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I couldn't take FO photos yesterday night because it was dark and I wanted natural light. But here are what I've finished so far for my friend! I am now working on a cowl with yarn leftover from the gloves. It will have a button closure. The running theme is "vintage buttons."

A's warm things
Hat and fingerless mitts, both purple, each embellished with vintage buttons (the hat on the brim, one button; the mitts on the cuffs, two buttons per mitt)

2 more photos below the cut )

I hope she likes them!
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Note: copying some of this from what I posted on wordpress as a follow up to a recent post about knitting with 18 yards of handspun yarn. Today, apparently, my hands wanted to be used, but gently. Thus I now have a handmade business card holder embellished with handspun yarn.

How far does 18 yards of handspun yarn go if you mix it with other yarns? Well I’m here to tell you that I got not one, not two, but three projects out of 18 yards of my handspun, and I still have a yard or so left over. Huzzah!

2 photos below the cut )

A business card holder made out of two-toned merino Shepherd’s wool (red and pink) closed with a purple button. I used the white handspun to embellish the bag with a smiley face and some edging. The bag is resting on a pile of buttons I had poured out to choose from; the remaining handspun is above it. This one is definitely for me to keep, as I’d been planning on making something homemade to house my business cards for awhile. Huzzah for finally finishing it!

The following is a small amount of market research. Feel free to ignore, sorry to stick it in an otherwise purely knitting/spinning related post but it seemed relevant and I didn't want to just post two things right on top of one another.

Poll #13744 Small Batch Handspun on Etsy
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 9

If Liz sold small amounts of handspun on Etsy for less $, I would...

Buy some!
3 (37.5%)

Tell other people!
4 (50.0%)

Don't use yarn, so not relevant to me.
1 (12.5%)

Not interested in buying it for other reasons.
1 (12.5%)

Postage is too big a barrier.
4 (50.0%)

What yardages/prices would you be most interested in?

50 yards for $18 + postage
2 (66.7%)

40 yard for $15 + postage
2 (66.7%)

30 yards for $12 + postage
2 (66.7%)

sampler of 10 yards each of 3 yarns for $15 + postage
3 (100.0%)

something else I will detail in comments
0 (0.0%)

Every poll needs a...

1 (11.1%)

2 (22.2%)

2 (22.2%)

piping plover!
0 (0.0%)

4 (44.4%)

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Apparently the secret to finishing a shawlette in one day* is to use big needles, big yarn, and do a pattern that is easy to memorize and that you're already familiar with. It helps if you also really like the yarn. This shawlette did not turn out as I expected, as I was thinking, "I'll just do a basic triangular shawl with the rest of the homespun yarn from the homespun affection I did awhile ago." Nope. Not happening. Instead it ended up being more woodlandsy in colors, with some novelty yarn mixed in, and also other homespun.

And thus I give you...the Pixie Shawlette (I would have made it bigger except it was on a deadline, and really, it's big enough for shoulders):

Shawlette: 50% homespun ish
Triangular shawl with stripes going along the triangular pattern in purple, green, gray, dark green, cream, and purple-brown twist. Laying on a beige carpet in a ray of sunlight with the shadows of a window pane on it.

I also knit up some of the food-dye yarnOne photo below the cut )

I really like the way the yarn knitted up, and even though you can tell that some bits didn't take the dye because of the way I tied it I think that only adds to the effect of the variegation.

I also finished a scarf that I've been knitting off and on for months, but I don't have a photo of it. Sorry. It's blue and fairly simple, so. Maybe later I will photo.

Now there are a few questions I ask myself:
  • What to knit next? (I have a couple projects on the needles, but new things call to me!)
  • When the heck will I have energy to full (i.e. set the spin so I can knit it) the Wensleydale "Best Tea China" I dyed and spun?
  • What am I going to knit with it? (It's 69 yards and about worsted thick-and-thin art yarn, I'd really like to make a scarf, but I think I'd have to have a yarn to pair with it. Unless it was really holey. Hmm...)
* Another part of the secret to All the Finished Objects is to be ordered to rest so you will recover from a flare-up.
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Today I finished a shawl for my sister. I have been trying to knit something for her for ages, and have indeed finished several somethings and then deemed them "not good enough" and found them other homes. (I know, I know.)

Today's knitting is definitely "good enough" to take on any weasel. (That's not a dare, by the way. Shoo! weasels, shoo!)

Homespun heather affection shawl
Close up of a striped shawl done in the style of my earlier color affection, so stripey concentric circles intersecting at different angles is the best way to describe it? In shades of purple and white. One of the yarns, the one that is most variegated and has bits of pink and brown, is one I spun myself. (And I still have 50-60 yards to play with, woo!) For the curious, the cream/white yarn is a local yarn that is Border Leicester, and the other purple is a chunky Peruvia Quick (so Peruvian Highland Woo)
2 photos and knitting/spinning talk behind the cut )\o/

Now to hope that my sister likes it...but if she doesn't, that's not something I can control.

I guess that was what was so great about this project...I didn't really know where it was going from start to finish. When I was spinning I kept wondering how many yards I would get, what I could knit with it, etc., and it was mainly just fun to have an excuse to look at patterns on Ravelry. I didn't really know it was going to turn into a modified color affection until I started knitting. If I got stuck on one part of the process, I slept on it, and that usually made it better. I am so, so proud of the result and my "process knitting."

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Went rogue with the Amiga cardigan

me wearing multi-colored short sleeved cardigan with lace border at the bottom and two buttons

I finished my first cardigan for myself! Also, the first one for an adult. The button band truly wasn't as bad as I expected, although I did have to start it and restart it several times to get it right. Sleeves shorter than the pattern called for because I only had a limited amount of free yarn. (My mom had this in her stash for a year and didn't do anything with it, so...yes. ^____^)

Also, just FYI, my grandmother had never seen anyone use a drop spindle before. She found it "fascinating"2 medium spinning photos below the cut and me rambling about spinning :D )

lizcommotion: a drop spindle and the products of my first week of spinning (7 balls of yarn in various colors) (spinning week 1)
I finally am almost out of the fiber I initially got when I started spinning - about 11.5 oz of fiber total, and I have about 1 oz left. Well, except there is more in my future. *cackles maniacally* Srsly though, it is cheap when you consider how well it is treating me mentally.

So here's some eye candy, as folks have been asking:

Finished artsy BFL cowl and headband
Multi-colored looped cowl and headband with green button made from handspun yarn on the back of a sofa

Don't say I didn't warn you it's PHOTO HEAVY )
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Here's a belated post of a lot of the things I've been playing with, creativity-wise. It's a mix of sewing and knitting and the sad thing is, it's not even everything. I've also been playing with zippered bags, but some of those are super sekkrit and one is holding my nascent makeup collection (ok, mainly tinted lip balm) and I'm too lazy to dig it out). However, here are things that I *do* have photos of...

First sweater for me!
My first sweater for an adult! Photo heavy - sewing and knitting photos under the cut )

And that's what's going on here right now in my impromptu studio.


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