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Short Fiction

A Dead Djinn in Cairo is AMAZING and I want to read all the things in this alternate universe. Supernatural mystery set in Cairo that wasn't colonized because of the introduction of magic. Fatma is the daughter of a clockmaker, a detective, and wears suits. Some queer content. Beautifully written.

A Cup of Salt Tears creepy kappa short story that is also very good. cn for kappa's being dubious about consent, and some horror elements

Political, some content notes apply
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Political, but hopeful/helpful
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Political Shirts for Sale from small creators
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on 12/4 at 7 pm EST there will be a Twitter chat for disabled writers on "resistance through writing". (note, use of word "crip" as reclamation). more info here


this is a hilarious twitter live tweet reading of a terrible book.

adorable + funny short puppy video

Stitch Maps are a new kind of knitting chart that show the shape of the fabric you are supposed to be making. Much easier for (at least) my brain. Maybe yours too?

[personal profile] maramcreates introduced me to Lily Allen and I've been enjoying her entire discography. In particular I think Never Gonna Happen should be the anthem for the Awkward Army. Fuck You is a good 2016 anthem. (Both youtube links have lyrics and are somewhat explicit, fyi.)
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so I really like good stand up, by which I mean stand up which makes me laugh really hard and is not reliant on gross racist/othering jokes.

if this is also your jam and you have not watched Maz Jobrani, then let me take a moment to rec his stuff to you! he was part of the original Axis of Evil comedy tour (formed in response to George W Bush's infamous state of the union speech as a way to humanize the alleged evil terrible people in said countries, though I do not think they ever managed to recruit a Korean comedian?)

anyway, one of my personal favorite skits is about Middle Easterners and dancing. Partly because I have had this exact experience at several weddings.

(Pro tip: if the clapping gets to you, [personal profile] maramcreates very rightly pointed out that no one will know if you fake clap to save your hands.)
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Happy things:

US ex-Senator, 90, to remarry his male partner
Mr Wofford said his life was "a story of two great loves" - with his wife Clare, who died of leukaemia in 1996, and with Matthew Charlton, 40.

He wrote: " I don't categorise myself based on the gender of those I love. I had a half-century of marriage with a wonderful woman, and now am lucky for a second time to have found happiness."

LGBTQ books for middle grade readers

Thomas Jefferson Uptown Funk - from Hamilton by [personal profile] heresluck

In honor of Shakespeare's Deathiversary:

Secret lives of women who broke taboo to act in Shakespeare

Which Shakespearean play should you see? An illustrated flowchart


ETA to add: Prince Wrote About Women in a Way That Most Contemporary Male Artists Still Can't (via Captain Awkward's twitter)


Why knowing the history of history is vital for any writer drawing from the past

Signal boost for Beyond the Binary: help a UK magazine for non-Binary people continue running, pay its authors

Social Justice & Feminism:

Hermeneutical Injustice in Consent and Asexuality
Similarly, an asexual’s sense of self is formed by collective understandings of sexuality, leading to feelings of brokenness, abnormality, and isolation. When the collective hermeneutical resources construct sexuality as default, there is no way develop a healthy asexual selfhood. Moreover, asexuals are socially constituted as sexual where, particularly in intimate and physical relationships, it is against their interests to be seen as such. We see the harm in this played out again in issues of consent.

How Medicaid forces families like mine to stay poor
(note: might make you ALSO rage on Twitter. if you are looking for a good article to explain this dystopian system to people who don't have to deal with it, or you would like to better understand how messed up Medicaid is, then by all means.)

The secret rules of the internet: The murky history of moderation, and how it’s shaping the future of free speech
my conclusions: hire some damn anthropologists (and other social scientists) to work on moderation ethics. it is their jam.
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Autistic Representation [in literature] and Real-life consequences
Good representation involves thinking about what implications particular portrayals of autism have for autistic and neurotypical people who read those portrayals in the real-world contexts we live in—contexts where autistic people are often dehumanized, made invisible, otherwise misportrayed, and required to “make up for” being autistic in ways that can be impossible for or harmful to us.

On the 13 words that made me a writer
Beautiful piece on language and the limits of genre
A revelation. I still feel the excitement of it: that you can start a book this way, start a fantasy novel this way. To begin with description rather than action. The sentence fragments. The alliteration. The word umbrageous.

5 reasons fatigue isn't like normal tiredness (proving most people don't get it)
Includes a very useful fatigue scale, which is sadly only an image in the original article so I will transcribe it in comments

A Better Conversation to have than the one about trigger warnings
Getting caught up on trigger warnings is like getting caught up on handicap parking spaces. Do ramps, elevators, and sign-language interpreters cause undue strain on professors? Like my librarian friend, I care about the already-overworked and religious censorship, too. A discussion of important educational accessibility solutions can address these concerns along the way.

there is more but that is what i have spoons for atm. ^_^
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I do not even know where most of this is from anymore, but I share with you becauase I found them interesting and I do so enjoy [personal profile] umadoshi's linkspam. I hope you find something of interest.


quote via this tweet: "In short, the most optimistic fiction you can write is fiction where people treat each other well under conditions of crisis." --C Doctorow

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Gender & sexuality & feminism, oh my!

Overthinking it: Female character flowchart

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Gaming and media

Can Live Action Role-Playing Bring about social change?

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Various posts that I connect somehow to feeling crappy about work/not work/not the "right kind" of work

On Tumblr Skillz and their utility in the job market

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Just for fun

The Kitty Convict Project -- IDing escaped indoor cats

the yarn harlot is giving me sock envy. good thing i am currently knitting weasley socks in autumn colors (*coughgreatlyaccidentallyalteringthepatternonpurposecough*).

(beware: gif/vine thing!) velociraptors attack outdoor christmas decorations

From the Point of View of the Cat, by Czech writer Karel Čapek, 1935 (note: text is in image file, transcription currently unavailable)

Comic about what the Oxfam goats think about Oxfam donations (note transcription currently unavailable

@hourlykitten If you use twitter, I've been following @hourlykitten rather than Emergency Kitten because @hourlykitten cites sources of photos and I find that admirable. (also, it's nice to be able to track back to the original photographer, etc.) I have no affiliation, but I recommend them.

There is an adorable rat on this chilled out cat's head. Not recommended at home.
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Vimto song by Alaa Wardi
~a song made using vimto bottles and awesome editing~

two more behind the cut, No Woman, No Drive and Aicha )

*pokes YouTube Channel some more*
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"Where's My Cut?" Emotional Labor MetaFilter summary (in case you too got overwhelmed by the number of comments on the original post)

Melissa Lozada-Oliva - "Like Totally Whatever" (NPS 2015) spoken word poetry, via [personal profile] shehasathree

'An American Wedding', poem by Essex Hemphill, NSFW, also if you're interested a brief biography of Hemphill

Bad Romance: Women's Suffrage

Underwear/Binders for trans* people are becoming less cumbersome, not necessarily more affordable

Don't Criticize Black Lives Matter for provoking violence. The Civil Rights Movement did, too.: The Washington Post actually had an article I liked for once!

Tongues Untied, a 1991 Documentary by Marlon Riggs about being Black and Gay -- in case you want to counteract the effects of the new whitewashed movie about Stonewall (note: for non-US'ers, you might do better checking out the IMdB link. Not sure where/if it's streaming atm, but it's worth tracking down if a local library has it.)

Before Rosa Parks, there was Claudette Colvin

anyone else have links to share?


Sep. 24th, 2015 12:45 pm
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Cute Animals

17 Bunnies for all the sad people out there (note: via Buzzfeed) also because **I got to snuggle a 3 month old bunny yesterday**

Giraffes hum to each other at night and zookeepers never noticed (via [personal profile] umadoshi )


Mummy Brown and Other Historical Colors comic (via [personal profile] umadoshi , plus as a bonus the text and extra info is at the bottom)

Morning Me (comic) ... aka why evening self is an asshole


It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers (via [personal profile] umadoshi )

An Open Letter to Pumpkin Flavored Treats

Homeric Hymn to Demeter (cn: you know how the Persephone legend is creepy? this is that story told from her mother's perspective in a contemporaneous poem. I also really like it, but just...emotional space may be needed for this poem because kidnapping and also the dysfunction of Greek deities)

The Toast (older links I've been meaning to post for awhile)

A League of Their Own Inspired Thinkpieces

Let's Be Real: Two Women in Their Latter 20s Watch the 2005 Pride and Prejudice

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  1. [personal profile] rainbow  is offering pre-orders for some pretty awesome hand-made halloween cat toys.
  2. another online friend (not sure which identities I should link together?) has made a VERY GORGEOUS dragon/crop circle art quilt. i just cannot get over the circlet of stars honestly.
  3. I am teaching my cats how to jump through a hula hoop. Steps completed so far: acquire hula hoop; remove things that cause hula hoop to make noise; show cats hula hoop is not a portal to the dungeon dimension; show cats treats fall from the sky when they go in hula hoop on ground; show cats that treats fall from the sky when they walk through upright hula hoop. Surprisingly (because I was certain the dungeon dimension step would throw him for longer), Chance is progressing faster than Lily thus far. She's learning from watching him. My main struggle atm is juggling hula hoop, target stick, clicker, treat bag, and cats demanding treats.
  4. Heartily recommend Switched at Birth. The plotline is all *mega drama* over the top a la Telenova (but maybe not so over the top, judging by some of my family?) But the awesome is they deal really well with so many actually important issues! Like teenage young women wanting to have sex, and so far *there is no slut-shaming* or parents moralizing, only "are you sure that person is the right person to sleep with?" and "so, you do know about protection?" and "sleeping with him won't let you change his behavior." WHAT SORCERY, ABC FAMILY. Also, there are multiple Deaf characters and as the show progresses and more Hearing characters learn sign there is more and more sign in the show. And a lot of time when people are signing, unless it's like some pivotal romantic moment, there's no filler background soundtrack. Just silence (sometimes for effect) or standard traffic noise or something. They also deal amazingly well with single moms, white privilege, class issues, white guilt, white savior syndrome, Latin@ identity issues,, they're not perfect but WHAT SORCERY IS THIS.
  5. I actually want to list more, but my partner and my cats want to spend time with me so I'm gonna do that. <3
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But thank you for doing so, it has been keeping me entertained all morning!

How to blow your cat's mind (brush its teeth)

Also this photo of a Frozen-themed girls' softball team is amazing.

I found The Straight White Man's Guide to the 21st Century very entertaining, but really don't read the comments. Don't.

Also, throwback...Wednesday? The flash version of this spoof on "Windows Real Good (RG) Edition" isn't working for me because Adobe stopped supporting flash and ruined Glitch, but someone took a Youtube video of it in all its glory.
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I got to this comic via the comments section of the Bloggess, and was scolded for shrieking loudly with laughter last night when other people might be trying to sleep. I was also told I upset the cats with my strange human mouth noises. I...honestly there are a lot of great ones.

This I think is representative of their humor, which is probably dark/odd enough at times that not for everyone?
image behind cut for those with connection issues )
The most recent one about the doctor is on-point. My mother did not get why it was funny, which is also telling.

Will now attempt to put on real clothes and do something out of the house.


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