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Short Fiction

A Dead Djinn in Cairo is AMAZING and I want to read all the things in this alternate universe. Supernatural mystery set in Cairo that wasn't colonized because of the introduction of magic. Fatma is the daughter of a clockmaker, a detective, and wears suits. Some queer content. Beautifully written.

A Cup of Salt Tears creepy kappa short story that is also very good. cn for kappa's being dubious about consent, and some horror elements

Political, some content notes apply

Get Over It Says Man Willing to Overthrow the Government if Hillary Won via Reductress (satire, but you may have election overload)

Why So Many Liberal White Guys Just Can't Admit the Election Was About Race, Explained (really on point satire, you may have election overload)

My Family, My Rapist, and Mourning Online (obvious TW for sexual assault. beautiful piece about the aftermath of assault by a family member, and complicated feelings)

The Eroticization of Abusers, from Jizz in the Face Feminism to Dapper White Supremacists (tw for sexual assault and racism)

The Year in Hyphenates on Asian American/Canadian identity (cn: internalized racism)
It wasn’t until my early twenties that I realized I’d failed at whiteness. And because I’d spent my
childhood working so hard at it, I had failed at Asianness, too.

Political, but hopeful/helpful

This Muslim Blogger created an Inclusive Hijab line for all skin tones

Badge by Robot Comics (helpful comic about allyship)

Navajo Nation and Urban Outfitters reach agreement on appropriations lawsuit

The # and rates of abortion have fallen to their lowest in decades. Almost like access to birth control makes a difference. Thanks, Obamacare!
Political Shirts for Sale from small creators

Black Lives Matter is Not a Radical Statement

Black Lives > White feelings (and more great designs from Ferguson Response)

Uterus Prime goes on sale 12/8, proceeds to benefit abortion rights campaign in Ireland

Spoonie and Autistic Shirts including "Angry Autistic" and "Loud Spoonie". Note that the creator (@ erabrand on twitter) also uses the word "crip" in a reclaiming sense, which I know people have various valid feelings about.


on 12/4 at 7 pm EST there will be a Twitter chat for disabled writers on "resistance through writing". (note, use of word "crip" as reclamation). more info here


this is a hilarious twitter live tweet reading of a terrible book.

adorable + funny short puppy video

Stitch Maps are a new kind of knitting chart that show the shape of the fabric you are supposed to be making. Much easier for (at least) my brain. Maybe yours too?

[personal profile] maramcreates introduced me to Lily Allen and I've been enjoying her entire discography. In particular I think Never Gonna Happen should be the anthem for the Awkward Army. Fuck You is a good 2016 anthem. (Both youtube links have lyrics and are somewhat explicit, fyi.)
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Lily Allen <3 Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you very very muuuuch~