Feb. 23rd, 2016

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Bargain hunting is a family sport where I come from. My grandma, who is 96 and needs assistance walking, just bought a hat and matching purse for 5 GBP. She has been crowing about it to the entire family. The knowledge gets taught to you when you're a kid and bored being dragged from store to store is what I am saying.

As such, I have a lot of knowledge passed down about how to find the bargains. I was going to write a whole thing about thrift stores *and* yard sales *and* estate sales, but the thrift store one got really long so I will just split this up into parts.

Pro tip before I start: If you are donating to thrift stores, please don't donate damaged clothes. Those of us on limited incomes and with brain fog really don't want to waste our money on pretty shiny things we then can't use, or waste brainz on sorting through damaged things.

Tricksy Hobbit Thrift Store Tips:

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a note on ethics and the politics of thrifting:

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Final thoughts:

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No one is perfect is what I am saying, and one method of shopping is not superior to another. If Wal-Mart is where you find clothes you can afford and that fit you, okay. If you need work-appropriate clothing and the only way you can get them is to shop at a Bespoke Tailor because of your particular needs, no judgement.


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