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POETREE @ Dreamwidth: Exploring the Body Politic: February 17th - 22nd

From census to consensus, let's map the polities in our lives. How do we dramatize — or dismiss — our conflicts of interest? Where's poetry to be found in politics? Sign up now to participate, February 17th - 22nd @ [community profile] poetry.

This looks like so much fun.
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Because collaborative poetry is fun and awesome, and it is cold outside, and also it is good procrastination. Perhaps too good...

Not eligible for the current [community profile] poetree   writer's challenge as I'm guest-judging, but if you are interested in writing collaborative poetry for that there are free dreamwidth points available for the winner(s). Just saying!


Wind Shear

winterswept wind-red lips struggle,
wind words between bitter bites
bitter tang of tears and sweet forgiveness
tears through tired torment, strafes sadness
through snotty confessions, union complete
of heart-self and snotty skin, rejoining
skin burned by wind, under winter's hesitant sun rejoicing
in hand slid in hesitant hand, holding
holding onto promises of spring

by [personal profile] lizcommotion  and [personal profile] cadenzamuse 

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[personal profile] jjhunter  and I had a collaborative poetry jam! We wrote seven poems in three days, and now we're posting about the process and putting up our favorite poems over on [community profile] poetree . Today is day two. You should check it out!

PS Signal-boosts appreciated, if you are up for it.
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First, the semi-sad but also I hope moving and compelling things:

- I made a post on [community profile] bitesizedcleaning about cleaning when coping with a depression weasel storm. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

- [personal profile] staranise made a post about "relational bullying" and perfectionism that blew my mind (trigger warning: this may bring up intense emotions) ETA: Added the direct link, whoops.

Second, [personal profile] jjhunter is running a love meme (thank you, JJ!) and I have a thread that has SO MUCH LOVE, what I'd really like is for people to go and nominate other folks/themselves and just spread all the love around!

Third, the Sunday [community profile] poetree Picnic is happening.

And finally, I give you a recent finished knitted object I sent to someone who needed sparkles. Since they've received it, I can now share:

Sparkly Scarf 1
Close up of a knitted scarf with stripes of black yarn with sparkles in it, purple alpaca yarn with sparkles in it, and blue and black  variegated novelty yarn with simple lace holes. Stripes travel vertically. Another photo of the whole scarf is on Flickr
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Remember how I wrote that sacred poem etheree for the Poetree challenge awhile back? Well, folks suggested that I make it a double etheree (or whatever one would call it) to complete the wheel, so to speak. I finally got around to doing that, so here it is. Thought I'd post it in time for the Sunday Picnic over on [community profile] poetree .

What prompted this? Super not-so-secret plans to maybe make some sort of zine...probably available electronically in pdf and/or epub via donation with some/all of proceeds going to charity. There will be writing not posted online! And doodles/drawings! And maybe some knitting patterns! Who knows! It's exciting and deserves exclamation points! I have collected 19 printed pages of writing so far, and I haven't even gotten to what's stored on my netbook.

wheel of the year
by [personal profile] lizcommotion 

the first
ewe of spring
a fertile rite
of Brigid's warm hearth
the wheel has turned again
rejoice in Imbolc's promise
not long til the crocus bursts forth
not long til we dance round the maypole
not long til Midsummer, and nights grow long

Mayapples have faded, fruition bursts forth
now it's John Barleycorn's time again
Lammas, harvest, giving thanks
as leaves fade from trees, so light
again begins to fade
the Veil at Samhain
is thin as night

All poetic works by [personal profile] lizcommotion  posted here licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike Non-Commercial License unless otherwise discussed with me.
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I didn't get a chance to post this wonderful poem for the QUILTBAG poetry week they were having over at [community profile] poetree  purely because the book it's in was packed and then I went to Seattle. D'oh. However, I have to say I think this is one of my favorite QUILTBAG poems.

It's from an anthology called Poetic Voices Without Borders 2, which I picked up at a library book sale. It's a great book that has a lot of poetry from different countries and identities.
Trigger warning: reclaims a three-letter-word for a gay man that starts with the letter F in a positive way, but I'm trying to be sensitive that some people still have a hard time with that word in any context )

I'd like to just say that I'm also posting this in honor of every person who's ever been told that something they're doing wasn't gender appropriate. It's works like this that can help heal those wounds, IMO.

How is my icon related to this post? A post on Bayard Rustin is probably going to follow soon, but you can read ahead if you want on Wikipedia.


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