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Hi spoonie friends,

Does anyone have any experience with online mattress shopping, particularly the Tuft and Needle mattress vs the Leesa mattress?

I have currently slept (quite comfortably) on a Leesa mattress. The Lovely Woman from Baltimore is upgrading to a larger size and wants to make sure my body can handle whatever she orders. Benefits of the Tuft and Needle mattress -- aside from the lower price point -- include the fact that it retains less heat (& I am a living furnace, which can make everyone's lives unpleasant particularly in summer).

I generally do okay with a firmer surface and quite well on the re-stuffed foam pillows on the sofa. I think she's just worried it will be TOO firm. But also if you have any HORROR STORIES or AMAZING TESTIMONIALS those would probably be helpful too.

Thanks for any feedback!
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Today after therapy we went to DSW Shoe Warehouse. This was ostensibly to look for shoes for partner, who is having trouble putting shoes on because of back pain and so needs sensible shoes with no laces or fancy buckle things. However my beloved black semi-fancy sandals are also dying (as in, I can feel rocks underneath my feet when I walk in them and it is painful) and my wonderful 2-year-old Merrell's are probably dead but also MIA. So, yes, shoes are in order.

Usually I have...issues...with shoe stores. I have non-standard feet, let's put it that way. Or at least, I used to? They seem to have shifted somewhat, perhaps due to orthotics or maybe some shoe manufacturers have finally figured out that some people have wide toes and narrow ankles. But I still have a habit of pouncing on shoes that fit and hoarding them like precious treasure, based on experiences of going to five shoe stores and trying ever frelling shoe on and none of them fitting.

The Merrell's I mentioned? They are men's, in the smallest size they make, and extra wide. I have to order them online when they are not sold out. They're my second pair and I dread the day when the manufacturer stops making them.

Earlier this year my grandmother came to visit and we went shoe shopping for her, and lo! I found a pair of shoes at Goodwill that fit me. (Purple Clark dress shoes, zomg.) And then at T. J. Maxx I also found shoes that fit (the black ones, above). So I've had much better luck lately at wearing shoes that are not hard to find and ridiculously full price.

Today at DSW I managed to find decent walking shoes that are snuggly; Merrell slip-on black dress clog thingies; and also Teva sandals on super sale markdown as it's the end of the season. ALL OF THEM FIT. WHAT. EVEN.

Taken as a whole, they are slightly out of my budget. However, when one factors in the potential spoon cost of trying to find shoes that fit all of these niches (walking, dress, sandal) again at a reasonableish price, I decided I would eat the cost and just get them all now.

I feel like a dragon atop a hoard of shoes...


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