May. 3rd, 2016

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so i keep having what i think are pretty good ideas for Giant Projects to save the world as a Gryffindor is intended to do or maybe not so giant ones, but I definitely don't have the spoons for them, and then they keep rocketing around in my head going "but i'm such a good idea don't you love me??"

anyway, I'm sharing some of these ideas here in case anyone wants to adopt a free plot bunny that's not actually for a fic:

  1. Make Call Button Pendants Not Ugly: so those call button necklaces people are supposed to wear when they fall? my gran has one and it's super spendy and she never wears it. hell, if i got one, i wouldn't wear it. the necklace screams is just a reminder of your vulnerability or whatnot. SO my idea is to make them actually decorative instead of grey and red. Sportsball stickers? A crochet cover you can slip over the top? Bedazzle them? IDK, but something so you can reclaim the damn thing.

  2. an app or a service or something that is just videos of animals sleeping. like three hours of the same animals. to relaxing music, tuned so you can hear them snoring. i am convinced this would help treat many sleep disorders. because i always get really fucking tired when i watch my cats sleep.

  3. Cats on Campus: Currently, to rehome every single adoptable cat in the US, you'd need to put like six cats per home. This is why people are putting cats in settings like prisons and retirement homes. So I thought...if one could overcome the legal hurdles, why not a college campus? I mean, my college has a giant feral colony because of undergrads who thought they could sneak a cat into their dorm room. SO the way it could work is in partnership with maybe the counselling department/psych/any kind of veterinary sciences or whatnot. It could be a living-learning dorm, or it could be a cat room that students volunteer in and there are appointments to visit. BONUS: some slots could be reserved for students from the counseling center who need a fuzzy cat in their arms right away. People can put down resume experience, and I know I for one would totally have chosen a college based on "ability to cuddle animals away from my own fuzzy animal." The hardest parts would probably be funding, legal, and making sure the cats didn't get overstressed (also making sure you got extroverted cats).

  4. Foundation that gives grants to research studying health issues for minority populations (if this does not exist already) or if it does already exist, all the fundraising for it and also ask them to put more money into endo research after doing the fundraising

  5. Reduce Con Crud: You know how certain cons are cesspools of disease? And everyone gets con crud? So my idea is to do some disease prevention at the con but make it cool so people actually do it, public health style. Idea the first: sell reusable water bottles with the con's logo and a space for ppl to write their name and also get an artist to sketch something in sharpie. Boom, you get less "I'm finally drinking water but it's form cups that everyone has fondled." Idea the second: Enlist cosplayers as minions, have them go around with reusable hand sanitizer and offer it to people along with reminders (maybe on a card in cute anime type drawings, maybe verbally, idk) to wash their hands and stay hydrated. Idea the third: Enlist your public speakers, especially the big name ones, to make it a Thing when they talk to ask everyone to prioritize being healthy so they reduce the amount of con crud. After all, then their favorite artists will have more time for art and less time/$ spent at the doctor! In sum, make it con culture that at least two things (drinking water, washing hands) are The Thing Everyone Does This Year. Try to get that ingrained, then move onto things like "covering your mouth when you cough" and "have vitamin C." (though, if it's an anime con and you have those cafe things, maybe make sure to serve things with vitamin C)

  6. Some sort of "how to inexpensively make your house more accessible/universal design on the cheap" how to guide (for disabled and nondisabled people alike)

i have other ideas but these are the ones that have been headbutting me the most (and that I still remember).

oh, and I think that a great Talking Point for "why Congress should fund the interstate highway system repairs" is "because Eisenhower was a Republican president; it was his greatest legacy; rather than fighting about what kind of monument to have for him in DC we should just repair bridges; also it's a matter of national defense because a lot of US food supply travels via truck plus collapsing bridges cause public panic."

because apparently when I'm bored and my body won't do anything, my brain decides it should try being C.J. Cregg.


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