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I've been on Twitter a lot in the middle of the night when I can't sleep because of hip pain, because there's lots of other people who can't sleep either, and also because when I have brain fog 140 characters is easier to handle than larger chunks of text.

However, joyously! my brain is letting me read now. Possibly because I am utterly sick of television, as for months I couldn't really do anything after 6 pm other than watch Netflix under a pile of cats. So, rec me your books! Quick, while I can enjoy them!
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Slip Stitch Slouchy Hat Pattern

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Honestly I wrote it down because I invent lots of hat patterns, and often for people who don't need a 20" hat (because all the stores sell 20" hats!) and some people I know want to knit some of those hats and I figured I should just share the instructions and maybe not just give them a page full of scribbles and arrows.

So yes! It is pretty now and has both charted and written instructions, and I tried to make them as easy to read with brain fog etc as possible. And also printer-friendly so you wouldn't get weird line breaks halfway through a pattern repeat and accidentally leave off that bit of the pattern, and also underlining important things like "add a stitch here."

FWIW I really whole-heartedly endorse Uptown Worsted (an Acrylic). Usually I cannot deal with acrylic and am a huge wool snob, but this stuff is amazing and soft and sells for under $6 a ball at my LYS.

Hope you enjoy. Feel free to share, it's under a Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution license because honestly I'd be chuffed if someone felt like selling some of these on their Etsy shop or whatnot and chucking a few dollars towards Doctors Without Borders.
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I do not even know where most of this is from anymore, but I share with you becauase I found them interesting and I do so enjoy [personal profile] umadoshi's linkspam. I hope you find something of interest.


quote via this tweet: "In short, the most optimistic fiction you can write is fiction where people treat each other well under conditions of crisis." --C Doctorow

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Gender & sexuality & feminism, oh my!

Overthinking it: Female character flowchart

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Gaming and media

Can Live Action Role-Playing Bring about social change?

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Various posts that I connect somehow to feeling crappy about work/not work/not the "right kind" of work

On Tumblr Skillz and their utility in the job market

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Just for fun

The Kitty Convict Project -- IDing escaped indoor cats

the yarn harlot is giving me sock envy. good thing i am currently knitting weasley socks in autumn colors (*coughgreatlyaccidentallyalteringthepatternonpurposecough*).

(beware: gif/vine thing!) velociraptors attack outdoor christmas decorations

From the Point of View of the Cat, by Czech writer Karel ńĆapek, 1935 (note: text is in image file, transcription currently unavailable)

Comic about what the Oxfam goats think about Oxfam donations (note transcription currently unavailable

@hourlykitten If you use twitter, I've been following @hourlykitten rather than Emergency Kitten because @hourlykitten cites sources of photos and I find that admirable. (also, it's nice to be able to track back to the original photographer, etc.) I have no affiliation, but I recommend them.

There is an adorable rat on this chilled out cat's head. Not recommended at home.
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So I kept waiting for the right lighting or something and...anyway, I wanted to photograph things (even some yarn that is *technically not yet done gasp*) because otherwise it is not going to happen and then it will be out of my house or part of some other project or something.
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Welcome to Knit Vale

The pattern takes a size 7 needle. Going through the roll, you have all but a 7. 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,10.5,11,12,13. There is no 7. You change patterns. The pattern takes a size 5 needle. Going through the roll, you have all but a 5. 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,10.5,11,12,13. There is no 5.

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I am currently knitting SweaterBabe's Covetable Cape.It is a lovely pattern, and I cast on with some trepidation as I was watching Downton Abbey Season 4 Christmas Special while knitting a new pattern (i.e. counting, adding stitch markers, etc.) that also included a large cable pattern and two lace sections. It went swimmingly. I even watched about half of X2 and got about 15 rows into the top-down pattern without any major errors. (OK, so perhaps I missed the first row of the button band -- no one will know that kind of thing.)

Then I went to Knit Night -- the place where I tend to get tons of knitting done -- and things went downhill quickly. I purled where I should have knit on the cables; I lost track of where I was on the lace and cable charts even though I was marking it down on the pattern (somehow that didn't match up to my actual knitting); I dropped stitches; in attempting to fix things everything got worse. My attempts to insert a lifeline were very frustrating.

Yesterday I finally yanked out the needle and re-cast on. I decided to try watching Tin Man, a fantasy miniseries about Oz. Again, things went swimmingly (except somehow the cable is now on a garter stitch background instead of reverse stockinette, but that's less annoying to knit, so I'm good with that as it still looks great.)

Today I sat down with the Madonna Pandora station on, and I tried knitting the next row. Just the next row. It took about 20 minutes to get through the first lace section (somehow I had one too many stitches, I could not figure out why, eventually I fixed it with the time honored tradition of knitting two together ;) ). Then I got to the cable section, and OMFG. I dropped a stitch, found it, tinked agonizingly back (tinking is not kind in cables), knit again...and there was another dropped stitch. Found it, tinked back again, the same thing happend.

At this point I yelled (literally) at my knitting that if it didn't behave it was going in the closet for a week while I knit hats. From handspun. So there.

I fixed the dropped stitch (which took time, it was cantankerous), and finished the row with no further problems.

This seems very odd to me, because it's completely opposite of my usual knitting experience. TV = mistakes ; knitting people = progress; late nights = waking up in the morning to regret and bizarre knitting errors and wondering what the heck I did the night before.

I can only draw one conclusion from this turn of events:

My knitting has gained sentience, and it (she?) enjoys late nights and watching geeky TV. To optimize the knitting of this project, I should take her to the new Captain America movie and leave an assortment of comic books in my knitting bag for when I'm not able to knit.

That way, we'll both be happy. And there'll be no need for closet exile.

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Mar. 27th, 2014 10:59 am
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 Waiting at the doctor and trying not to inhale because the damn drug company rep is drenched in cologne. Fortunately he is leaving now, but he has left a cloud of what smells distinctly like patchouli in his wake. Only it's not /quite/ patchouli, because that smell doesn't give me headaches. *grumps* Perchance I shall mention it to my doctor so she can mention it to the drug companies.

In other news, I cast on for my awesome poncho and made great progress with it while watching Downton Abbey and X-Men movies. Despite the fact that: knitting lace and cables in front of the TV. Then I went to knit night and I fucked up the pattern somehow. I think somehow I'm out of sync on where I am in the lace and cable patterns or something.

Anyway, a lifeline is definitely called for. *sigh* so I could be making great progress on my knitting at the doctor's except I was too brain dead to fix things last night, and today I am not going to mess with lifelines where I may get interrupted.

The bonus is that I am pretty sure if got gauge and love the pattern. Also the yarn is yummy.
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I am trying to avoid griping too much about how much my body DNW the random 30 degree temperature changes and barometric pressure nonsense that is going on here right now. Also, today I have a serious case of Missing Rogue (even though Haley is wonderful). *sigh*

Instead, have some linkspam which is mostly me talking about knitting and spinning and suchlike:

My mom (and dad) got me glorious yarn for my birthday. I have been trying to decide what to do with it, as it is technically enough for a sweater. However, as I am heat intolerant and my mom very considerately chose chunky yarn so it would be a fast knit...I have finally decided to make a cape poncho thing with it. *is excite* I am also excited because the pattern seems to be exceedingly well written (what's this, I actually read through the pattern before knitting anything? *gasp*) and has both charts and written instructions for the lace and cabled sections. If you want piiiictuuures, it is called the Covetable Cabled Cape on Ravelry. If you are curious, the yarn I'm going to use is 50/50 wool/alpaca and ~purple~.

Also in knitting and spinning news, I have several skeins and skeins-in-progress whose colors I think will work well together. They also are of a relatively similar thickness and the textures work well together, too. I am thinking of making a shawl, perhaps Hitchhiker, perhaps something else. Who knows? I shall wait until I've finished the current spinning.

Some of the skeins I want to use have yet to be fulled. That is, they are spun, but I need to get them wet and soapy and thwack them to turn them into actual usable yarn. This is a fun process -- and a definite stress reliever -- I just haven't really had spoons. Actually, come to think of it, there's one spun bit of yarn that's still on a spindle. I, um, need to wind it onto a niddy noddy. Errr...maybe I'll do that soon. If my arms will let me, it can be a bit ache-making. Maybe if I take breaks? This is what I need small children to use as manual labor share the joys of spinning with. My second nephew is *very* good at winding yarn onto niddy noddies, or at least helping keep the spindle from flying all over the room while I do it. Does anyone else have that problem? *ponders the possibility of recruiting partner* (Partner is crimping CAT-6 cables today, though, so maybe not).

That's about all for now. Going to attempt to resist falling asleep. Naps, they seem to be consuming me these days.
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Despite the endless plagues of stomach and of upper respiratory tract, I have managed to make some exciting things. Not nearly as fast as I would like, but here is photographic proof (along with a picture of Haley that seems to have sneaked in, no idea how that happened :P ).

Handspun hat (natural BFL)
A hat I knit for Partner. It is some of my handspun BFL, undyed but *not cream*. I was getting a tad bored with cream. This is grayish-brownish, roughly worsted weight. Snuggly! It's a simple hat design, 4x4 rib and then stockinette all the way up after the ribbed border. She is a fan, but alas has not worn it outside yet as the weather has turned warmish for now. I am hoping it stays that way.

somewhat photo heavy below the cut; spinning and Haley ahoy! )

Reading stuff:

what have you recently finished reading:
I just finished reading The Wanderers, which an AWESOME AND WONDERFUL FRIEND GIFTED ME. I don't want to give away key plot points, but let's just say I am a sucker for Fairy Tale retellings that are well done, and this one is. Also, did I mention that there is a talking cat in this book? There is, and he is amazing and wonderful and a smartass (cat, remember?). Love the book, highly recommend. Trying to avoid spoilers. Another benefit of this book is that the chapters are fairly self-contained plot-wise, although there are obviously continuing elements. This is good for me because it allowed me to go to bed at 2 am rather than stay up til 4 or 5 am to finish the book. If you also have trouble with authors who tease you at the end of chapters and keep you up til unreasonable hours of the morning, this book may be your friend.

what you are currently reading:
no book spines cracked atm

what you hope to read next:
I have several additional gifts on my ereader, which I am currently eager to read because clearly my friend has excellent taste.

Also, it has not escaped my attention that Terry Pratchett's latest book, Raising Steam is out. I am a bit conflicted about my acquisition of this, as I have others of his books in paperback and I don't want a hardback messing up the shelving system. OTOH the library will not have this in stock for months, I can guarantee it. So I will probably get an ebook of Raising Steam and a paper copy when it's a mass market paperback, because I'm weird like that. (My partner infected me, what can I say.)
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Clearly time for good things. Yes, good things are a thing, yes?
  1. It is snowing but it is not a !ridiculousamount of snow, and it is not sticking to the pavement thus far. It just looks pretty.
  2. The birds are enjoying the bird feeders and it is fun to watch them.
  3. It is also fun to watch Haley watch dog TV (aka the birdfeeders), and go beserk when a squirrel encroaches on her turf.
  4. Going to attempt a Grimm marathon later.
  5. Therapy today! Much needed.
  6. Have I ever mentioned that tea is amazing? Yeah, I thought so ;)
  7. I can haz plans for a knit hat for partner made from some gray handspun BFL I spun...just waiting for it to finish drying before I swatch.
  8. Am spinning the most gorgeous targhee. I bought it pre-dyed and am very happy with how it's turning out so far.
  9. Might be a good day for fire in fireplace.
  10. Have tentative plans for crafty and/or fandom goodness with [personal profile] jelazakazone  soon!
Also also, in the continued adventures of Conversations Between Liz and Partner, we decided that there were not enough Star Trek:TNG episodes featuring Spot behaving like a real cat. For reminder, Spot is/was Data's cat and basically he just chilled in Data's rooms and let Data hold him with no scratching. Umm...what? Here are suggestions for additional Spot-themed episodes. Feel free to add your own...
  • Data, in an attempt to better understand animals, tries to teach Spot tricks. Spot ignores him initially (perhaps by licking butthole) but then proceeds to learn tricks rapidly. Data and other crewmembers are amazed. Troi is skeptical, and discovers that Spot is possessed by an alien lifeform that is able to mind-control its host. Blah blah blah subduing alien lifeform. Data disappointed that after alien lifeform leaves, all Spot wants to do is lick his butthole.
  • Spot goes missing. Data distraught, search ensues. Data goes through ship with Spot's favorite toys, cat nip, food, etc. No one thinks of air ducts until strange sounds heard from them. Spot discovered inside, killing/playing with invasive alien life form that is attempting to take over ship. Spot saves day! However, Dr. Crusher has to treat Spot for alien poisons. Spot looks smug and vomits hairball of tiny alien head at Data's feet as a victory present.
  • Data takes Spot to Holodeck to a program that is supposed to be specifically engineered for cats. It is made of laser pointers that dart across the wall. Spot pounces at laser pointers! However, person who programmed laser pointers is a Romulan spy that made a sequence of lights designed to render Data helpless until he is shown an alternate sequence of lasers. Spot gives no fucks when Data falls over, continues playing with lasers. Romulan spy kidnaps Data; Spot continues to give no fucks and plays with shiny points of light. Romulans escape with Data in ship. Spot gives fucks when his dinner does not come and makes MUCH NOISE until Geordi arrives and sees that Spot is alone in Holodeck and Data is missing, and his visor records and is able to analyze the light pattern. Rest of crew saves Data; Spot doesn't give fucks because he's being fed and cared for. When rescued Data says no more laser program in Holodeck; Spot feigns indifference and licks butthole
CLEARLY SPOT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE STAR OF TNG! The possibilities are endless! (Feel free to share if you are also enthused about the topic of introducing animals to shows with insufficient animals, and adding plotlines for them.)
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  1. Achievement Unlocked: Bake tasty whole grain bread (helped greatly by finding whole grain bread flour at an Amish country store. In bulk :DDD)
  2. Ate real food yesterday (instead of caving to compulsion to subsist on leftover whipped cream from Thanksgiving.)
  3. Might get to visit with a friend's dog today. She really likes my belly rubs.
  4. Got an 8"x10" photo of Rogue at the beach hanging in the dining room now. It's nice to go talk to him. (All the other photos in the house were of Young Rogue, and that's really not how I think of him now...)
  5. My partner's aunt suggested I write a book about Rogue's not a bad idea. Am considering structure. (Because really Rogue's story starts with the loss of our previous dog, and is deeply entwined with my own mental health/physical health issues. I don't mind also writing about those things though.)
  6. Slept pretty soundly.
  7. Music still really therapeutic.
  8. Back to knitting the afghan squares, as it means that I don't have to decide on a pattern because deciding things is really hard right now. However, if anyone wants to rec a good 2-color Fair Isle hat pattern that uses either fingering or worsted yarn, I'd be grateful. I am partial to snowflake designs at the moment.
  9. Only had two seizures since Rogue passed. (I am wondering if the stress of his illness was contributing to some of them.)
  10. Family and friends.
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Achievement Unlocked: Monstrously huge gauge error on planned project

Achievement Unlocked: Inability to find suitable pattern

Achievement Unlocked
: Make up pattern based on playing with yarn and Alice Starmore's Fair Isle Knitting Charts

Achievement Unlocked
: Knit Fair Isle from a chart!

Achievement Unlocked
: Play with yarn, knit Fair Isle while holding yarn in each hand and alternating between them

Achievement Unlocked
: Knit Fair Isle with the correct tension

Debuff: Get excited, knit while tired, tink back almost more than you have knit

Brain worked on mistakes while asleep, even better the next day

I want to know where my WoW-style wooosh-y golden beam of light DING is, because I feel like I totally earned it yesterday/today.

Pics to follow once I get this project off the needles, because right now it's all bunched up and the photo looks terrible.

Who knows, maybe I'll try
steeking next on that first project which is just...the wrong size. But could be made to be the right size with scissors and some know-how. *gulps*

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Because this is how I cope, y'all.
  1. I have four hanks of yarn (one of which is very tiny, two of which are very big) drying on hangers in my bathroom.
  2. [personal profile] skud made another post about fashion which is fascinating (note very photo heavy).
  3. Friends, online and off, who are super duper amazing. If you are reading this, this means you!
  4. Had a lovely date with my partner yesterday evening. We were too tired to see Thor 2 at 8:45, which...I blame walking in cold wind for? But anyway, we had good times and might see a movie sometime soon.
  5. I got a rocking chair from Goodwill. It is my favoritest chair. It is the PERFECT height for me, and I can actually put my feet on the ground. I can also self-soothe and also if I start having venuous pooling I can rock and it helps with that too. WIN. (I might call her Gertie, I'm not sure though.)
  6. I started washing my hair in baking soda, then rinsing it with water and then rinsing it again with vinegar or apple cider vinegar per [personal profile] lynnoconnacht 's recommendation and it is amazing. Admittedly I've been doing it for two days so far, but I am a convert already.
  7. Talking to my nephews and brother on the phone.
  8. My grandmother is coming to visit for six weeks starting in mid-December. She is 94 and crossing the Atlantic solo. I love my grandma so much. <3 <3 <3
  9. I have been going for walks and spinning while I walk. This is working and increasing my cardio stuff and the amount that I spin. WIN.
  10. I met someone while doing #9 who thought his daughter might like spinning, so I gave him a tiny bit of wool for her to play with and told him about YouTube instructional videos and also local yarn shops and building spindles from a CD and a dowel. :DDD spinning evangelism ftw.
  11. I am researching doing historical interpreting as volunteering with spinning as my demonstration. It is still in a formative stage.

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I couldn't take FO photos yesterday night because it was dark and I wanted natural light. But here are what I've finished so far for my friend! I am now working on a cowl with yarn leftover from the gloves. It will have a button closure. The running theme is "vintage buttons."

A's warm things
Hat and fingerless mitts, both purple, each embellished with vintage buttons (the hat on the brim, one button; the mitts on the cuffs, two buttons per mitt)

2 more photos below the cut )

I hope she likes them!
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"When I attended my father at his deathbed, knitting enabled me to sit still and pay attention. Knitting expanded time into a kind of spaciousness, allowing me to be present at occasions from which I would rather have escaped. What I lived informed my knitting and what I learned from knitting informed my life."

- Susan Gordon Lydon, Knitting Heaven and Earth: Healing the Heart with Craft, 2005

It is late, I am tired, I do not really have a more elaborate way of saying "ditto" except...

I had been feeling a kind of burnout, after knitting 8 holiday ornaments in three days. Something akin to hating stockinette but not wanting to try another stitch.

Then my friend who just moved to NYC and is an artist was talking to me on the phone when I was having a bad day. She was out and she was cold because there's a big difference in temperature from where she was before and NYC, and she couldn't find most of her winter accessories because moving.

A friend who is cold? That is a knitter's call to arms! At least, it was for me because I've known A. since I was 8 and we're still, somehow, friends despite a couple of bumps.

Long story short, I am no longer feeling blocked creatively and instead have many ideas. And she is getting a gorgeous set of warm things (assuming I finish the cowl soon, why did I make a plan that involved purling again?) with vintage buttons on them. WIN. *secretly considering keeping thing them for herself but knows that would break the magic spell and besides would not solve problem of cold friend and our heads are different sizes*

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Playing a bit off of a buzzfeed post and subsequent thoughts by ysabetwordsmith, here are some "old skills" I use on a regular basis. For the purposes of having a definition, I'm defining "old skills" somewhat arbitrarily as skills that are not used much by the mainstream population anymore because new technology has made them less necessary to basic existence.

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written by [personal profile] skud  Why is it so difficult to make your own clothes (or have them made)? via [personal profile] lilysea 

These are things I think about quite a bit as a knitter/spinner/general fiber artist. This article also really makes me want to play with linen and rectangles.

Other things to think about: my blasted HoA bans clotheslines outside, which means washing your clothes by hand is that much harder.

Thoughts that I have had on the subject on my other blog: Pros and Cons of Handspun Yarn #1

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[personal profile] cadenzamuse pointed out today that in addition to being NaNoWriMo, it's also NaBloPoMo (national blog posting month). I thought I'd try to participate by attempting to write a blog post a day. I know I technically already wrote one today, but it was not written with the intent of writing for NaBloPoMo and therefore in my brain it doesn't count. Also, I'm way behind on showing WIP photos and I really want to post some of them. Be prepared for a few photos of Things I've Made with Scrap Yarn.

Project number 1 was really fun to make. I took a bunch of yarns of different (but not too different) weights and colors and stuck them in a bag. Then I grabbed needles that were big enough to accommodate all of them, cast on 142 stitches (a number randomly chosen), and cast on. When I ran out of yarn and/or got bored with a color, I switched to a different one by grabbing in the bag for the next available color. SO MUCH FUN. Check out the results! I think the band of yellow is what makes it, personally, although [personal profile] jelazakazone liked the different textures.

Scarf of many colors
photo of the scarf described in the previous paragraph resting on a gray tabletop

Another one I'm doing is making log cabin squares, only knitted instead of quilted, and turning them into various objects. So far I have made one out of feltable wool, felted it, and am calling it a potholder that can also be a trivet. I think I'm going to give it to my grandmother for the holidays. I might make another one for my brother.
two photos and lots of crafty talk under the cut )
Other things I'm considering making with knit log cabin squares: bags, blankets, felted rugs, moar potholders, felt coasters, etc.

They are very satisfying to knit because I can use scraps AND I also get a sense of completion for each mini-square or rectangle.

Am also making a hat with handspun, it is pretty, no photos at the moment. I am also getting a strange urge to knit dishcloths. It's been awhile since I did...
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Had a lovely day yesterday with [personal profile] jelazakazone &co; we spent most of the time in her lab concocting ways to make wire & fiber art yak fusions for an art quilt. Yes. It was that awesome. There may also have been discussions of wire art alpacas, possibly with tiny alpaca scarves. In the end there was a yak semi-made. My contributions were some fuzzy yarn spun from locks that I spun as an experiment independently (verdict: pain in the butt on a drop spindle, and probably on a wheel too, but timely for this project) and also a handspun alpaca "scarf" for said yak made out of i-cord. Partner drew sharks with her daughter, and also had an excellent time. (Well, a shark with its tail covered by a half-eaten donut. Long story. But aren't those the best kind of sharks?)

I also seem to be accidentally making a Slytherin-Gryffindor house unity cowl. Funny how I just happened to have green, gold, red, and gray (interspersed with cream) in my stash...also funny that I didn't notice it was in Hogwarts colors until the last couple of stripes. Now I am kind of more in love with it. The cream is handspun Finnsheep.

Slytherin Gryffindor house unity cowl WIP
Close up of the Slytherin-Gryffindor House Unity Cowl, see above for description of colors. In garter stitch (yes, in the round, I am like that), so it's got texture and ridges but lies flat and is very stretchy

Yesterday also saw me obsessed with buttons. I am making Things involving buttons and upcycled felted sweaters, with the odd bit of embroidery on them to liven them up. (And did I mention some of the buttons are vintage and awesome?) And then jelazakazone gave me more buttons, and I have All The Ideas for them. (Hats! With buttons as embellishments! And Things!) I enjoyed the hand embroidery more than I expected, I think because it was something different.

picture of the sewn felted thing )

Why am I posting at almost 5 am, you may ask, when I've obviously had a very full day already? Well, because it is cold outside and I woke up in pain and unable to move. As in, I couldn't roll over and my hands wouldn't close. *gnashes teeth* Probably some of this is because I did a lot yesterday, and for awhile I used to think that if my hands were like that the solution was to not knit and sit around looking lost. What I have found, for me is that if I do just a little bit of crafting involving my hands - particularly knitting or spinning - the motion tends to lubricate my joints or something and then I can actually, say, make a dreamwidth post. YMMV.
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In September I set about a very hard project for me. I would knit a super sekkrit project that I wasn't keeping secret/sekkrit from people I knew in person -- it was for one of my online friends. Therefore, I had to maintain absolute radio silence about my project not only throughout its creation but also until I finally sent it off to the wonderful [personal profile] jjhunter in October.

Oh, the suspense. How would jj like it? Was I using the right colors? I sent a mysterious email inquiring about jjhunter's favorite colors (and the air speed velocity of a coconut bearing swallow, to throw her off the scent :P ).

In the end, I just had to trust my instincts and luck. She was fortunately very detailed and liked several colors, which let me play with color. She also sent an example of a green she liked, and Lo, I had a yarn in that very color in my stash.

And of course, because this was for a very dear friend, there had to be handspun worked into the shawl to give it extra texture and squishiness and warmth and love.

I resorted to showing my progress to the dear people at my local yarn store, as I couldn't share with my dreamwidth circle.

Until now.

Super Sekkrit September Shawl
1 )

In addition to the Super Sekkrit September Shawl (and, you know, preparing for the holidays and the guild show) I'm now scheduled to work on a collaborative project. It involves Alpacas as a general theme.

1 more photo behind the cut )

I am so excite. Now if maybe my body would give me a break and stop hurting, that would be great.


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October 2017



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