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I did a thing! A local activist-y thing, even!

I have been calling so many representatives lately that it has become (slightly) less terrifying and so I decided to contact my local board of representatives about a thing that has been bothering me For Awhile. Namely, that it's really unaffordable to use the local rec centers if you're on, say, disability benefits and yet while there is a very wonderful and deserving senior discount there is no discount for "disabled and poor af". (Another thing that bothers me: only one doctor has ever really acknowledged "I would love to get pool exercise, but it's too expensive" as a real thing.)

I got a response as well! Which is excite. The response was (translated from politics-speak) "huh this sounds like an idea that we would like the photo-ops and political capital from, we never thought of that. we're sending it to the correct department to see if it's in the budget and we'll blame them if we can't make it happen. but thanks for the idea!"

So, we'll see?

If you're interested in sending a similar letter to your own reps, here what I sent with space for specifics for your jurisdiction. It's US-focused since it's based on the US benefits system, but could be adapted for other countries. Places for specifics are marked with [[[parentheses]]] so you can find/replace.

text of letter for your editing pleasure )
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so the other day i went to my psychiatrist because seasonal depression was all HA i came AFTER the solstice, whatcha gonna do now? except the better verb is "dragged", i dragged myself there.

tw: medical bullshit, lorena bobbit interview, the patriarchy, ableism, in which activism is tiring )

that is my latest rant about gender and medicine and also people thinking I'm a hysterical psych patient, all rolled into one. *sigh*
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I have a problem with the way the criminal justice system is portrayed in a lot of shows that otherwise could be possibly entertaining maybe (and sometimes are entertaining, I'm looking at you, Elementary).

cn: specific examples, tw: police brutality, waterboarding, warrantless searches, etc as entertainment )

There is a ton of criticism leveled at shows that don't pass the Bechdel-Wallace test, or don't have enough diversity of characters (with varying definitions of diversity), or have too many rape tropes. What do we call tropes that play into a narrative that props up a failing criminal "justice" system? I think that, however dear our fandoms are, we have to call those out too.

I don't have a snazzy name or a snazzy hashtag, and I doubt it will be profitable for producers unless enough people ask for it and even then it will be "controversial" because these narratives are comfortable as they allow those of us with white privilege to pretend that the system is working just fine. But it's not, and we need to stop pretending that it is (even in make-believe TV shows).

(Note if necessary I will break out the banhammer on this one, but I am hoping that will not be necessary. Signal-boosting okay for this entry, though please don't post it outside dw without checking with me.)

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PSA if you are a trans* woman (or whatever wording/identification you prefer) who has yet to start HRT, I may be able to knit you a pair of titties/breasts/[word here] free of charge except for materials/postage.

  • Process might be slow (think: maybe months) depending on how many requests I get and/or I might have to limit how many I do because hands.
  • I would use this pattern from knitty, which actually says I cannot legally charge you. But I wouldn't want to anyway, because yay righting wrongs like not having the right body parts that combat brainweasels.
  • We could consult on yarn color/fiber/etc., but one thing is that if you're going to be wearing it and I'm going to be knitting it, it should be:
    • washable
    • soft
    • something you are not allergic to
    • won't make you all sweaty (i.e. preferably not synthetic unless that's the only option)
    • ideally, something that won't make my hands scream (i.e. plant fibers not preferred, but possible)
    • pretty/visually appealing
  • We should also talk about what cup size you want, and what filling you want (rice = not machine washable, or fiber fill with or without a stone weight, stone = not TSA approved).
If you are interested, you can either comment here (note that comments are NOT screened though, so if outing is an issue please do not respond here), PM me, or send me an email at lizcommotion (at) gmail (dot) com.
Feel free to also signal boost!

Here's one of a pair I made for a friend of mine! She liked them very much and wore them until the hormones kicked in:

a C cup titbit knit from peach cotton with a yellow nipple, resting on a grey tabletop


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