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Our (small-ish) kitty rescue has found forever-homes for 93 cats this year (and there are still a few adoptions pending). ALL three of our foster cats, have been adopted (well, except for Ms. Maddy, who we are currently fostering and leaning ever more towards keeping because she is just that adorable and Chance is moving from hissing stage to meowing to get into her room stage so IDEK. She just. She makes *everyone* smile even though obviously having a gangrenous tail amputated is srsly a justifiable reason for being cranky and hiding in your closet as much as you want.)

Also, Ms. Haley, the Border Terrier we fostered for 2.5 months earlier this year, is thriving in her forever home. She has all the tennis balls she wants, goes for 5 mile walks *every day*, and gets lots of snuggles. So that is also extremely gratifying.

P.S. If you use and you don't already participate in Amazon Smile which donates a teeny tiny fraction of your purchase to non-profits so Jeff Bezos can sleep at night, please consider adding our cat rescue as your Amazon Smile designated non-profit. Totally no pressure, but I thought I'd mention it, because cats. You can try clicking here but if that link is not static then you can go to the cat rescue homepage and click on the left hand sidebar where the Amazon Smile logo is.

/PSA, and sorry to pair it with adorable animal photos but I keep having a cat step on my keyboard and try to steal my tea so it's hard to get one post up let alone two (and I still have to do the cat room cleaning/feeding schedule for the week. Did you know Maddy likes opening all the browser tabs ever?)

Animal Feel Good Photos:

seriously all the animal photos ever of our animals and a bunch of fosters> <a href= )

tw: happy-sad message to Rogue who passed away last year, maybe skip this part if you are teary already or if animal passing is hard for you right now

happy-sad message to Rogue )
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So you know how there is talk in US English about "Kitty Crazies"? That thing cats do roughly once a day where they look at you as though they have never seen you before, run around the house, etc?

Well partner's family speaks North African Arabic (also other dialects in other branches of the family). Anyway, there is another name for "kitty crazies". You say that the cat "has tagoug" (Anglicized spelling completely mine because partner is out; note that the correct grammar is not that the cat "is tagoug"). Basically it means that the cat is "possessed" (by a Djinn/demon -- what we call "genies" -- also note that not all Djinn are evil, some are aligned with God/Allah and the evil ones are not; there is a WHOLE area of study around this which not all Muslims and/or Arabs and/or Lots of Peoples I don't have room to specify agree on that I do not even begin to understand so I'm going to stop there). I kind of like this imagery because it ties back to all the ideas of cats and witchcraft and everything. It also kind of explains why cats look so uncomfortable.

Or you could go by my definition, which is that more specific than the "kitty crazies", your cat is just having a short manic episode. (Seriously, not that different from how I feel when fully manic versus hypomanic).

With our dogs, we always called these occasional bouts of RUN EVERYWHERES "racehorse dog" (though srsly they would be really poorly trained racehorses because they did not go in a ring at all). Though once my dog did get hold of the slug trap (which contained beer) and, er, emptied it into his belly before grabbing hold of the container and running round the yard. I think that was a chemically induced racehorse dog. (And don't worry, despite the alcohol/dog poison, he was fine. It was cheap crap beer with low alcohol content, which helped.)

Anyone else have other terminology for such things? Do bunnies have similar bouts of ALL THE ENERGIES? (I'm looking at you for this vital information, [personal profile] shanaqui .) What about other species?

ETA: I wonder if animals have names/thoughts for our shenanigans? Like "omg they are picking out those clothes things again"? Or whatever their idea of our recreational sex is. Or what the hell is the holiday season madness. Or VACUUMING. I mean, basically most of what we do around animals would seem to me to be nonsense to them? IDK. *curious*

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  1. I found when our last dog passed that the first three days were the worst. I am finding on the fourth day that it is slightly less bad than the previous three. *crosses fingers* I know things are up and down, but -- holding on to hope.
  2. There was a litter of Border Terrier puppies born the day after Rogue passed. I like to think his spirit, or part of it, may have passed on to one of them. Or who knows where else! (My friend thinks he was the missing Panchen Lama, taking a short spiritual retreat.)
  3. The people in my guild were really understanding about Rogue's passing, and so I am no longer scheduled to do a spinning demo on the one-week anniversary of his passing. (And in fact don't have to help out at the craft show at all, which I feel slightly guilty about, but am fighting the imposter syndrome and reminding myself that I can help out  next year.)
  4. Going to attend my craft show and [personal profile] jelazakazone 's craft show on Friday with jelazakazone and my mother and maybe my partner.
  5. My aunt is getting needed medical attention in the UK! Hurrah! Have been so worried about her. *crosses fingers*
  6. Got/gave some much-needed canine attention yesterday from a friend's dog.
  7. Tea.
  8. Therapy today.
  9. Rearranged the bedroom, it looks really nice.
  10. Also gave me a chance to do a deep clean to help with allergy issues.
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  1. Achievement Unlocked: Bake tasty whole grain bread (helped greatly by finding whole grain bread flour at an Amish country store. In bulk :DDD)
  2. Ate real food yesterday (instead of caving to compulsion to subsist on leftover whipped cream from Thanksgiving.)
  3. Might get to visit with a friend's dog today. She really likes my belly rubs.
  4. Got an 8"x10" photo of Rogue at the beach hanging in the dining room now. It's nice to go talk to him. (All the other photos in the house were of Young Rogue, and that's really not how I think of him now...)
  5. My partner's aunt suggested I write a book about Rogue's not a bad idea. Am considering structure. (Because really Rogue's story starts with the loss of our previous dog, and is deeply entwined with my own mental health/physical health issues. I don't mind also writing about those things though.)
  6. Slept pretty soundly.
  7. Music still really therapeutic.
  8. Back to knitting the afghan squares, as it means that I don't have to decide on a pattern because deciding things is really hard right now. However, if anyone wants to rec a good 2-color Fair Isle hat pattern that uses either fingering or worsted yarn, I'd be grateful. I am partial to snowflake designs at the moment.
  9. Only had two seizures since Rogue passed. (I am wondering if the stress of his illness was contributing to some of them.)
  10. Family and friends.
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As Rogue was Rogue, I'm thinking...
  1. Wolverine (call name: Logan) BONUS: especially good name for a rescue pet
  2. An appropriate D&D/WoW/gaming character class (Bard, Warrior, Druid, etc.)
Now to convince the rest of my household, in time. Right now is not the time, because we're not getting another animal in the immediate future. But thinking about names is therapeutic for me, so, I had to share with someone and my partner just smiled faintly which is not the desired response.

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Good things, but I do talk about grief )
Just goes to prove that even on one of the shittiest days ever, there are good things to be found.
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  1. Steal some of mom's yarn from a box that a friend sent her. (True, it was at Rogue level so technically fair game.)
  2. Pee in a diaper that sometimes leaks in mom's office/craft room, forcing her to stop what she's doing and carry you to the back door/outside. (Don't bother *asking* to go outside anymore. Seniority has privilege.)
  3. Finish business and press nose against glass a la Oliver Twist.
  4. Meekly allow diaper to be put on and then get down to the business of being FRISKY.
  5. Play chase with mom up and down the hallway like old timez when you could hear and didn't have a bad back, until collapsing in a panting heap on the floor.
  6. Lick mom's feet.
  7. When mom attempts to use the computer, attempt to make nests in all the worst places: a suitcase; a paper bag; a ziplock bag.
  8. When mom puts you on the armchair, attempt to dig up the upholstery.
  9. Settle down all comfortably on the armchair/your throne after mom puts a towel on the armchair that you can fling out of the way.
  10. Fall asleep curled up into a cute ickle ball.


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