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Achievement Unlocked: Monstrously huge gauge error on planned project

Achievement Unlocked: Inability to find suitable pattern

Achievement Unlocked
: Make up pattern based on playing with yarn and Alice Starmore's Fair Isle Knitting Charts

Achievement Unlocked
: Knit Fair Isle from a chart!

Achievement Unlocked
: Play with yarn, knit Fair Isle while holding yarn in each hand and alternating between them

Achievement Unlocked
: Knit Fair Isle with the correct tension

Debuff: Get excited, knit while tired, tink back almost more than you have knit

Brain worked on mistakes while asleep, even better the next day

I want to know where my WoW-style wooosh-y golden beam of light DING is, because I feel like I totally earned it yesterday/today.

Pics to follow once I get this project off the needles, because right now it's all bunched up and the photo looks terrible.

Who knows, maybe I'll try
steeking next on that first project which is just...the wrong size. But could be made to be the right size with scissors and some know-how. *gulps*

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  1. New med combo seems to be helping! There is still room for improvement, but OMG. I have so much more energy, I forgot what it felt like. Victory shall be mine! Ahem. Anyway, so we're reducing the bad!abilify slooooowly (by like 1 mg at a time) and I'm on a higher dose of Midodrine for the POTS/dysautonomia and it's the brand name (which apparently makes a difference for this drug). Energies/spoons, I can haz! *dances*
  2. Today I got up at 6 am and finished making challah (I had started it the night before and left it to rise overnight in the fridge. I have a friend who's exploring her Jewish heritage and it seemed like an appropriate and in-my-budget gift. Oh woe there were two loaves and I just had to eat one with my family. ^_^)
  3. I kneaded the dough by hand instead of using the stand mixer, and I used my grandmother's mixing bowl (the US-midwestern-prairie grandmother who I hardly knew, but whose hands have left their mark throughout the house: the latch-hook rug she made; the afghans she crocheted; her mixing bowls just slightly off kilter at the top in a way that I love and oh-so-sturdy.) I was working late at night when the house was quiet and it was just lovely and peaceful and floury...and spiritual, in that I felt so connected to women throughout time.
  4. I got a job interview offer and turned them down because even though just going for interview would have been good, I knew I couldn't do the job because the location was too far away for someone who is not allowed to drive herself because seizures. Plus, what with potential dog grief to face, bad timing. *sigh* Still -- job interview offer! For something fun and artsy (teaching digital photography to kids one day a week)! (And yes I know I could have gone and networked, but I decided to budget spoons.)
  5. I am interested and looking into doing some historical interpretation/"living history" volunteering in my area. There's a LOT of colonial sites and I am totally up for spinning for tourists/school groups as long as I get to dress up. I blame [personal profile] skud for my sudden rekindled interest in this. That and the meds (see #1).
  6. Remember my friend who lives in NYC and is cold? I managed to make her a complete matching set of hat, cowl, and fingerless gloves. I am SO EXCITE that she is visiting this weekend and I can give them to her. *hopes they fit okay and that she likes them*
  7. Dog is super cuddly and lovely and cherishing time with him. Will see how many good days he has, maybe Sunday doesn't have to be The Day. Or maybe it does, we'll see. Can cancel that home vet appointment if necessary.
  8. WENT TO THE PAGAN STORE that I had been avoiding because Bad!highpriest. He was not there, nor were other people I knew, except the owners who were lovely. Got a smudge stick to smudge the house.
  9. Realized in an "oh duh" kind of moment that I do way more in practicing my religion than I had previously thought. I may not be casting circles all the time, but I do everyday magic like baking challah late at night in my grandmother's mixing bowls and getting up at dawn to finish it. \o/
  10. FIRST SNOW of the year. It is only flurries so far but I am the excite.
  11. Also cooked today (for tomorrow): cranberry tangerine cherry sauce; whole wheat pumpkin walnut muffins; apple pie (but I was mostly an assistant on that one).

lots of cooking/baking photos behind the cut )
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Because this is how I cope, y'all.
  1. I have four hanks of yarn (one of which is very tiny, two of which are very big) drying on hangers in my bathroom.
  2. [personal profile] skud made another post about fashion which is fascinating (note very photo heavy).
  3. Friends, online and off, who are super duper amazing. If you are reading this, this means you!
  4. Had a lovely date with my partner yesterday evening. We were too tired to see Thor 2 at 8:45, which...I blame walking in cold wind for? But anyway, we had good times and might see a movie sometime soon.
  5. I got a rocking chair from Goodwill. It is my favoritest chair. It is the PERFECT height for me, and I can actually put my feet on the ground. I can also self-soothe and also if I start having venuous pooling I can rock and it helps with that too. WIN. (I might call her Gertie, I'm not sure though.)
  6. I started washing my hair in baking soda, then rinsing it with water and then rinsing it again with vinegar or apple cider vinegar per [personal profile] lynnoconnacht 's recommendation and it is amazing. Admittedly I've been doing it for two days so far, but I am a convert already.
  7. Talking to my nephews and brother on the phone.
  8. My grandmother is coming to visit for six weeks starting in mid-December. She is 94 and crossing the Atlantic solo. I love my grandma so much. <3 <3 <3
  9. I have been going for walks and spinning while I walk. This is working and increasing my cardio stuff and the amount that I spin. WIN.
  10. I met someone while doing #9 who thought his daughter might like spinning, so I gave him a tiny bit of wool for her to play with and told him about YouTube instructional videos and also local yarn shops and building spindles from a CD and a dowel. :DDD spinning evangelism ftw.
  11. I am researching doing historical interpreting as volunteering with spinning as my demonstration. It is still in a formative stage.

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I couldn't take FO photos yesterday night because it was dark and I wanted natural light. But here are what I've finished so far for my friend! I am now working on a cowl with yarn leftover from the gloves. It will have a button closure. The running theme is "vintage buttons."

A's warm things
Hat and fingerless mitts, both purple, each embellished with vintage buttons (the hat on the brim, one button; the mitts on the cuffs, two buttons per mitt)

2 more photos below the cut )

I hope she likes them!
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Yesterday I had a self-care victory. I am going to write about it here because I need to record these small (and in a way, giant) victories against the dread beast Imposter Syndrome and Brain Weasel at Large and Depression so that when I am next in the deep dark depths, I can have a written guide to help lead me out of Moria (and avoid balrogs).

Because depression is a lying bastard, and it makes you forget that you have gotten better again. It makes you forget how you have gotten through its clutching claws and gaping jaws.

tw: talking about recovering from self-harm/suicidal thought patterns; 2 nature photos under the cut )
Now let's see if I can do it all again next time it happens.

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Yoinked from several people, here's a meme that is going around that includes several things you may or may not already know about me. Leaving off the obvious like "Oh I knit a LOT" and going for some more obscure things...I think. It's early, so we'll see.
  1. My favorite activity in third grade was building forts or lean-to's in my (or a friend's) backyard, and I secretly wanted to be Laura Ingalls Wilder.
  2. I skipped the 8th grade, and took a *lot* of flack for it in school. Probably a good decision academically, but social hell.
  3. I went to an "alternative school" founded by hippies.
  4. I went to prom with another girl.
  5. My mother is an immigrant to the US, but she's from the UK so for most people that "doesn't count" (and I could say a lot about this).
  6. My favorite place on this entire planet is the lane looking up the moors behind my grandmother's domicile.
  7. I burned out on academic history, but I still secretly love it.
  8. I haven't been consistently able to read a book for approximately three years due to some combination of meds and/or brain fog. The concentration issue is spreading to TV shows and movies.
  9. I have a bunch of diagnoses, so many that most doctors give me looks of skepticism and a hard time. (The good doctors just look more curious.) Key highlights include: fibromyalgia and/or late stage Lyme; POTS/dysautonomia; Bipolar Disorder; PTSD; migraines.
  10. My partner and I have been together for 9 years (yay! *cheers*), and are still not out to her entire family. It's complicated. However, just came out to one more and she didn't care. So +1.
  11. OK, I have to talk about fiber at least once. I'm part of a Spinning and Weaving Guild. A *guild*. (see #1 and #3 and #5 and #7 for why I find this extra exciting.)
  12. Spiritually I consider myself a Buddhist and a recovering Pagan, because I had some Bad Experiences with people but not the Goddess. If that makes sense to y'all.
No obligation to complete this meme just because you've read it, of course ^___^ However, feel free to play along.
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I'm still sick but I have a little more energy and a strong craving for chocolate and tasty things. I also don't want to go out in the cold to get baked goods, particularly when I am perfectly capable of making them myself...especially with a few extra tools.

So I give you a few tricks that help *me* when I'm making baked goods. They may or may not work for you (i.e., YMMV). However, here they are: you are welcome to adapt at will.content note: stuff about baking and food )
That's all I got. Phew. Nine is a good number, right? Yes, yes it is.
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Because I am having a particularly bad bout of imposter syndrome at the moment, I thought it would be a great time to fight fire with fire and say screw you, brain weasels, I *do* make excellent things. And so I am opening, with some trepidation, a Society6 store. It requires less monetary investment than Etsy, although I think there may be a smaller profit margin. OTOH, after the initial set-up I don't have to actually mail anything myself.

Because, you see, you or your friends/loved ones can now get pictures of my yarnings (and some of my other pictures) as prints, cards, ipod/iphone covers, etc.

I obviously need to play with GIMP more so I can branch out into tote bags.

But seriously, wouldn't these make cute holiday cards?

a hand-knit mini stocking ornament hanging in front of one of my hand-knit shawls. I will have you know I took this photo at dawn this morning like a srs photographer.

And I know *someone* who might be interested in this...
two more photos behind the cut )
And yes, there are also some of camellias and that infernal autumn light.

So, I dunno if you're even interested but I just wanted to say I DID A THING AND IT WAS VERY HARD EMOTIONALLY AND BECAUSE MY COMPUTER WOULDN'T COOPERATE AT FIRST before I go *meeeeeeeeep* and hide in a corner.
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I don't really have words yet this morning, and it's kind of a pain day, so here, have some photos I took in the garden a couple days ago of my mom's fall blooming camellias.

Fall blooming camellia
a pink flower in a square shot framed by dark green leaves, with fallen brown leaves on the ground in the background
one more photograph below the cut )
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I made these seashell garden art stones the other day, just for variety. I still have to get acrylic sealer and spray them with it and let them dry, but otherwise they're done. I probably won't let anyone step on them, so they're more like garden art than stepping stones. Still, it's not that hard to make them so I could easily do stepping stones again if I got the mix.

Seashell garden art stones pre-acrylic coating
two rectangular "garden art stones" (as opposed to stepping stones) with seashells and stones set in them

The directions weren't that great that came with the mix. It called for I think 2 or 2.5 cups of water, but the mix was only crumbly at that point, not a solid mix that would, you know, hold together. And mxing with a stick just didn't work for me, eventually I (the baker) just switched to using my hands. This worked great for the concrete, but did leave me with incredibly dry hands for several days afterwards. If I do that next time I'm going to have to wear gloves or something. Also it probably would have been worth it to have someone to switch off mixing concrete with, as it is definitely a spoon suck if you are low-spoon.

Anyway, the basic process is: mix concrete with water in a bucket, pour concrete into molds (I used roasting/pie tins from Goodwill), even out the top, stick whatever you're going to stick in it so that it's covered at least partway up, let dry for at least 24-48 hours before you move it. So if you're going to do this project, make sure you do it where you want the things to dry.

Total cost for the ones I did? $5 a stone. I got the concrete mix from a thrift store, but it would only have been a little more expensive if I'd used the ever-present 50% off coupons at a generic big box craft store. It would also be a little more if you paid for mosaic tiles, but again, you could use broken crockery (or things from yard sales/thrift stores) or mosaic tiles that happen to be on clearance/sale rather than the big shiny new ones. You could also use stones, as that worked fairly well, and you could definitely step on those. Or do the thing where you use someone's hand print and write their name, etc etc. There's a whole world of possibility.

I call it a success!
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[personal profile] cadenzamuse pointed out today that in addition to being NaNoWriMo, it's also NaBloPoMo (national blog posting month). I thought I'd try to participate by attempting to write a blog post a day. I know I technically already wrote one today, but it was not written with the intent of writing for NaBloPoMo and therefore in my brain it doesn't count. Also, I'm way behind on showing WIP photos and I really want to post some of them. Be prepared for a few photos of Things I've Made with Scrap Yarn.

Project number 1 was really fun to make. I took a bunch of yarns of different (but not too different) weights and colors and stuck them in a bag. Then I grabbed needles that were big enough to accommodate all of them, cast on 142 stitches (a number randomly chosen), and cast on. When I ran out of yarn and/or got bored with a color, I switched to a different one by grabbing in the bag for the next available color. SO MUCH FUN. Check out the results! I think the band of yellow is what makes it, personally, although [personal profile] jelazakazone liked the different textures.

Scarf of many colors
photo of the scarf described in the previous paragraph resting on a gray tabletop

Another one I'm doing is making log cabin squares, only knitted instead of quilted, and turning them into various objects. So far I have made one out of feltable wool, felted it, and am calling it a potholder that can also be a trivet. I think I'm going to give it to my grandmother for the holidays. I might make another one for my brother.
two photos and lots of crafty talk under the cut )
Other things I'm considering making with knit log cabin squares: bags, blankets, felted rugs, moar potholders, felt coasters, etc.

They are very satisfying to knit because I can use scraps AND I also get a sense of completion for each mini-square or rectangle.

Am also making a hat with handspun, it is pretty, no photos at the moment. I am also getting a strange urge to knit dishcloths. It's been awhile since I did...


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