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Signal Boosting for [personal profile] raze:
Crowd funding for surgical costs incurred by a small scale animal rescue in central Alabama
(content note: please note that an image of a stitched surgical incision appears at the end of the post, since the cut is bypassed by my direct link)

For those of you unfamiliar with [personal profile] raze, please know that they do AMAZING work for many, many animals that would otherwise be completely abandoned or unnecessarily euthanized. Any donations made will go a very long way; they are currently trying to raise $500 for vet bills.

You can also find more about [personal profile] raze 's animals -- including animal rescue and animal care info -- via allcreaturessmall on tumblr (there is also a dw feed for the tumblr if that's your jam). There's miniature pigs and all sorts of creatures, it's worth a look.
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This is a somewhat belated signal boost for a still ongoing situation.

[personal profile] erika is moving because her boyfriend is an abusive asshole, and the ex is currently facing court charges for third degree sexual assault.

She is currently moving back in with family, and due to the upheaval is facing reduced hours at work.

Any extra donations you can toss her way would be helpful in funding life.

Still accepting donations. for Paypal, gofundme, and if you have any other way you'd like, let me know. I'll accept bitcoin too, for my anarchist peeps.

In addition, if you or someone you know lives near Iowa City and is looking to adopt two adult kitties, erika needs to rehome them. She had taken in two that a friend could no longer keep, and she cannot bring them to her new living situation because they are already maxed out on cats. I don't know much about the cats themselves, but I am sure she would be happy to provide more details about them via the email above or DM.

Also I am sure further signal boosting and good thoughts would be helpful if you cannot help with the above.
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my friend inkdefense and her partner Pockets McGee are in a bit of a dire situation right now (but then, isn't everyone?). I don't want to go too much into the particulars due to privacy issues, but let's just say there have been hospitals, job mishaps, health crap, and a series of unfortunate events leading to them having trouble making their rent check. They don't have any other good (free) housing options, and I honestly don't know what their backup plan is if they can't pay their rent.

inkdefense and Pockets McGee have been really good friends to me, through hell and high water. I knew inkdefense at Uni and when I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia and stopped being able to go to Pride Alliance meetings, she was the one and only Pride Alliance member (besides partner) who took the time to visit me regularly and stay friends with me. She is good peoples.

So! There are a couple of ways you wonderful folks can help, if you so choose.
  1. signal boosts are always appreciated
  2. inkdefense has a donate button up on her tumblr
  3. Pockets McGee makes lovely cut-paper wall art, as well as hand-knit scarves, which are available on Etsy.

Thank you <3

ETA: I'm not putting up a specific donation amount because honestly, after rent there are also some rather large hospital bills, and if people are able to be really generous, then so be it. Also, if you were thinking of getting me something for the holidays, any of the above would be gratefully appreciated.

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[personal profile] sharpeningthebones is trying to raise money to go to the psychiatrist.

"Trying to get money together to see my psychiatrist one last time

"Short version: I am out of medication, i have been sine Thursday and while i an pay for my meds, I can't actually afford to see my doctor until next month. I have no refills and am already starting to go through withdrawal and all that fun stuff. I am trying to get enough money to see her one last time so I can get refills as I look for a new psychiatrist who will accept my insurance."

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The most wonderful [personal profile] staranise  is doing a crowdfunding project for MA thesis completion success~! staranise's MA thesis is super awesome, and staranise's posts in general on dw about counselling school have greatly helped me improve my own mental health through osmosis. Here's a description of staranise's thesis:

"My thesis is a study of the effects of having been bullied and ostracized as a child. This is important because as well as the pain and suffering bullying causes children, research increasingly shows that being bullied as a child can leave deep, lasting damage just as surely as being abused by one's family. "

If you have an extra dollar or two, maybe put it in the hat/tip jar? staranise specifically requests that you do not do so if this puts you in financial hardship though.

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Many of you may know [personal profile] raze and hir amazing artwork, writing with animals such as Stumpy Space Princess. raze is doing hir magic work with animals yet again, and is helping a dog and kitty that were somewhat dumped on hir doorstep. Both are very sick.

From raze hirself:

"We recently took in a pit bull and a kitten as temporary fosters for overwhelmed rescue groups who needed a hand. Unfortunately, both animals have medical complications that are proving quite costly, and have run up over $200 in vet bills in just one day. We are not certain the rescues can fully cover our tail, and furthermore, defraying their expenses is only to the benefit of other needy animals.

So, we've started a fundraiser for Hosea the pit bull - who has a URI and intestinal parasites, and Victor the kitten - who has a number of serious medical problems and is severely underweight. I will not post pics here as the kitten in particular is in very rough shape so the images are graphic, but they are included on the crowdfunding page.

Signal boosts are very appreciated."
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1. [personal profile] amethystfirefly have had to take their beloved chinchilla Tutti to the vet for recurring chronic foot problems. Because they lack their own transportation, and Tutti is an exotic pet, this is an even more complicated and expensive ordeal than normal vetting, so they are doing a fundraiser over here. You can help a special little critter and get an awesome tarot spread if you contribute - what more motivation do you need?

2. [personal profile] elialshadowpine is trying to help a disabled friend raise money for the vet bills for his therapy animal, a kitty with soiling-related anxiety problems that are jeopardizing his person's housing situation. The good news is that two treatable underlying health conditions have been identified that may help solve the problem, and kitty will also be able to be treated for anxiety - but vet bills cost money, especially the sort that may need recurring visits. Donate if you can!
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Signal boosting for [personal profile] rainbow   for editrx on LJ who is in serious need of dental work for an abscessed tooth and cracked tooth. The dentist requires payment up front because she doesn't have insurance, and it's rather a large bill. While hir household can cover about 25% of it, they are screwed for the rest. (Plus, this would put them behind on all their other bills.)

If rainbow doesn't get the tooth dealt with soon, she faces just having to go to the ER when it's infected and getting both teeth removed. This would mean that she would have no molars on her left upper side and thus would not be able to chew food there. Not good, and also one of rainbow's triggery fears.

The donation goal is pretty high (3k), as dentists are rather expensive. Any donation will help. Signal boosts help. Plus, rainbow is offering some pretty sweet exchanges - including copy/line-editing, silver and gold hand-made jewelry and gorgeous custom hand-knits.

More details and the donate button can be found on rainbow/editrx's lj page.

cross-posted to [community profile] crowdfunding 

ETA:   thanks for the clarification about who was who, I   clearly had not had my coffee when making this post.


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