Feb. 11th, 2016

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"Fear not, Macbeth. No man that’s born of woman
Shall e'er have power upon thee."

One of the things all my teachers and theater buffs and PBS told me about Shakespeare is that he works for any time. Few stage directions! No set costumes! [No copyright restrictions!] You can make all sorts of adaptations!

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This is a roundabout way of saying that here are other possibilites (besides MacDuff the C-section baby) for MacBeth's downfall, assuming the prophecy to be correct:
  • one of the clones from Orphan Black (or a less-awesome clone I suppose)
  • a rabid bear
  • any non-human animal, actually
  • lightning, hurricane, tidal wave, or other Act of God
  • alien abduction, followed by Shakespearean Mulder and Scully (and/or Mulder's ancestor)
  • stopped washing hands because of Lady Macbeth's creepy hand-washing, died of germs
  • Lady Macbeth herself
  • some sort of Ophelia crossover
  • Lady Macbeth kills him, creates some sort of regency, takes Ophelia as her lover. Hand-washing was a ploy.
  • someone prayed to the Goddess of Marriage and she fixes everything for Lady Macbeth/Ophelia, including getting rid of Macbeth
  • Daleks
  • The Doctor
  • the US Enterprise fell through a hole in time and it crashed it onto Macbeth while Worf was at the helm
  • he is Immortal and There Can Be Only One. Watcher files sketchy on what happened after his first death. Possibly sighted in modern politics.
  • tripped and hit his head on one of those stone castle walls
  • "tripped" and hit his head on one of those stone castle walls
  • mob of angry peasants and/or guillotine (there's power in groups and groupthink no matter how you're born)
  • realizes error of his ways, becomes a wise, beloved and long-living king
  • does not eat vegetables because he is king and no one can make him so there, dies of scurvy
  • unwisely visited crossroads at dusk, never seen again
  • forgot to pay witches for services, never seen again
  • forgot to pay witches for services, they totally lied about the prophecy, killed by someone who paid them well to dupe MacBeth McSmartypants
Uh fic ideas free to a good home, I guess?


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