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Yes, You Should Absolutely Wear a Safety Pin
explains origin of the safety pin symbol, context for the current controversy, and also self-defense videos (aimed at women who wear hijab, but suitable for anyone). author is a Muslim filmmaker

November 15th (i.e. tomorrow) is a global day of action protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. Please help spread the word even if you are (like me) unsure of your spoon-related-ability to attend.
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So I haven't seen a lot about this recently on social media, which makes me think that the organizers of this campaign are just bad at social media. BUT it is an important issue, and I can't deal with tweeting about it in 140 character chunks, so I'm just going to share here for now.
cn: cut for those on a news fast, but with a request for signal boosting about DC Statehood and budget issues )
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A worthwile-watching video on creating a sharing culture in the decline of Capitalism
in English, Spanish, French, and some other languages (?) with English subtitles

A Journey Through Corporatism
in which one London graduate discusses the problems she found searching for employment post-graduation and working for the Man (also features an animated video of a talk by David Harvey about the crisis of Capitalism)

Finally, my partner's thoughts on getting a liberal arts degree (roughly quoted):

"It's as though I spent years on a tour of the meat-packing industry, uncovering exactly what they put in the meat and how the animals were treated. Then I graduated and they told me the only jobs I could get were working in meat-packing plants, but I can't forget what I know."


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