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Chance, day 1
Chance explores some of his perches near his window to the birdfeeders (at night, blinds closed); he also wonders what an iPhone is so he is standing at the edge of his table perch and is leaning towards the camera. He has golden/greenish eyes and a white spot or threeish on his chest/belly (only one showing). Otherwise he is all black. He is fairly small, we think maybe 9-10 lbs but have not weighed him yet.
Many things about Chance and also cn: Sarge attempts to eat mushrooms & medically-induced vomiting )
And now off to nap like my cat is doing, or perhaps just squee a bit more that KITTY.
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Please note that it is very hard to photograph a moving puppy, and the lighting in my kitchen (where he tends to be less movement-y) is terrible. :D Also, um, ALL THE PICTURES so beware low bandwidth. Heh.
all the puppy pictures, beware if you have low bandwidth )
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I cannot rant and rave enough about what an awesome person [personal profile] staranise  is, so I won't even attempt to at this juncture (especially since Lyrica + fatigue = what are brainz even?).

However, I will say that staranise and her cat, Bert, could use a bit of extra help at the moment, as staranise just moved to start a new job and Bert is having some rather large vet bills.

"So this is what I'm asking for: I would really appreciate any financial help anyone could give me right now. My job was supposed to start two weeks ago, but thanks to a bureaucratic hangup it might (maybe!) start next week, or maybe the week after; I was supposed to be earning income already. I've paid rent twice this month thanks to the move. Today's vet visit wiped out basically all the money I had left, and I don't know how I'm going to pay tomorrow morning for the medications that Bert needs now, which are averaging around $400/mo, much less any additional tests or procedures he might need.

Paypal donate button and pics of Bert over on her journal.
ETA: Sad announcement over on staranise's journal

signal boosts/donations appreciated <3

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Haley likes it when you throw her tennis ball. Over and over and over again. I have yet to reach the limit of "and now Haley is done with you throwing the tennis ball for awhile." I don't think there is one, or if there is, it is greater than the limit of how many times I can throw it.

I don't care, really. I am a sucker for her adorable little Ewok face staring at me with great joy and expectation going throw-the-ball-throw-the-ball-throw-the-ball. Sometimes she puts a gooey ball in my lap. Sometimes she puts it in front of me and nudges it with her nose. At times, she will even follow me around and put it against my leg.

These behaviors are...less than endearing to my partner. For some reason, the sound of "click click click click click click *thunk* *grab* click click click click click click *drops ball in front of thrower" get to her after, oh, maybe 50-100 throws? IDK. I think it's cute, and also, I can't resist that Face Haley makes.

Partner can resist the face. Partner has some sort of Haley-ball-neutralizing-mystical-powers wherein she puts the ball next to us on the sofa, and Haley comes and chews the ball, and then suddenly she's asleep. How does this happen? (When I attempt this, Haley just stares at the ball from the sofa until I cave and throw it again.)

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are some photos I took last night while attempting to resist the Face. I didn't make it long, but aren't the pictures cute?

Throw the Ball
Haley, a small brown Border Terrier, sitting very politely and giving me the Adorable Eye

two more pictures of dangerous adorableness below the cut )


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