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If you are looking for light in the darkness, may I recommend "Legends of Tomorrow" (if you have not already seen it)?


  • Canonically bi character!

  • Ladies kissing!

  • POC include a 4,000 demigoddess and a 20-something automechanic/superhero.

  • ALSO with legitimately diverse ages, not just "I've been reincarnated forever".

  • Character growth/change for pretty much everyone, lots of "what are ethics here?" that don't automatically default to "well killing is the easiest way to prevent killing, let's do that"

  • Appreciated moments of "hey white dude, the 50s were not a nostalgic time for people not privileged like you."

  • The actor who plays Rory in Dr Who plays a "Time Master" and there is a character called Rory and actor-Rory says (paraphrased) "Why is Rory always such an idiot?"

  • Did I mention that it's about using time travel to stop an immortal evil dude from committing genocide?

  • I appreciate that it rejects the whole "but if we stop the genocide, worse things will happen!" approach that has been in too much of SFF

  • There is going to be a crossover soon and it will involve canonically bi character and Supergirl's cast and THE SHIPS OMG


  • Possibly too real right now for some people

  • Some of the character backstories make more sense if you watch The Arrow/The Flash, but I'm pretty sure you could also look things up on the Arrowverse Wiki
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I ran out of new episodes of Orphan Black (which I enjoy but does make me so twitchy about eugenics and creeped out), so of course I watched seven episodes of PBS's Mercy Street last night. It's a period show set during the Civil War at a Union hospital in Alexandria, VA (though filmed in Richmond). I have mixed feelings. Spoilers within.

tw: on-screen period racist violence, sexual assault and why this makes me shouty, also the copious white tears of Confederates including PTSD and SI, all the mental health triggers )

tl;dr However historically accurate or not Mercy Street may be, I did not like it and it made me shouty. It did keep me occupied during a pain flare but uh. Would not rec.
(this is a show where my partner looks at me and goes, "Why did you watch this?" and I go, "Um, pretty skirts? Filmed locally? Shouty historian? I...don't know.")
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Midsomer Murders x Dr Who

Why does no one move from Midsomer? Why are only two bumbling yet affable detectives in charge of a string of seemingly unrelated murders instead of a giant task force full of forensics people? Why is it still seen as a pleasant destination?

The Doctor knows some deeper work must be at play. His only regret is that it has taken him so long to investigate...better get ready to RUN.
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Relevant to everyone's interests:

Here is a Gollum 2016 Campaign photo that is amazing and has had me giggling since yesterday:

Image reads
Gollum 2016: a look at the issues
table has two columns: Yes, my precious and WE HATES IT!
In the Yes, my precious column: The precious, Fish, Riddles,
WE HATES IT, column: Bagginses, The Fat Hobbit, Hobbitses in General, Elves, Taters
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Despite the fact that MCU is pissing me off with various decisions and I kind of don't want to support them by writing tons more fic in their universe, and I am also focusing on writing more femslash...

I do NEED this fic. Like, need it.

The idea: Tony Stark does not make bad life choices Tony Stark uses his inventive powers to make lots of accessibility devices for Bucky and his PTSD/arm and also for any residual Steve/Falcon/Bucky I-have-been-in-war pains. And lbr, also probably PTSD. Like not "let me put a power supply in your body" but like actual accessibility devices.

I leave the bulk of What Accessible Devices Would Tony Stark Make up to the creator of the fic, but I can think of some. (Like for PTSD, noise cancelling devices, but also store walls that are designed to absorb noise rather than reflect it. Maybe some sort of sonar device that clicks to let you know someone is coming up behind you, to help with startle reflex. But then Bucky is like, no Tony, that is actually just making me twitchier, sorry.) For pain? Maybe a glove so that when people rush up to shake Falcons' hand with crushing excitement, it doesn't set off pain because the glove absorbs the force.

Also, perhaps Falcon is like, "Hey, I have some friends from the VA, maybe you can help them out, too." And Natasha is like, "So, it's not just war heroes who have PTSD you know." And maybe Pepper and Natasha and Maria Hill all share a moment of, "Ha, even the Shield doctors don't take women seriously. *shared eyeroll*"

AND THEN Tony Stark gets all mad because WHY IS THE ADA SO POORLY ENFORCED and and UNIVERSAL DESIGN IS BETTER ANYWAY and WHY IS THERE NOT MORE FUNDING and he uses all his moniez to go on a media/lobbying blitz about it. And eventually he gets super angry about it and Pepper's like "Tony, Tony. You do not need to destroy a building with your metal suit to make a point." And Tony Stark is like, "WHY NOT. Why is the system so fucked up! It is infuriating! Also they keep putting displays in front of the automatic door and will not listen to reason!" And then Pepper goes in and uses the art of Diplomacy, and there is also maybe a deployment of Maria Hill or perhaps even Natasha Romanov to certain lawmakers to pressure them into better legislation.

OK yes I need this now. To wash the bitter bitter taste of CA: CW out of my mouth (which I have not even seen).

Dribbles/etc appreciated as well.

*puppy dog eyes*
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The Toast has a recent post on The Holidays Sad Fictional Characters Deserve.

I now need a fleshed out version of this Bertha Mason one, though the paragraph from the Toast is perfect and I am rolling it around in my mind periodically.

cut for feelz )
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so during my plague of doom I have had so little energy that making tea is tiring. knitting has been out as an activity for the most part.

i wiped my town in animal crossing new leaf (ACNL) and started over.

when I write the inevitable letters to my town's animals, I have been occasionally RPing as a Dark Mayor Overlord who is slightly lacking in social niceties. I  mean, there are not many options for when you get to enter your own text. Mostly it has been through the postal system and also farming rare beetles on the island. Mostly I am a nice overlord!

my inner dark humor comes out )

I am building an awesome town, though. with good planning and I designed my own tiles and stuff! I just want them to suggest actually good public works projects, not like "ooo a yield sign!" because wtf. (I mean, I should be patient, I *just* got the cafe.)

also in case you haven't seen it, this is the best thing on the internet in a bit: the setup wizard (or, hogwarts got an IT department and this is their tumblr)

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Note: apologies in advance for the very gender binary language. I am using the terms the medical establishment uses for vaccine criteria which because medical establishment they are shitty, but I am also trying to be inclusive where possible. Just FYI totally skip the part behind the cut text if you need to.

So I like to think of myself as a fairly sympathetic listener. (Doesn't everyone tho?) This is harder in person than in text, because in text I get a sense to read something I was going to say and then erase it because I was about to offer unsolicited advice.

Also in person I sometimes freak out because I am somewhat rusty with humaning and so I just sort of ramble sometimes. Also also, if a nerd-out button gets pressed sometimes I start nerding and then forget we were actually supposed to be talking about the anxiety issue until I have rambled on about this cool thing I found out when I was researching the other day for...awhile. This sometimes also hits my social anxiety button, which means I just. keep. talking.

I am working on this. It is hard.

Recently I was talking about anxiety with a person who shall remain nameless, and the shitty visceral-ness of anxiety. And how anxiety's so toxic that certain medical people recommend not doing regular breast lump self-checks because the freaking out is more toxic than the rate of cancer actually detected. (Or something something like that?)

Anyway, health research is one of my nerd buttons. (My mom is a nurse, I grew up with "I saw the coolest parasite at work today!" as dinner table conversation. Then in college I was a peer sexual health educator and thought about doing public health, which basically means my filter for "these are things we don't talk about in public restaurants" or "check if there are children here before launching into certain topics" is something I have trouble gauging sometimes.)

cn: gardasil, cancer, sexual health and sexytimes, trying to adapt binary medical language to more trans inclusive, spendy things if you don't have insurance bc this is America dammit, here be vaccines )

tl;dr If I am talking to you -- online or off -- and I nerd out at you about a thing and it actually increases your anxiety, please tell me to stop. I am probably telling myself to stop in my head but I forgot that I have the option to do that because I hit Awkward Land. I'm working on it.

And usually I am not this bad. I think. Also maybe now you know a thing about the vaccine for HPV that you did not know before! Or maybe you did.

(Also, if you want to nerd out about cool medical research and/or sexual health, lmk. I am probably down for that, even if it includes parasites. Probably especially if it includes parasites.)
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"Fear not, Macbeth. No man that’s born of woman
Shall e'er have power upon thee."

One of the things all my teachers and theater buffs and PBS told me about Shakespeare is that he works for any time. Few stage directions! No set costumes! [No copyright restrictions!] You can make all sorts of adaptations!

Read more... )

This is a roundabout way of saying that here are other possibilites (besides MacDuff the C-section baby) for MacBeth's downfall, assuming the prophecy to be correct:
  • one of the clones from Orphan Black (or a less-awesome clone I suppose)
  • a rabid bear
  • any non-human animal, actually
  • lightning, hurricane, tidal wave, or other Act of God
  • alien abduction, followed by Shakespearean Mulder and Scully (and/or Mulder's ancestor)
  • stopped washing hands because of Lady Macbeth's creepy hand-washing, died of germs
  • Lady Macbeth herself
  • some sort of Ophelia crossover
  • Lady Macbeth kills him, creates some sort of regency, takes Ophelia as her lover. Hand-washing was a ploy.
  • someone prayed to the Goddess of Marriage and she fixes everything for Lady Macbeth/Ophelia, including getting rid of Macbeth
  • Daleks
  • The Doctor
  • the US Enterprise fell through a hole in time and it crashed it onto Macbeth while Worf was at the helm
  • he is Immortal and There Can Be Only One. Watcher files sketchy on what happened after his first death. Possibly sighted in modern politics.
  • tripped and hit his head on one of those stone castle walls
  • "tripped" and hit his head on one of those stone castle walls
  • mob of angry peasants and/or guillotine (there's power in groups and groupthink no matter how you're born)
  • realizes error of his ways, becomes a wise, beloved and long-living king
  • does not eat vegetables because he is king and no one can make him so there, dies of scurvy
  • unwisely visited crossroads at dusk, never seen again
  • forgot to pay witches for services, never seen again
  • forgot to pay witches for services, they totally lied about the prophecy, killed by someone who paid them well to dupe MacBeth McSmartypants
Uh fic ideas free to a good home, I guess?
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Boy Scout

Steve Rogers and Duncan McLeod. He does all the right things, because they are Right. He saves the world on Monday mornings before his first cup of coffee; you may be required to help bandage him. If he thinks you're in danger, he'll break up with you for your own good. He will do a lot of things for your own good, because he is just That Noble and Protective. He is on a pedestal, though, so the only way this will end is with a Noble Death for one of you, or you messing up and a tragic break-up due to your betrayal. Both of these will make him more Noble, though possibly with a period of self-doubt and darkness in the middle.

Read more... )

feel free to add more below

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Today I weighed my purse because why not be mad about gender. I keep it as small as possible with as little extra change/papers/etc as possible, though I do carry a knitting bag with me or additional laptop bag if I'm going to write or something. Or bag' o' books or ereader for a long waiting room trip.

This bag is literally what sits on my shoulder when I'm out. I have tried the two-shoulder-option and also the fanny pack option, but both put pressure in different places that are also not fun. So. Here we are.

Total weight: 1 lb 5 oz (21 oz or or 595 grams)

Cell phone: 4 oz
Keys: 4 oz
Glasses, case so they don't get damaged, and sunglasses clips: 3 oz
Necessary things listed above: 11 oz, or just over half of the weight of my purse

Other things that live in my purse? Pen, lip balm, "feminine hygiene products", insurance cards, list of emergency meds, library cards, credit cards, a tiny bit of cash, metro card, a couple relevant coupons.

Sometimes emergency meds live in there, but at the moment there aren't any that are really helping except a tube of Voltaren whatnot which is messy.

Even subtracting for the weight of the purse, that's still about a pound of necessary items I'm supposed to just lug around what, in my very feminine tiny pockets somehow? Like the ones that are designed for a single locker key?

I am sick of a certain type of person complaining that I should somehow magically be able to carry everything in my non-existent pockets; or that somehow I should find men's pants that fit my curvy self and wear those for the pockets. Or that I should go on some sort of Purse Quest and find The Perfect Purse that will fit everything I need, always be organized, and not cause any pain. Or that fanny packs are the answer which they actually just put a lot of pressure on my low back.

I think the answer is clear. I think I need The Luggage. Failing any sapient pearwood, I maybe just need a service dog who -- among other very useful tasks -- can also carry maxi pads and spare change for me. I would suggest a robotic assistant, but I kind of worry about getting my period right in the middle of the AI singularity. Awkward.
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ok ok

so i'm really liking the 100 now I've gotten past the beginning, and actually now I've gotten to canon f/f pairings i'm ON BOARD.

however the thing that is bothering me with a lot of these dystopias is FIBER.
this is totally a geek rant I know they make costuming decisions for aesthetics )
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I have a problem with the way the criminal justice system is portrayed in a lot of shows that otherwise could be possibly entertaining maybe (and sometimes are entertaining, I'm looking at you, Elementary).

cn: specific examples, tw: police brutality, waterboarding, warrantless searches, etc as entertainment )

There is a ton of criticism leveled at shows that don't pass the Bechdel-Wallace test, or don't have enough diversity of characters (with varying definitions of diversity), or have too many rape tropes. What do we call tropes that play into a narrative that props up a failing criminal "justice" system? I think that, however dear our fandoms are, we have to call those out too.

I don't have a snazzy name or a snazzy hashtag, and I doubt it will be profitable for producers unless enough people ask for it and even then it will be "controversial" because these narratives are comfortable as they allow those of us with white privilege to pretend that the system is working just fine. But it's not, and we need to stop pretending that it is (even in make-believe TV shows).

(Note if necessary I will break out the banhammer on this one, but I am hoping that will not be necessary. Signal-boosting okay for this entry, though please don't post it outside dw without checking with me.)

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At the risk of spamming everyone's feeds today (hi, I haz been posting a lot in lots of places!), I keep hearing that Jane the Virgin is good but I have no idea what it's about (in like a short non-spoilery way) or if there's any really obvious triggers I should know about (the first scene starts with someone being assaulted/murdered/mainsplained to).

So come at me -- should I add Jane the Virgin to my list of things I'm watching?
other stuff I've been watching )
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Hey! Partner took a bunch of photos of cats and I finally snagged them from her Smaug-like-hoard and put them on Flickr but I haven't arranged the set yet so be warned the newest ones are all at the bottom. (Well, some of them. There were LOTS and also some duplicates.)

If you want to see them, here is the Flickr set and also I'm putting one of Lily begging here. We taught it to Chance as a trick, she learned it from him, and now she will spontaneously do things like tap your hand with her paw and you look down and she's doing this:

Lily standing on her hind paws and "begging" for food, which is a very effective strategy because it's irresistibly cute.

Her expression says, "Look into my eyes! Please madam, I want some more...I was a poor starving orphan my eyes you can see all the hunger and longing and love of the you have an urge to feed meeee..."


Also, I am particularly proud of this recent tweet of mine, because it makes me giggle:

Cross-posted to [community profile] petographs
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I've always thought that people would have to be nuts to live in Midsummer (of fictional Midsummer Murders). Small communities, about three people die per episode, there's four-ish episodes per series, and 17 series so far. That's roughly 204 fictional murders since 1997, and all the British police have done is assign two rather bumbling detectives to the cases. Surely that much of a crime spike deserves a closer investigation...unless it's intentional?

Thus I present #MidsummerConspiracies, or alternate explanations for what goes on there. Feel free to play along.
  • There is a very efficient serial killer there, who likes to kill in a variety of ways so as not to get caught. The police don't notice if the killer takes trophies, and the killer isn't doing it for public recognition or power. Or maybe the killer is one of the cops?
  • It's a complex, multi-year study on how high the crime rate has to be in an area with good schools before the property values drop dramatically.
  • It's a complex, multi-year study on adding drugs (or TOXINS) to the water supply to induce murderous rages over trifling insults in the general populace of Midsummer.
  • Something something Dr Who crossover he's late and the aliens have been getting away with their mind control for far too long. But now, don't worry, the Doctor is here!
  • One of the Doctor's previous companions is trying to get his attention with a weird murder spree, when really she just needs to go to a museum.
  • (Warning: Dr Who spoilers) River Song is practicing for the big day.
  • If everyone had stopped vaccinating their children, this wouldn't have happened. #pleaseknowthisisinternetsarcasm #vaccinessavelives
  • It's like a murder chain letter, and if you don't kill someone when you get tagged then you're the next victim.
  • It is a complex piece of performance art with lots of fake blood, and those who are arrested are let out a few hours later by Agatha Christie. She's waiting to see how long it takes the police to realize what's going on, and also testing out plot ideas.
  • Each episode is actually the same day played over again, and a time traveler has been going back in time to try to create a day with NO murders for over a decade of our time. Unsuccessfully.
  • ETA: It's a Wesen coming of age ritual that involves killing a human *specifically* in Midsummer. Possibly because there isn't a cop who is a Grimm there.
  • ETA2: All the best families have a murderer these days. But only the right kind of murder. Not some silly dust-up over drugs. Nothing so crass. It has to be a gentle murder in a respectable place.
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So this is a thing that has been bothering me for awhile and I haven't articulated it in a written way. (Mostly rants to my partner which she has kindly asked me to stop and share with other people, actually.)

I am sick of my fandoms having bad-ass women being the hero, and then the plot goes down a winding path of "and now her uterus plays a central role in how the bad people are going to take her down!"

For one thing, I have enough of that in my day to day life. I am watching some form of escapism, and I would like to dispense with that.
tw: I am sick of rape tropes, so there's an intricate discussion of rape tropes herein. Possibly also metephorical dragons. )


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