you're listing

      I may not have the cope to be in "problem solving mode" at the moment, and instead just need a shoulder to cry on. Offering advice closes down the emotional safe space for crying.

      Offering advice has an underlying tone of "You don't know how to fix this yourself," and disempowers the listener to solve their own problems

    Thank you for being considerate of my feelings and thinking about whether or not your comments contain advice before clicking post, because this is a big thing for me. If it happens often, I may give you a gentle nudge privately to remind you of my preferences. Just FYI.

  • If I ask for advice (given certain caveats I may list in the post), then it's totally a different story and you're welcome (and indeed encouraged!) to give advice, etc.

  • If the unsolicited advice thing is triggery for you, and I unintentionally slip up and give you unsolicited advice, just give me a nudge and I'll try to remedy my ways. If we don't make mistakes - and get reminded - then we don't learn, amirite?
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[personal profile] kaberett  has a great post about the term "wheelchair-bound". It is worth checking out.

[personal profile] erika  made a guest-post on [community profile] bitesizedcleaning about planning for making things more accessible, and is going to do some more posts about accessibility and cleaning through the next couple of weeks. There are already some great comments to the post.

[personal profile] rosefox  has an excellent post about Rose's flavor of genderqueer. Rose makes some excellent points.

[personal profile] oursin  wrote up a well-put post about a forthcoming BBC sitcom about a group of ineffective suffragettes. Let's mock the people who helped get many women the right to vote, shall we? *headdesk*

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith  is having a half-priced poetry sale for An Army of One: The Autistic Secession in Space through the end of this week. You can sponsor all or part of a poem.

[community profile] poetree is currently having a challenge that gives free dreamwidth points, a poem, or a custom icon as a reward. There are challenges for both writers and readers. You may want to check it's due Saturday March 2nd. (And for those working on the reader's challenge, I welcome comments on any of my public poetry from people I have yet to meet. ^__^)

Finally, I got an iDevice for my birthday and have been using Twitter more often (i.e. in bed in the morning as a motivation to wake the frell up, etc. I am so glad I live in this era.) If you are on twitter and I didn't manage to find you already, you can find me @rogue_crafter.
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First, the semi-sad but also I hope moving and compelling things:

- I made a post on [community profile] bitesizedcleaning about cleaning when coping with a depression weasel storm. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

- [personal profile] staranise made a post about "relational bullying" and perfectionism that blew my mind (trigger warning: this may bring up intense emotions) ETA: Added the direct link, whoops.

Second, [personal profile] jjhunter is running a love meme (thank you, JJ!) and I have a thread that has SO MUCH LOVE, what I'd really like is for people to go and nominate other folks/themselves and just spread all the love around!

Third, the Sunday [community profile] poetree Picnic is happening.

And finally, I give you a recent finished knitted object I sent to someone who needed sparkles. Since they've received it, I can now share:

Sparkly Scarf 1
Close up of a knitted scarf with stripes of black yarn with sparkles in it, purple alpaca yarn with sparkles in it, and blue and black  variegated novelty yarn with simple lace holes. Stripes travel vertically. Another photo of the whole scarf is on Flickr
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So[personal profile] jjhunter ran a "How are you, in Haiku?" the other day that was super fun, and I neglected to link to it on the day. It was lots of fun though! I hope she will host again soon! *glances meaningfully at jjhunter*

Some cosmic force seems to be telling me to get back into haiku/tanka writing - perhaps to cope with Glitch closing? - because [personal profile] cadenzamuse  is doing a NaBloPoMo (National Blog Poetry Month) and writing haiku.

December 6th is my favorite so far. It begins:

Her heart hibernates...

(P.S. Clearly I need a poetry icon of some sort.)


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