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[personal profile] cadenzamuse pointed out today that in addition to being NaNoWriMo, it's also NaBloPoMo (national blog posting month). I thought I'd try to participate by attempting to write a blog post a day. I know I technically already wrote one today, but it was not written with the intent of writing for NaBloPoMo and therefore in my brain it doesn't count. Also, I'm way behind on showing WIP photos and I really want to post some of them. Be prepared for a few photos of Things I've Made with Scrap Yarn.

Project number 1 was really fun to make. I took a bunch of yarns of different (but not too different) weights and colors and stuck them in a bag. Then I grabbed needles that were big enough to accommodate all of them, cast on 142 stitches (a number randomly chosen), and cast on. When I ran out of yarn and/or got bored with a color, I switched to a different one by grabbing in the bag for the next available color. SO MUCH FUN. Check out the results! I think the band of yellow is what makes it, personally, although [personal profile] jelazakazone liked the different textures.

Scarf of many colors
photo of the scarf described in the previous paragraph resting on a gray tabletop

Another one I'm doing is making log cabin squares, only knitted instead of quilted, and turning them into various objects. So far I have made one out of feltable wool, felted it, and am calling it a potholder that can also be a trivet. I think I'm going to give it to my grandmother for the holidays. I might make another one for my brother.
two photos and lots of crafty talk under the cut )
Other things I'm considering making with knit log cabin squares: bags, blankets, felted rugs, moar potholders, felt coasters, etc.

They are very satisfying to knit because I can use scraps AND I also get a sense of completion for each mini-square or rectangle.

Am also making a hat with handspun, it is pretty, no photos at the moment. I am also getting a strange urge to knit dishcloths. It's been awhile since I did...
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Yay! Internet back. Huzzah. I did lots of knitting and spinning and fulling the yarn and only once accidentally whacking my hand on the bathtub while fulling the yarn. I also knit with my handspun! \o/

I decided I couldn't wait for enough of one yarn for a full project to try it, so here's the plan: I'm spinning lots of the colorful fiber for a big project (well, big in terms of homespun. Maybe a cowl? Or a hat? I have 50 yards of single ply right now I think that's unfulled in about a worsted weight. Need MOAR.)

In the meantime, the neutral colored stuff is - HERESY OF HERESIES - being mixed with machine spun yarn to make a shawl. In my defense, the fiber is from a local alpaca farm (they outsource the spinning).

I think it looks swell (if a little bit scrunched in order to stay on the needles):

Knitting with homespun and local yarn

The texture of the my homespun is pretty funky:In which there are 3 more photos and I grumble about Herxheimers )

ETA: I am also now of enough spinning proficiency that I can spin while talking on the phone if it's on speakerphone. \o/
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Haven't posted about knitting for a bit. I have, um, *many* things on the needles at the moment, but these two have been occupying most of my focus (except for a scarf that I forgot to take a photo of, but that's mainly for when I'm in the car or somewhere I can't do anything fiddly).
3 photos of knee warmers and a sweater-in-progress below the cut )
Inner Critic Being Nonsensical )

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So I re-cast on for Wingspan (a shawl pattern that's been trending on Ravelry for awhile) after consulting with other dreamwidth knitters and someone in my LYS (local yarn shop). I'm much happier with it, and am also very happy that it's in worsted so it's going much faster than when it was in fingering. Yay for getting holiday knitting done fast. Am already 1.5+ triangles beyond what you see in these pictures.

I'm using Malabrigo Worsted, and if you're really interested in the colorway I can dig it out of my knitting bag. What you really need to know is that it's SQUISHY.

Wingspan WIP
Variegated purple and pink triangles alternate to form the basis of a shawl on a blue blanket. Two balls of yarn used to knit the project are in foreground.One more medium photo behind the cut (a close-up) )

Hopefully it will be done soon! Am so excited about this! And thank you, [personal profile] vae , for sharing your knitterly wisdom with me!
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Note: If I'm slow responding to your comment or post, I have a backlog as I was offline today due to a line of thunderstorms and a tornado watch. Nothing was damaged or anything, but I had the compies off just in case.

I swear, knitting scarves "the long way" really does make it go a lot faster. Although I have noticed that - I think due to the weight of the yarn on the needles affecting tension - my gauge swatches always lie. My swatch, which was definitely at least 4"x4", said my gauge was 3.75 sts/in. I got closer to 3.2 in the actual knitted item. Whoops. Fortunately, scarf, not much to worry about. Good to keep in mind for sweaters though.

So my partner's "this'll be a quickie, 53" scarf" turned into a 63" scarf by accident. \o/

Yarn is Berocco Ultra Alpaca, I know the Slytherin silver is more gray than silver but I think it does the job. I can find the ball bands and give people colorways if they're interested, but I have no idea where my partner put them at the moment.

Three photos behind the cut )
I'm currently working from a pattern for a change. I'm knitting that Color Infection shawl thing that the Yarn Harlot kept talking about after Sock Camp. (Really it's called "Color Affection"). I think I'm just enjoying garter stitch stripes, Cut to spare those who don't want to read me babble about knitting )
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I finally got my sewing space set up...and then we had to move before I got a chance to sew anything. We are in the new place now (finally), but my crafting table is being used as an impromptu computer table. Today I just had such an urge to sew (after years of not doing much more than hemming pants) that I commandeered another table and set up the ironing board in the middle of the room.

I've been itching to try crazy quilting for ages. So I did:

12" x 12" crazy quilt block in purples, pinks, blues, and teals, mainly batiks I had in my stash:
2 small photos below the cut )

I'm not sure what I want to do with it, though. I had planned to turn it into a throw pillow, but it doesn't really match the other rooms in my house and it's so distinctly "me in high school when I was buying lots of fabric" that I'm not sure who else would have a space for it in their house. But as a lap blanket, I bet I could find a spot for it...hmm...I do have lots of that fabric to use up...

There are still a few places I want to do some embellishments, mainly so I can secure a few angled edges that didn't get sewn down (the edges are just ironed under and pinned down). So I think I might play with that some and then see how I feel.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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