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So I haven't seen a lot about this recently on social media, which makes me think that the organizers of this campaign are just bad at social media. BUT it is an important issue, and I can't deal with tweeting about it in 140 character chunks, so I'm just going to share here for now.
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Signal Boosting for [personal profile] raze:
Crowd funding for surgical costs incurred by a small scale animal rescue in central Alabama
(content note: please note that an image of a stitched surgical incision appears at the end of the post, since the cut is bypassed by my direct link)

For those of you unfamiliar with [personal profile] raze, please know that they do AMAZING work for many, many animals that would otherwise be completely abandoned or unnecessarily euthanized. Any donations made will go a very long way; they are currently trying to raise $500 for vet bills.

You can also find more about [personal profile] raze 's animals -- including animal rescue and animal care info -- via allcreaturessmall on tumblr (there is also a dw feed for the tumblr if that's your jam). There's miniature pigs and all sorts of creatures, it's worth a look.
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I can unhesitatingly endorse Ceredwyn Alexander's Night Draws In and the associated IndieGoGo project to fund professional editing and publishing of it. (I may be also slightly self-serving, as I beta-read all but the final chapters and I really want to read the end.)

From the IndieGoGo:

Its difficult to find stories with queer or disabled characters that don't make disability or queerness the story. Or else they become a stereotype: the disabled BFF, the gay confidante. Worst of all, they may merely be a part of the hero's tragic backstory-the chronically ill or queer significant other who died and left the protagonist with a hunger for justice/vengeance or whatever.

The cast represents a more realistic view of disability and difference than is often portrayed in young adult novels. While each of the characters has some kind of disability, these disabilities are only part of them, not their defining feature.
Night Draws In is a contemporary fantasy that features characters who are more than one attribute.

Supporting this book is supporting diversity in fantasy/science fiction.

I can second this, as the changeling character's mental cognition changes that resulted from her transition from Fae to the mortal realms (plus her tendency to drift back into Faery Realm English) give her memory and aphasia-type qualities that are super duper familiar to me. I have never seen these depicted so accurately or compassionately in fiction before, and it was...really good. For me, as an adult.

Please consider donating or signal-boosting!
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There's one very "Trump like" piece of legislation that has actually had me worried about how "Trump-like" the rhetoric it is, and because it doesn't actually do much to make people safer (other than the way "duck and cover" drills in the Cold War were meant to make you feel safer in the case of nuclear war.)

Read more... )

Here is a petition. There is also another petition. You can also contact your Senators directly. If you live outside the US, I would advise petitioning your government to pressure the US government not to pass this bill, as it would probably affect travel regulations in your country as well. (And right now I think backers are relying on "nobody will notice, it's the holidays, we need the appropriations bill passed" to get it through; it's also a toned down version of what Republicans wanted to do to incoming refugees which is a not good compromise in my opinion because it sets a terrible precedent and has no expiration date.)

ETA: so apparently despite checking several bill trackers and Congress, I missed that this did pass. On Friday. You can still sign petitions to make a point, amendments are possible in the future. I do not know at this point what next steps are, but please let me know and ugh.

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I have been brainstorming with partner and some other dw folks about a potentially very cool and exciting project. Also it is one that I cannot do alone (even if I had the spoons I did in high school, which was a LOT of spoons). So I'm going to talk about the idea and then see if anyone else is interested, and what they might want to do possibly.


A blog-zine-website type thing a la The Toast or Autostraddle, but aimed at disability-type issues or interests. Potential posts or sections or topics could include (but are by no means limited to):cut for length )
Note: not helpful right now, anything along the lines of, "This is cool but totally unrealistic." My brain weasels can rain on the parade on their own without contributions so it would help if you did not feed them.

If there is a lot of interest I would be up for starting a dreamwidth comm about this, but would need a name.

Signal boosting appreciated

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[personal profile] k_a_webb  is running a Finish Things Fundraiser to pay for some unexpected medical expenses this month:

Illness means money's going to be a little tight next month, so I've been thinking about how I can deal with that issue, and as I have far too many stories that need finishing I will finish any currently posted story (the only exception being Case of the Counterfeit Enchantments, as I'm still working on changing the system I'm using for it) for $20. I will also write a new completed story for any known character, including those in stories that are outside the worlds.

If you'd like more than one story completed/written the second is half price, so you can get two completed stories for $30. This also means four completed stories will be $60, and this continues for as many stories as you may be interested in, although the more stories you buy the more time it will take.

Completed stories will be posted at the website and sent in the format of your choice (PDF, epub, mobi, .docx, etc.) to your email.

All donations will be going towards the pay the rent fund. At the moment I know I have enough work to earn $1000, which leaves me about $500 off what I need to cover all outgoings in the next month.

(signal boosting appreciated)

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[personal profile] jjhunter  is running a How are You (in Haiku) today! it is fun! I wrote a haiku about cats and windows and laps, because that is my day so far. <3
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[personal profile] rainbow 's cat Jack has passed, his gofundme is here. Rainbow and S.O. are both disabled so do not have discretionary income/savings for the vet bill, but do have themselves and other cats to support.

Signal boosting or conributions appreciated.
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[just going to apologize now, there are going to be a number of moving-related posts in the coming weeks. but hopefully that will result in moving and that will be exciting and result in less ambient stress as well, so. please bear with me. ♥ ♥ ♥]

my partner is selling her schmancy touring bike in preparation for our move. if you are looking for a bike in the DC-metro area (or nearby metropolises) and would like to help support us in the move, here are the specs:

Bike: Surly Long Haul Trucker (2012; Super Dark Green)
Size: 56cm frame for 700c wheels
Selling Price: $1,000.00
Components: All stock components as listed in the catalog (, with one exception. The cassette (aka cog/cogset) is [11-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32t] and NOT [11-13-15-17-20-23-26-30-34t].
History: The bike has been lovingly cared for (stored indoors when not in use; cleaned after long rides; maintained to prevent undue wear), and while some wear is appearent (the odd scuff here and there, the handlebar tape reinforced when torn, and so on) the bike is effectively like new with lots of life left in the consumable components.

Photo )

You can also help by signal-boosting, if you are so inclined. Here's a direct link to the Craigslist posting in case you're using a non-dreamwidth social media account.

For more information feel free to contact me via PM on dreamwidth or via the email linked to Craigslist. Thank you for your patience!

cross-posted to [community profile] bicycles  and [community profile] signalboost 
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This is a somewhat belated signal boost for a still ongoing situation.

[personal profile] erika is moving because her boyfriend is an abusive asshole, and the ex is currently facing court charges for third degree sexual assault.

She is currently moving back in with family, and due to the upheaval is facing reduced hours at work.

Any extra donations you can toss her way would be helpful in funding life.

Still accepting donations. for Paypal, gofundme, and if you have any other way you'd like, let me know. I'll accept bitcoin too, for my anarchist peeps.

In addition, if you or someone you know lives near Iowa City and is looking to adopt two adult kitties, erika needs to rehome them. She had taken in two that a friend could no longer keep, and she cannot bring them to her new living situation because they are already maxed out on cats. I don't know much about the cats themselves, but I am sure she would be happy to provide more details about them via the email above or DM.

Also I am sure further signal boosting and good thoughts would be helpful if you cannot help with the above.
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Hiya! Congress is considering an incredibly wonderful (for me! as well as others) piece of legislation. It is not without faults, but basically...

Right now, because I am on Medicaid and other forms of public assistance for disability, I cannot have more than $2,000 in assets or I lose my benefits. If I get married, my spouse and I cannot have more than $3,000 in combined assets or same thing.

So, you know, all the planning for rainy days and stuff? That cannot happen for me unless I break the law and hide money under a mattress or something, which is technically a felony that could land me in jail.

This new bill would allow me to have a special savings account of up to $100,000! Other people could add to it as well! (With SSI they get really fussy about anyone else giving you money because it's considered "income" and they want to dock your benefits and it sucks.) If the money is spent on medicine or housing, it's tax-exempt. When you die, the money in the account goes back to the government.

It has passed the House because something something fiscal responsibility. It is now in the Senate, so please if you live in the US and you have some spare time could you maybe call/write/email your Senators and ask them to pass it? Also if you live outside the US signal boosting would be awesome, too.

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via [personal profile] raze , who is always doing all sorts of animal rescue type things:

My preferred fundraising site has changed everything around and no longer accepts the methods of payment that I and most of my donors prefer, so I've added a fundraising page to my not-yet-complete rescue website with information on how to donate towards the vet bills of Bernie the burned puppy and Gavin the injured kitten. There are three ways to donate listed, and the site will be keeping a running "thank-you" list of people who contributed, as well as updated pics of the little ones during their recovery. Signal boosts are greatly appreciated as this fundraising goal is a little higher than usual due to the extent of their injuries and the vetting they need done:

Babies With Boo-Boos

This link does include descriptions of injuries, but graphic pictures must be clicked to view, so it is a fairly "safe" link.

signal boosting and donations much appreciated

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 [personal profile] staranise  has a post up about [personal profile] gingerschnapps ' situation which is much more detailed than I have brains for at the moment, but basically: gingerschnapps (aka S.) lost her cat six or seven months ago; the cat has been found by a rescue organization; funds are needed to recoup the vet bills from the rescue organization and also help S. move to an apartment that allows pets. 

For more info check out either staranise's post or gingerschnapps' post about the situation and ways to help.

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I cannot rant and rave enough about what an awesome person [personal profile] staranise  is, so I won't even attempt to at this juncture (especially since Lyrica + fatigue = what are brainz even?).

However, I will say that staranise and her cat, Bert, could use a bit of extra help at the moment, as staranise just moved to start a new job and Bert is having some rather large vet bills.

"So this is what I'm asking for: I would really appreciate any financial help anyone could give me right now. My job was supposed to start two weeks ago, but thanks to a bureaucratic hangup it might (maybe!) start next week, or maybe the week after; I was supposed to be earning income already. I've paid rent twice this month thanks to the move. Today's vet visit wiped out basically all the money I had left, and I don't know how I'm going to pay tomorrow morning for the medications that Bert needs now, which are averaging around $400/mo, much less any additional tests or procedures he might need.

Paypal donate button and pics of Bert over on her journal.
ETA: Sad announcement over on staranise's journal

signal boosts/donations appreciated <3

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I tangentially know the co-chair of Katsucon and his wife (also involved with Katsucon) through a friend of mine. His wife, Christine, caught con-crud at Katsucon this year, which for her happened to be H1N1. She ended up in ICU in a medically-induced coma due to underlying medical conditions that made her more susceptible to flu. She passed away on Sunday.

Grig and his son are left with a rather large hospital bill (even with health insurance) and face the lack of Christine's half of the household income. A friend has set up a gofundme campaign to try to raise funds to help get them on their feet in the face of their loss. In addition, Grig has books available for download/hard copy on Amazon if you would like to help that way.

Donations and/or signal boosts on whichever form of social media you feel comfortable are much appreciated.
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POETREE @ Dreamwidth: Exploring the Body Politic: February 17th - 22nd

From census to consensus, let's map the polities in our lives. How do we dramatize — or dismiss — our conflicts of interest? Where's poetry to be found in politics? Sign up now to participate, February 17th - 22nd @ [community profile] poetry.

This looks like so much fun.
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Help two rescued dogs find love for the first time by sharing the fundraiser to get Hyena and Regina to their foster homes in Florida! These sweet girls were next on "the list" at a high-kill rural animal control shelter, one being a senior and the other very fearful. Thankfully, Ewenity Farms Border Collie Haven agreed to rescue them, but the rescue now needs help raising funds for their vetting and transport costs. Donations in any amount help and sharing/signal boosting is greatly appreciated.

Help Rescued Dogs Find Love!
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my friend inkdefense and her partner Pockets McGee are in a bit of a dire situation right now (but then, isn't everyone?). I don't want to go too much into the particulars due to privacy issues, but let's just say there have been hospitals, job mishaps, health crap, and a series of unfortunate events leading to them having trouble making their rent check. They don't have any other good (free) housing options, and I honestly don't know what their backup plan is if they can't pay their rent.

inkdefense and Pockets McGee have been really good friends to me, through hell and high water. I knew inkdefense at Uni and when I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia and stopped being able to go to Pride Alliance meetings, she was the one and only Pride Alliance member (besides partner) who took the time to visit me regularly and stay friends with me. She is good peoples.

So! There are a couple of ways you wonderful folks can help, if you so choose.
  1. signal boosts are always appreciated
  2. inkdefense has a donate button up on her tumblr
  3. Pockets McGee makes lovely cut-paper wall art, as well as hand-knit scarves, which are available on Etsy.

Thank you <3

ETA: I'm not putting up a specific donation amount because honestly, after rent there are also some rather large hospital bills, and if people are able to be really generous, then so be it. Also, if you were thinking of getting me something for the holidays, any of the above would be gratefully appreciated.


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