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My beloved partner and I are teaming up in an MS-fighting adventure. She is bicycling 100 miles in the National MS Society Bike-to-the-Bay, I am having a Crafty Raffle for those who donate to her ride.

As I don't want to Cross The Streams of people partner and I know, our families know, and dreamwidth yadda yadda, I made a tumblr for all the details and things.

Right now I am overjoyed, because so far we have raised $120 in two hours. In two hours of the Tumblr being active, people, and I hadn't even posted to Dreamwidth. My partner's goal is $300, which we are hoping to massively surpass. I think we can totally do this.

Something I'm not posting on the Tumbles, at least at the moment: I'm doing this for a lot of folks I know with MS, but mainly for [personal profile] jumpuphigh . I don't know where she is right now; I was supposed to hear from someone who knew her in the outside world...but last I heard she was in hospice with MS. For those who have never known jumpuphigh, she (is? was?) the founder of [community profile] bitesizedcleaning , of which I am currently the delinquent co-moderator. She taught me so much about knitting, about cleaning in manageable pieces, about making things manageable for my partner's asthma. I don't even. So this, for me, is for her, wherever she may be.

On a lighter note, here's some yarn I'm spinning for the raffle:

A 2-ply cream and red-orange ball of yarn next to a top-whorl drop spindle partly filled with a single-ply of the red-orange yarn, below which is some of the raw red-orange fibre; all on a brown wooden table.

A 2-ply cream and red-orange ball of yarn next to a top-whorl drop spindle partly filled with a single-ply of the red-orange yarn, below which is some of the raw red-orange fibre; all on a brown wooden table. The cream is alpaca, the red-orange delicacy is silk and BFL.

Tumblr with Details and Updates

Donate Here
- if it is within your means ^_^

Also accepting donations of smiles; well-wishes; cheers; hugs; and Cran-Razz Shot Bloks, as well as raffle gifts. :D

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Hir icons are lovely, you can find more info here. Prompting ends January 9th. Extra goodies for those who tip.
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Signal boosting for [personal profile] rainbow   for editrx on LJ who is in serious need of dental work for an abscessed tooth and cracked tooth. The dentist requires payment up front because she doesn't have insurance, and it's rather a large bill. While hir household can cover about 25% of it, they are screwed for the rest. (Plus, this would put them behind on all their other bills.)

If rainbow doesn't get the tooth dealt with soon, she faces just having to go to the ER when it's infected and getting both teeth removed. This would mean that she would have no molars on her left upper side and thus would not be able to chew food there. Not good, and also one of rainbow's triggery fears.

The donation goal is pretty high (3k), as dentists are rather expensive. Any donation will help. Signal boosts help. Plus, rainbow is offering some pretty sweet exchanges - including copy/line-editing, silver and gold hand-made jewelry and gorgeous custom hand-knits.

More details and the donate button can be found on rainbow/editrx's lj page.

cross-posted to [community profile] crowdfunding 

ETA:   thanks for the clarification about who was who, I   clearly had not had my coffee when making this post.

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Inspired by [community profile] 3_good_things_a_day and shared with the Dreamwidth community because of the generosity of all the anonymous donors from my recent crowdfunding campaign (so that I could continue having a paid account).

Autumn Haiku

dropped yellow leaves
geese honking their way southward
afghans round my toes

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wolf tanka

once there were packmates
paws, familiar scents, hunters
to help bring down prey
humans came, we were hunted
faint pawprints in snow, alone


written by [personal profile] lizcommotion
for [personal profile] jb_slasher 
prompt: wolves
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Sundress Publications, a publishing collective that publishes Best of the Net and six other publications, is raising the money they need to become a 501(c)(3) non-profit (which would give them tax exemptions and other benefits). If you have a couple of extra dollars to spare please consider tossing it their way. If you don't have any extra right now, please consider signal boosting.


(not to do with me, just passing the signal along!)

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[personal profile] jjhunter  has graciously requested that I share this with everyone, so here is her poem from the recent crowdfunding. (I went slightly over on line count, because the poem needed it.)

Across the Atlantic

To form the perfect castle using memory and sand:
a brisk day by the English seaside,
too rocky and cold to swim;
yellow bucket, salty water, fickle cloud;
a just-met cousin to help build the walls,
a teasing boy cousin to knock them down;

at last, a Kodak moment when all gather proudly
before gran and mum and aunties
to show the fine moat and walls they have built:
defenses against unknown invaders,
useless against the impending tide
and ravages of memory, time;
until one day a bright picture brings back the tang
of salt tears as the sea took the castle home.

by [personal profile] lizcommotion 
sponsored by [personal profile] jjhunter original prompt )
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Wow, that was amazing! I got a year's worth of dreamwidth points in a matter of hours. Everyone rocks! Officially.

I got several donations from anonymous donors, and in gratitude I'm going to pay it forward by posting some poetry I've written recently and possibly also posting some icon backgrounds for anyone to snag. (Note: I may be using them as icons myself as well.) I'll start with this poem here....I hope no one is opposed to Buddhist themes. ;)

Mindful Origami

pause, inhale
paper symbol
origami peace
an exhale for each crease
from my lungs to trees' new leaves
with one mindful act, a sapling
inhales into a forest, exhales
into paper, a crane, rebirth, no self.


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My paid dreamwidth account expired a couple days ago, which is rather a sad thing. There are obviously much worse things in the world. However, since I have limited mobility, dreamwidth is a wonderful place for me to socialize with folks and having a network page and more icons to express myself means a lot. I am trying to be fiscally sound and I thought, "Hey - I could totally crowdfund for dreamwidth points!"

So here's the deal. Any amount of dreamwidth points is gratefully accepted, particularly if you just want to make it an early holiday/birthday gift or whatever and opt out of the rewards below. If not, here's...

The system:

For any amount of dreamwidth points
: You get my eternal gratitude
For 15 dreamwidth points: I will send you a cute animal picture from the internet; you may request the kind of animal
For 30 dreamwidth points: You get a choice of an icon made by me (probably from an online photo I find or a photo I have taken, totally open to fannish icons) or a short (5-10 line) poem on the topic of your choice, given that I have some creative license.
For 60 dreamwidth points: You get a cute animal photo and either a poem or an icon (see above for description)
For 100 dreamwidth points or more: You get a cute animal photo, a poem, and an icon or if you are comfortable giving people on the internet your address, send me a PM and I will send you a fun snail-mail letter of appreciation. (I promise I am not a stalker)

I will try to have these to you within a timely fashion, but given that I have chronic health problems and I don't know how many items I will be creating, there may be a delay. My goal is to have them out within a month, but by Halloween at the very latest.

Once you donate dreamwidth points, please either comment below with what you would like (if there is a choice) or send me a PM or email to lizcommotion (at) gmail (dot) com.

Signal boosts also appreciated. ^_^

ETA: So, you folks are amazing, and I've gotten a year of paid Dreamwidth time! Um, wow. That was kind of incredible. If anyone feels the overwhelming urge to make more donations, I will channel them towards paid account time for [community profile] bitesizedcleaning (which I co-mod) so that we can have polls and things. Same reward system (above) applies.


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