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From Liisa Hantsoo and C. Neill Epperson. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder: Epidemiology and Treatment. Curr Psychiatry Rep. 2015 Nov; 17(11): 87.

Progesterone levels are low during menses and the follicular phase and are mirrored by progesterone's main metabolite, allopregnanolone (ALLO), also a neuroactive steroid. Progesterone and ALLO increase in the luteal phase and decrease quickly around menses. This chronic exposure followed by rapid withdrawal from ovarian hormones may be a key factor in the etiology of PMDD [12]. In a recently developed animal model of PMDD based on progesterone withdrawal, rats in withdrawal from physiological doses of progesterone exhibited social withdrawal and anhedonia, symptoms characteristic of PMDD [13]. Indeed, preclinical research demonstrates that chronic progesterone exposure followed by rapid withdrawal is associated with increased anxiety behavior and alterations in γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA)A receptor function [12–14]. Recent work suggests that this effect may not be due to progesterone itself, but progesterone's main metabolite ALLO, as blocking progesterone conversion to ALLO blocks the aforementioned effects of progesterone [15].

ALLO is a potent positive allosteric modulator of the GABAA receptor, similar to alcohol or benzodiazepines, with anxiolytic, anesthetic, and sedative properties [16••]. It is possible that women with PMDD have developed tolerance to the arousal-reducing and GABA-enhancing effects of ALLO.


What is that you say about GABA?

From Pain: Hope through Research

GABA (or gamma-aminobutyric acid) is predominately an inhibitory neurotransmitter in that it generally decreases or blocks the activity of neurons. Most of what we know of its role in pain is related to its function in inhibiting spinal cord neurons from transmitting pain signals and therefore dampening pain. Chemicals that are similar to GABA have been explored as possible analgesics, but because GABA is so widespread in the nervous system it is difficult to make a GABA-like drug without affecting other nervous system functions. As we learn more about the specific roles of GABA receptors, drug development may be accelerated.


If I had all the monies I would fund a study about the link between GABA, chronic pain, and PMDD like...10 years ago. BUT ANYWAY I leave these thoughts for you my darlings, in the hopes that it may help someone.

Meanwhile a bit of my brain is still going "so, PMDD is possibly my brain suffering monthly withdrawal from its own chemicals. GREAT."
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There's a post on tumblr about Lady Rage that is worth a read. (cn: gifs, cis-centric in that it doesn't explicitly deal with trans issues but touches briefly on "other marginalized groups" specifically women of color, but I think the form of socially accepted anger they speak to is relevant to many and I did not note open transphobia just more...writing from an AFAB perspective? ANYWAY IDK DECIDE FOR YOURSELVES IF THIS IS FOR YOU).

DM: How often my friends and I seem to ask each other permission before we actually admit that we’re experiencing anger. “I know ___ was just trying to help, but isn’t this email weird?” or “I’m sure I’m blowing this out of proportion….”, etc. etc. I sometimes feel like IT TAKES A VILLAGE [of HARPIES and SHREWS and VALKYRIES and VIRAGOS - every last one of them terribly, terribly shrill] for a woman to admit that she is feeling mad!

DS: Yeah, there’s our feminine socialization in action right there. “Is this emotion that I’m having actually the emotion that I’m having? Am I authorized to have this emotion? I’ll need that emotional authorization form filled out in triplicate before I can actually experience it without feeling bad.” This is a huge benefit to back-channel communications with fellow ladyfriends. It’s almost worthwhile to get mad, if only because of the loud communal cackling I get to do by processing that anger with my pals. And I do think there’s something valuable about the way women respond in undercover, subtle & funny ways to the ridiculousness we witness daily. For one thing, so much great art has arisen from feminine rage. For another, I don’t want to go around actually Hulking out all the time, but I do want to acknowledge my negative feelings more honestly in public. I think. I have a lot of conflicting thoughts about this.
the h/t #NormalizeLadyRage on Twitter also has some good content and hopefully someone will storify that shit.

also touches on fandom, dismissal of female fans, and HULKING OUT.
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Slip Stitch Slouchy Hat Pattern

one medium image )

Honestly I wrote it down because I invent lots of hat patterns, and often for people who don't need a 20" hat (because all the stores sell 20" hats!) and some people I know want to knit some of those hats and I figured I should just share the instructions and maybe not just give them a page full of scribbles and arrows.

So yes! It is pretty now and has both charted and written instructions, and I tried to make them as easy to read with brain fog etc as possible. And also printer-friendly so you wouldn't get weird line breaks halfway through a pattern repeat and accidentally leave off that bit of the pattern, and also underlining important things like "add a stitch here."

FWIW I really whole-heartedly endorse Uptown Worsted (an Acrylic). Usually I cannot deal with acrylic and am a huge wool snob, but this stuff is amazing and soft and sells for under $6 a ball at my LYS.

Hope you enjoy. Feel free to share, it's under a Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution license because honestly I'd be chuffed if someone felt like selling some of these on their Etsy shop or whatnot and chucking a few dollars towards Doctors Without Borders.
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RadioLab about Baboons and (non)violence
(note: I can't find a transcript, so audio-only AFAIK)

John Horgan examines how Americans seem to have a completely different attitude toward war than we did thirty years ago. He takes us on a stroll through Hoboken, asking strangers one of the great unanswerable questions: "Will humans ever stop fighting wars?" Strangely, everyone seems to know the answer. Robert Sapolsky brings us farther afield - to eastern Africa, where a population of baboons defies his expectations of violent behavior. Robert is surprised to feel hopeful for a gentler future, but then primatologist Richard Wrangham asserts that their aggressive nature is innate, unchanging, and hanging over them like a guillotine.

There's some evolutionary bio vs evolutionary psych annoying bits in there, and I did kind of fall asleep towards the end (on purpose, when I'm in pain I can't sleep bc pain is all I can think about so I put on podcasts).

However. In the middle there's a part about a baboon group that becomes less violent after a disease wipes out a bunch of its alpha-males (or as my partner put it, after their version of 4chan died). Ahem. Anyway even when new alpha males have been introduced, they have yet to revert to previous behavior patterns.
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Vimto song by Alaa Wardi
~a song made using vimto bottles and awesome editing~

two more behind the cut, No Woman, No Drive and Aicha )

*pokes YouTube Channel some more*
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Highly rec the following TED Talk about Whitopia (run time about 12 minutes)

As America becomes more and more multicultural, Rich Benjamin noticed a phenomenon: Some communities were actually getting less diverse. So he got out a map, found the whitest towns in the USA — and moved in. In this funny, honest, human talk, he shares what he learned as a black man in Whitopia.
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Welcome to Knit Vale

The pattern takes a size 7 needle. Going through the roll, you have all but a 7. 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,10.5,11,12,13. There is no 7. You change patterns. The pattern takes a size 5 needle. Going through the roll, you have all but a 5. 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,10.5,11,12,13. There is no 5.

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so I totally haven't set up those new filters yet because I made that poll and then basically packed and hopped in a car with three cats for 12 hours and now have been unkinking my body and getting cats adjusted to NEW. (They are doing really, really well. More on that...some other time.)

Sahtein )
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Found several fun-looking citizen science things in my internet wormhole today:

Foldit! Protein-folding research game

Humans play a game to find the best ways to fold proteins, scientists use the data to program better computer modules which then help with disease treatments.

The Baby Laughter Project
What makes babies laugh? One or more (human) babies required. Hypothesis is that babies laugh when something unexpected happens.

Lots and lots of dog-related citizen science (and one cat one, and some resources)
Things for dog-owners and also people currently lacking their own dog. Like, what do dog barks mean to you? And also playing games with your dog. And fun thiiiings. The cat one is for indoor/outdoor cats, and involves tracking where they goooooo.

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Buzzfeed Video Link: Things Cats Do That Would Be Creepy If You Did Them

*new video partner and I are referencing fairly often, not always in reference to Chance*
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I think I have a new favorite dinosaur.

(I would also kind of love -- though I realize how difficult/potentially unlikely this would be to do --if scientists could link this oviraptosaur as a direct ancestor to a specific, current bird species. Specifically, if it was a direct ancestor to chickens. So we could all have some second thoughts about how we treat them, and maybe a new fun Jurassic Park type movie where these dinosaurs from the past built time machines and came and kicked our asses for how we treat modern avian species. OK, maybe that thought is just me, but I swear I saw a comic about it somewhere...)
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written by [personal profile] skud  Why is it so difficult to make your own clothes (or have them made)? via [personal profile] lilysea 

These are things I think about quite a bit as a knitter/spinner/general fiber artist. This article also really makes me want to play with linen and rectangles.

Other things to think about: my blasted HoA bans clotheslines outside, which means washing your clothes by hand is that much harder.

Thoughts that I have had on the subject on my other blog: Pros and Cons of Handspun Yarn #1

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[personal profile] zhelana  is hosting a Summer Fun Friending Meme. It is indeed fun and summery.
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You know what day it is, and apparently Follow Friday is now a Thing again. Yay! Here's a couple recommendations for you. I'd love to see some of yours. Remember, if you tag your post "followfriday" it will show up in the Follow Friday streamy thingy, and there is also a roundup post over yonder.

[community profile] tell_me_about  is a great comm for talking about mental illness, and the moderator does a great job of making it a safe space for all and addressing any concerns that come up if they do. I highly recommend this space if mental illness is something you contend with. Posts come with trigger warnings, too, which is also an important Thing.

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith  is an author/poet who holds crowdfunded poetry fishbowl events, does much to promote crowdfunding across dreamwidth, and also links to fun things other people have created. Well worth following!

...speaking of crowdfunding...

[community profile] crowdfunding  is a comm just like it sounds: it's dedicated to crowdfunded projects, like Kickstarter campaigns or pass-the-hat type things where someone is going to be kicked out of their apartment unless they raise an extra $500. It's an excellent place to watch/participate.

Hope you've enjoyed my contribution to this week's [community profile] followfriday !

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  • 10 hours in the car. Four hours of stops. OMG. OMG. But at least interesting stops? Even if my hips want to retire from service now because of all the time my delightful dog spent in my lap. (But really, gotta savor that right now, so I shan't complain too much.) Am home from [beach] now.
  • I made a bracelet in the car using some handspun leftover from when I made the hat. Note that there is STILL yarn left.
    Celtic twist knit bracelet
    Celtic twist inspired bracelet, i.e. a knit cord of white handspun yarn twisted around a knit cord of green machine spun yarn turned into a bracelet (for the curious, I knit a bobble on one end and made a loop on the other for the closure. Probably a proper tutorial to follow later. And I might put this or something like it on Etsy when I have the spoons.
  • There is a box of THREE POUNDS of wool waiting for me, and I haven't opened it yet because I don't think my hips will let me spin today. Knitting it is!
  • I am supposed to rest but there is All The Unpacking and lots of other shit and I don't wanna rest I wanna do. But given that every time I stand up, I faceplant unless I have my walker...I think resting is called for. Dammit.
Brief Linkspam:
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A worthwile-watching video on creating a sharing culture in the decline of Capitalism
in English, Spanish, French, and some other languages (?) with English subtitles

A Journey Through Corporatism
in which one London graduate discusses the problems she found searching for employment post-graduation and working for the Man (also features an animated video of a talk by David Harvey about the crisis of Capitalism)

Finally, my partner's thoughts on getting a liberal arts degree (roughly quoted):

"It's as though I spent years on a tour of the meat-packing industry, uncovering exactly what they put in the meat and how the animals were treated. Then I graduated and they told me the only jobs I could get were working in meat-packing plants, but I can't forget what I know."
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In case they are useful to some, here are some dysautonomia links. Dysautonomia is a thing I may have that causes dizziness and falling down and circulatory problems, as well as things like headaches, brain fog, peripheral neuropathy...and may be linked to things like fibromyalgia, CFS, etc.

I have another post about it that is more personal under an access lock, please PM if you would like to be granted access. I am making this post public as it seems it could be useful to the general dreamwidth community.

Note that I have not looked through all of these links in detail so I cannot vouch for their accuracy. Also note that some of them are very DOOM GLOOM EVERYTHING WILL BE TERRIBLE FOREVER while others are all EVERYTHING WILL BE WONDERFUL EVENTUALLY, so I don't know. Something in the middle probably? But don't take the doom and gloom to heart, is my advice.

Life With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome - blog by someone who also has POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and other invisible illnesses, note the POTS tag on the sidebar

- Yahoo group with teleconferences for a host of related syndromes, including Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Lyme as well as Orthostatic Intolerance and POTS

National Dysautonomia Research Foundation - Info about how the autonomic nervous system works for the layperson; also has a list of specialists

NIH Dysautonomia Page
- doom and gloom but has links to potential research trials and other sources

Disautonomia Information Net - Patient-run information site and forum

Dysautonomia Youth Network of America
- more sunshine and roses than the others; does have good info even if you are no longer a "youth"

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[personal profile] copperbadge  is hosting a Sam's Cafe Job Fair over on livejournal (because hosting in two places is exhausting).

If you are a jobseeker, or know someone who is hiring, etc etc, you may want to check it out. ^___^

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[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith  has a really interesting post about how the high unemployment rate has not reduced stigma on being unemployed, meaning that a large percentage of the population is "expected to have a job and blamed if they do not." Go check it out!


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