Apr. 3rd, 2016

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Autistic Representation [in literature] and Real-life consequences
Good representation involves thinking about what implications particular portrayals of autism have for autistic and neurotypical people who read those portrayals in the real-world contexts we live in—contexts where autistic people are often dehumanized, made invisible, otherwise misportrayed, and required to “make up for” being autistic in ways that can be impossible for or harmful to us.

On the 13 words that made me a writer
Beautiful piece on language and the limits of genre
A revelation. I still feel the excitement of it: that you can start a book this way, start a fantasy novel this way. To begin with description rather than action. The sentence fragments. The alliteration. The word umbrageous.

5 reasons fatigue isn't like normal tiredness (proving most people don't get it)
Includes a very useful fatigue scale, which is sadly only an image in the original article so I will transcribe it in comments

A Better Conversation to have than the one about trigger warnings
Getting caught up on trigger warnings is like getting caught up on handicap parking spaces. Do ramps, elevators, and sign-language interpreters cause undue strain on professors? Like my librarian friend, I care about the already-overworked and religious censorship, too. A discussion of important educational accessibility solutions can address these concerns along the way.

there is more but that is what i have spoons for atm. ^_^


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