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I haven't played in ages because back pain but...[on one of my six farms] my farmer married Abigail and I decided the nerdy couple would be semi-terrible to their child and so the kid is named Remus. (a compromise between "Latin mythology nerds" and "HP fandom"). I gigglesnort to myself every time I see that kid let me tell you.

Also there is a gender neutral toddler mod for the game if anyone else is interested.

Date: 2017-02-18 03:39 pm (UTC)
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I keep looking at the gender neutral farmer mod, and then getting to the install instructions and going /o\ nooooo too complicated, hahahaha.

I'm way too ace to want to do the marriage thing, tbh, so I got the empty nursery mod, too (though I haven't upgraded my house enough yet). I do really wish you could be platonic roommates with someone, though. I really want to get Linus to come stay on my farm (even if he's not wanting to be in the house!), so he's protected enough that assholes will stop harassing him. >:|

Also I feel like Shane probably needs to be hired on as a farm hand and given a supportive environment to learn how to manage his depression. And/or make it go away if it's purely situational, IDK I've only had the one heart event so far.

I also get the feeling that if I manage to talk to Sebastian and Leah more I'll want to pet them and feed them and make them happy, too. >>;;; I just want to take care of My People okay?? I get the feeling that everyone else is either okay-ish in themselves, or would get super prickly and just the situation would devolve if you tried the pettins and feeding procedure, though. (I may possibly be making Pam a bunch of booze, though. I'm not sure I want to actually GIVE it to her, enabling alcoholism is super nope, but still...)


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