Feb. 10th, 2016

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so random people often ask me what time period I would like to travel to. often internet-friends and I can get into long conversations about preparation via smallpox vaccines and IUDs and how the past sucked in many ways and time travel's many dangers and pitfalls but who would we like to talk to or where would we like to go, and TARDIS vs. another method of travel, etc.

random acquaintances who are NOT huge geeks seem to think I would just like to...I don't know, live in another time because ??? and are mad when I give my "but I'm queer and they did not make medication then plus germs" talk. because obviously times were better in Ye Olden Days because [something something hipsters] or [nationalistic nostalgia aka That One Candidate's "Make America Great Again"] or [idek].

anyway but I finally have an answer thanks to [personal profile] maramcreates :

I want to live in a Star Trek future (TNG def sounds the most comfy) where there are holodecks, and then I can have replicators and space travel and space-almost-socialism all those things AND I can have holodeck programs to visit pretty much wherever the heck I want. I mean sure maybe Moriarty will take over the Holodeck sometimes and possibly cause me to die but like that's still way better than a lot of the other time travel options IMHO.

(and I would totally travel in the TARDIS just not with the Doctor because that dude has issues and uses people COME AT ME.)

So I offer this to you as an answer if anyone at a party or something starts pestering you for Best Time Period to Live In and you can't just leave because they're your boss's kid or something: holodecks.
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Boy Scout

Steve Rogers and Duncan McLeod. He does all the right things, because they are Right. He saves the world on Monday mornings before his first cup of coffee; you may be required to help bandage him. If he thinks you're in danger, he'll break up with you for your own good. He will do a lot of things for your own good, because he is just That Noble and Protective. He is on a pedestal, though, so the only way this will end is with a Noble Death for one of you, or you messing up and a tragic break-up due to your betrayal. Both of these will make him more Noble, though possibly with a period of self-doubt and darkness in the middle.

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