Jan. 22nd, 2016

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I spend a lot of time looking for a doctor I feel I can work with before I actually make an appointment. I am lucky in that I have a PPO in addition to Medicare, and I have the educational background that lets me know how to do all of this shit. It is a pain in the butt, no joke, and it is not always successful. I don't do all of this for every doctor, and I hope it isn't just super overwhelmoing. However, if you are stuck in WHY AM I ONLY FINDING ASSHOLES limbo, here are some of the things I try in order to find a good doctor for me:
US centric, based on what works for me and my health insurance plan etc, but putting this out there because it's taken me years to make an art out of doing this )
tl;dr I use a combo of word of mouth, finding out who's researching the thing, and double checking someone's background on the internet (aka "what's your internet resume?") I don't do all of this for every appointment; usually I do more if I've had a run of terribad experiences in a specialty or it's a super-rare thing I'm trying to find a doctor for.

(note: dw pingback to this is okay, but please ask before linking it out to the wider internets)
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I am playing with code to learn Python moar, because I really learn better by using stuff than by trying to memorize abstract things, and even moar when it feels useful.

So yes.

It is going well except I'm trying to do a Thing which feels like it should feel simple except maybe I don't know the search term for what it's called or maybe in actual programming it's not simple? So I thought I'd ask the hive mind here and then if no luck maybe move on to Python forums hivemind or something.

the question )

any feedback appreciated!


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