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So I kept waiting for the right lighting or something and...anyway, I wanted to photograph things (even some yarn that is *technically not yet done gasp*) because otherwise it is not going to happen and then it will be out of my house or part of some other project or something.
image heavy )
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There have been some requests for yarning photos, so here goes. It's been awhile since I played with my iphone camera and I find spring light weird (there's leaves but also not much leaves, and the angles change, and and and)...but I have decided to release perfectionism.

Yarning Picspam April 2014
A pile of four skeins (three colors) of yarn which I did not dye myself, but I did spin on my drop spindle(s). From left to right: a purple blend that was a gift from someone awesome (there are three more samples to play with!); a green/blue/gray blend from a LYS that's all spun up, but some went to my mom because it made a perfect border to her wingspan shawl; a purple/gray blend whose colorway is called "Rogue" from the same maker as the green blend (I have another batch on the spindle that needs to be skein'd and thwacked/fulled).
All The Picspam under the cut, you have been warned if bandwidth is an issue )
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I am trying to avoid griping too much about how much my body DNW the random 30 degree temperature changes and barometric pressure nonsense that is going on here right now. Also, today I have a serious case of Missing Rogue (even though Haley is wonderful). *sigh*

Instead, have some linkspam which is mostly me talking about knitting and spinning and suchlike:

My mom (and dad) got me glorious yarn for my birthday. I have been trying to decide what to do with it, as it is technically enough for a sweater. However, as I am heat intolerant and my mom very considerately chose chunky yarn so it would be a fast knit...I have finally decided to make a cape poncho thing with it. *is excite* I am also excited because the pattern seems to be exceedingly well written (what's this, I actually read through the pattern before knitting anything? *gasp*) and has both charts and written instructions for the lace and cabled sections. If you want piiiictuuures, it is called the Covetable Cabled Cape on Ravelry. If you are curious, the yarn I'm going to use is 50/50 wool/alpaca and ~purple~.

Also in knitting and spinning news, I have several skeins and skeins-in-progress whose colors I think will work well together. They also are of a relatively similar thickness and the textures work well together, too. I am thinking of making a shawl, perhaps Hitchhiker, perhaps something else. Who knows? I shall wait until I've finished the current spinning.

Some of the skeins I want to use have yet to be fulled. That is, they are spun, but I need to get them wet and soapy and thwack them to turn them into actual usable yarn. This is a fun process -- and a definite stress reliever -- I just haven't really had spoons. Actually, come to think of it, there's one spun bit of yarn that's still on a spindle. I, um, need to wind it onto a niddy noddy. Errr...maybe I'll do that soon. If my arms will let me, it can be a bit ache-making. Maybe if I take breaks? This is what I need small children to use as manual labor share the joys of spinning with. My second nephew is *very* good at winding yarn onto niddy noddies, or at least helping keep the spindle from flying all over the room while I do it. Does anyone else have that problem? *ponders the possibility of recruiting partner* (Partner is crimping CAT-6 cables today, though, so maybe not).

That's about all for now. Going to attempt to resist falling asleep. Naps, they seem to be consuming me these days.
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Despite the endless plagues of stomach and of upper respiratory tract, I have managed to make some exciting things. Not nearly as fast as I would like, but here is photographic proof (along with a picture of Haley that seems to have sneaked in, no idea how that happened :P ).

Handspun hat (natural BFL)
A hat I knit for Partner. It is some of my handspun BFL, undyed but *not cream*. I was getting a tad bored with cream. This is grayish-brownish, roughly worsted weight. Snuggly! It's a simple hat design, 4x4 rib and then stockinette all the way up after the ribbed border. She is a fan, but alas has not worn it outside yet as the weather has turned warmish for now. I am hoping it stays that way.

somewhat photo heavy below the cut; spinning and Haley ahoy! )

Reading stuff:

what have you recently finished reading:
I just finished reading The Wanderers, which an AWESOME AND WONDERFUL FRIEND GIFTED ME. I don't want to give away key plot points, but let's just say I am a sucker for Fairy Tale retellings that are well done, and this one is. Also, did I mention that there is a talking cat in this book? There is, and he is amazing and wonderful and a smartass (cat, remember?). Love the book, highly recommend. Trying to avoid spoilers. Another benefit of this book is that the chapters are fairly self-contained plot-wise, although there are obviously continuing elements. This is good for me because it allowed me to go to bed at 2 am rather than stay up til 4 or 5 am to finish the book. If you also have trouble with authors who tease you at the end of chapters and keep you up til unreasonable hours of the morning, this book may be your friend.

what you are currently reading:
no book spines cracked atm

what you hope to read next:
I have several additional gifts on my ereader, which I am currently eager to read because clearly my friend has excellent taste.

Also, it has not escaped my attention that Terry Pratchett's latest book, Raising Steam is out. I am a bit conflicted about my acquisition of this, as I have others of his books in paperback and I don't want a hardback messing up the shelving system. OTOH the library will not have this in stock for months, I can guarantee it. So I will probably get an ebook of Raising Steam and a paper copy when it's a mass market paperback, because I'm weird like that. (My partner infected me, what can I say.)
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cn: hospitals, people i tangentially know in icu, bike accidents, con plague, animal death/abuse )

Clearly time for good things. Yes, good things are a thing, yes?
  1. It is snowing but it is not a !ridiculousamount of snow, and it is not sticking to the pavement thus far. It just looks pretty.
  2. The birds are enjoying the bird feeders and it is fun to watch them.
  3. It is also fun to watch Haley watch dog TV (aka the birdfeeders), and go beserk when a squirrel encroaches on her turf.
  4. Going to attempt a Grimm marathon later.
  5. Therapy today! Much needed.
  6. Have I ever mentioned that tea is amazing? Yeah, I thought so ;)
  7. I can haz plans for a knit hat for partner made from some gray handspun BFL I spun...just waiting for it to finish drying before I swatch.
  8. Am spinning the most gorgeous targhee. I bought it pre-dyed and am very happy with how it's turning out so far.
  9. Might be a good day for fire in fireplace.
  10. Have tentative plans for crafty and/or fandom goodness with [personal profile] jelazakazone  soon!
Also also, in the continued adventures of Conversations Between Liz and Partner, we decided that there were not enough Star Trek:TNG episodes featuring Spot behaving like a real cat. For reminder, Spot is/was Data's cat and basically he just chilled in Data's rooms and let Data hold him with no scratching. Umm...what? Here are suggestions for additional Spot-themed episodes. Feel free to add your own...
  • Data, in an attempt to better understand animals, tries to teach Spot tricks. Spot ignores him initially (perhaps by licking butthole) but then proceeds to learn tricks rapidly. Data and other crewmembers are amazed. Troi is skeptical, and discovers that Spot is possessed by an alien lifeform that is able to mind-control its host. Blah blah blah subduing alien lifeform. Data disappointed that after alien lifeform leaves, all Spot wants to do is lick his butthole.
  • Spot goes missing. Data distraught, search ensues. Data goes through ship with Spot's favorite toys, cat nip, food, etc. No one thinks of air ducts until strange sounds heard from them. Spot discovered inside, killing/playing with invasive alien life form that is attempting to take over ship. Spot saves day! However, Dr. Crusher has to treat Spot for alien poisons. Spot looks smug and vomits hairball of tiny alien head at Data's feet as a victory present.
  • Data takes Spot to Holodeck to a program that is supposed to be specifically engineered for cats. It is made of laser pointers that dart across the wall. Spot pounces at laser pointers! However, person who programmed laser pointers is a Romulan spy that made a sequence of lights designed to render Data helpless until he is shown an alternate sequence of lasers. Spot gives no fucks when Data falls over, continues playing with lasers. Romulan spy kidnaps Data; Spot continues to give no fucks and plays with shiny points of light. Romulans escape with Data in ship. Spot gives fucks when his dinner does not come and makes MUCH NOISE until Geordi arrives and sees that Spot is alone in Holodeck and Data is missing, and his visor records and is able to analyze the light pattern. Rest of crew saves Data; Spot doesn't give fucks because he's being fed and cared for. When rescued Data says no more laser program in Holodeck; Spot feigns indifference and licks butthole
CLEARLY SPOT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE STAR OF TNG! The possibilities are endless! (Feel free to share if you are also enthused about the topic of introducing animals to shows with insufficient animals, and adding plotlines for them.)
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Because this is how I cope, y'all.
  1. I have four hanks of yarn (one of which is very tiny, two of which are very big) drying on hangers in my bathroom.
  2. [personal profile] skud made another post about fashion which is fascinating (note very photo heavy).
  3. Friends, online and off, who are super duper amazing. If you are reading this, this means you!
  4. Had a lovely date with my partner yesterday evening. We were too tired to see Thor 2 at 8:45, which...I blame walking in cold wind for? But anyway, we had good times and might see a movie sometime soon.
  5. I got a rocking chair from Goodwill. It is my favoritest chair. It is the PERFECT height for me, and I can actually put my feet on the ground. I can also self-soothe and also if I start having venuous pooling I can rock and it helps with that too. WIN. (I might call her Gertie, I'm not sure though.)
  6. I started washing my hair in baking soda, then rinsing it with water and then rinsing it again with vinegar or apple cider vinegar per [personal profile] lynnoconnacht 's recommendation and it is amazing. Admittedly I've been doing it for two days so far, but I am a convert already.
  7. Talking to my nephews and brother on the phone.
  8. My grandmother is coming to visit for six weeks starting in mid-December. She is 94 and crossing the Atlantic solo. I love my grandma so much. <3 <3 <3
  9. I have been going for walks and spinning while I walk. This is working and increasing my cardio stuff and the amount that I spin. WIN.
  10. I met someone while doing #9 who thought his daughter might like spinning, so I gave him a tiny bit of wool for her to play with and told him about YouTube instructional videos and also local yarn shops and building spindles from a CD and a dowel. :DDD spinning evangelism ftw.
  11. I am researching doing historical interpreting as volunteering with spinning as my demonstration. It is still in a formative stage.

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Playing a bit off of a buzzfeed post and subsequent thoughts by ysabetwordsmith, here are some "old skills" I use on a regular basis. For the purposes of having a definition, I'm defining "old skills" somewhat arbitrarily as skills that are not used much by the mainstream population anymore because new technology has made them less necessary to basic existence.

Read more... )
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written by [personal profile] skud  Why is it so difficult to make your own clothes (or have them made)? via [personal profile] lilysea 

These are things I think about quite a bit as a knitter/spinner/general fiber artist. This article also really makes me want to play with linen and rectangles.

Other things to think about: my blasted HoA bans clotheslines outside, which means washing your clothes by hand is that much harder.

Thoughts that I have had on the subject on my other blog: Pros and Cons of Handspun Yarn #1

lizcommotion: blue handspun yarn on a weatherbeaten bench with a seashell next to it (yarn blue handspun)
Had a lovely day yesterday with [personal profile] jelazakazone &co; we spent most of the time in her lab concocting ways to make wire & fiber art yak fusions for an art quilt. Yes. It was that awesome. There may also have been discussions of wire art alpacas, possibly with tiny alpaca scarves. In the end there was a yak semi-made. My contributions were some fuzzy yarn spun from locks that I spun as an experiment independently (verdict: pain in the butt on a drop spindle, and probably on a wheel too, but timely for this project) and also a handspun alpaca "scarf" for said yak made out of i-cord. Partner drew sharks with her daughter, and also had an excellent time. (Well, a shark with its tail covered by a half-eaten donut. Long story. But aren't those the best kind of sharks?)

I also seem to be accidentally making a Slytherin-Gryffindor house unity cowl. Funny how I just happened to have green, gold, red, and gray (interspersed with cream) in my stash...also funny that I didn't notice it was in Hogwarts colors until the last couple of stripes. Now I am kind of more in love with it. The cream is handspun Finnsheep.

Slytherin Gryffindor house unity cowl WIP
Close up of the Slytherin-Gryffindor House Unity Cowl, see above for description of colors. In garter stitch (yes, in the round, I am like that), so it's got texture and ridges but lies flat and is very stretchy

Yesterday also saw me obsessed with buttons. I am making Things involving buttons and upcycled felted sweaters, with the odd bit of embroidery on them to liven them up. (And did I mention some of the buttons are vintage and awesome?) And then jelazakazone gave me more buttons, and I have All The Ideas for them. (Hats! With buttons as embellishments! And Things!) I enjoyed the hand embroidery more than I expected, I think because it was something different.

picture of the sewn felted thing )

Why am I posting at almost 5 am, you may ask, when I've obviously had a very full day already? Well, because it is cold outside and I woke up in pain and unable to move. As in, I couldn't roll over and my hands wouldn't close. *gnashes teeth* Probably some of this is because I did a lot yesterday, and for awhile I used to think that if my hands were like that the solution was to not knit and sit around looking lost. What I have found, for me is that if I do just a little bit of crafting involving my hands - particularly knitting or spinning - the motion tends to lubricate my joints or something and then I can actually, say, make a dreamwidth post. YMMV.
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In September I set about a very hard project for me. I would knit a super sekkrit project that I wasn't keeping secret/sekkrit from people I knew in person -- it was for one of my online friends. Therefore, I had to maintain absolute radio silence about my project not only throughout its creation but also until I finally sent it off to the wonderful [personal profile] jjhunter in October.

Oh, the suspense. How would jj like it? Was I using the right colors? I sent a mysterious email inquiring about jjhunter's favorite colors (and the air speed velocity of a coconut bearing swallow, to throw her off the scent :P ).

In the end, I just had to trust my instincts and luck. She was fortunately very detailed and liked several colors, which let me play with color. She also sent an example of a green she liked, and Lo, I had a yarn in that very color in my stash.

And of course, because this was for a very dear friend, there had to be handspun worked into the shawl to give it extra texture and squishiness and warmth and love.

I resorted to showing my progress to the dear people at my local yarn store, as I couldn't share with my dreamwidth circle.

Until now.

Super Sekkrit September Shawl
1 )

In addition to the Super Sekkrit September Shawl (and, you know, preparing for the holidays and the guild show) I'm now scheduled to work on a collaborative project. It involves Alpacas as a general theme.

1 more photo behind the cut )

I am so excite. Now if maybe my body would give me a break and stop hurting, that would be great.
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Yesterday was glorious. Today I am in pain, but it's worth it even though I can't go to a cool festival. Perhaps thinking I could was overambitious. Perhaps yesterday was overambitious, but I do not care.

three crafty photos and talk about crafty gatherings )

Finally, as if that was not enough excitement for the day, my in-laws (by which I mean my partner's mom and her aunt) called and asked if we wanted to go out for dinner at a delicious restaurant. I was hungry. YES.

While we were there, we saw some people carrying giant fabric jellyfish on sticks, some of which were illuminated. Partner's aunt asked them if it was for something in particular (a jellyfish festival?), but it was merely to make people smile. It worked. It's called the Jellyfish Project, apparently. Pictures for you!

The jellyfish project
Several people carrying fabric jellyfish (see above for description) while onlookers ogle and take pictures.
one more photo of jellyfish project )
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Here are some fun crafty things I have done lately:

I made suncatchers for the garden with my mom. We both picked out pretty looking plates and things from Goodwill, then I glued them together using E6000 glue. Then we found rebar at a hardware store, and today (finally) we stuck them in the garden. Ta-da! They look like flowers.

Sun catchers
photo of two suncatchers (see description in paragraph above) in my mom's garden

There are plans for more, to make a cluster and also maybe have some in the back.

I also dyed two skeins of yarn. Apparently what I do is technically kettle-dyeing, which sounds fancy schmancy. Below is a photo of one of the skeins of yarn (still wet). one photo below the cut, and I also ramble about crafts )
lizcommotion: white handspun yarn next to various seashells (yarn white handspun)
(Does this count as spinning fanfic? Because I might have ALL THE IDEAS about spinning fanfic. Curious about what breaking dye is? It's when the dye "accidentally" breaks down into into its component colors. Check out this blog article for an explanation of doing it on purpose.)

Dye Breaker
[sung to the tune of "Heartbreaker" by Pat Benatar]

Your Craft is like a tidal wave
spinning off of your thigh
drowning me in your fiber
(stash size left unsaid)

You're the right kind of spinner
to release my inner crafter
Read more... )
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I have to see the Gastro in a few hours. Not so excited about that.

Let's talk about crafts instead. I am making such the exciting yarn for [personal profile] shanaqui 's birthday. I am playing with a fiber I have never played with before. It is exciting. (I am even excited about plying, which is saying something.)

I have finished quilting the base of the art quilt, which decided for itself that it will have a snake theme because it decided to quilt snakes on itself. I am good with that. So, my art quilt is turning into a piece of Bone fanart. (You know Mim, the dragon who bites her tail? I know the dragon/snake is from like a zillion other mythologies - and is originally a snake - but i always think of Bone. Yet I am also Pagan and super into mythology, so I also think of snakes. So yes, fanart-mythology dragon-snake it is! Because I said so. The quilt may decide otherwise yet.)

Here's my progress thus far (I still have to applique the pieces down, obviously, and will probably do some hand embroidery/beadwork maybe? But yes):

Art quilt 1 progress
Square art quilt about a foot around ish, with 8 stripes of color (beige, beige, yellow, green, and four shades of blue going from bottom to top). Machine quilted with some designs of dunes and snakes. Varying colors of machine quilting to contrast rather than blend in with the base quilt. On top are red/brown batik torn fabric squares in three patterns arranged in a circle so that they gradually reduce in size. Most embroidery will focus on emphasizing a mouth and tail at the top.

Other crafting? Let's see. I finally finished swatching for my nephew's hat. I won't show you the swatch, that's boring. I have to wash it and measure gauge, and then I can begin making his hat. He wants a brim AND earflaps AND a nib at the top (the thing to pull it off). I am kind of dreading this hat, thus it's been several months between him dyeing the yarn and me working on it at all. But...I will see. Maybe once I'm working on it?

In the meantime maybe I'll work on younger nephew's dragon, which was originally going to be a fire truck. Heh.

Oh, also, I am officially In Love with Cormo Sheep Fiber. So soft. OMG. It's the fiber for my spinning group, and mmmmmmm. So yes. That's a thing. Will post more later after I finish plying it.
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I experimented with natural dyes for the first time the other night. (I used an aluminum pot so it would help set the color, rather than playing with some realllllly toxic metal in my kitchen.)

Here are the results...two photos below the cut )

Thanks to everyone who helped with the natural dyes advice!

P.S. All I can think is, I made those.

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Note: copying some of this from what I posted on wordpress as a follow up to a recent post about knitting with 18 yards of handspun yarn. Today, apparently, my hands wanted to be used, but gently. Thus I now have a handmade business card holder embellished with handspun yarn.

How far does 18 yards of handspun yarn go if you mix it with other yarns? Well I’m here to tell you that I got not one, not two, but three projects out of 18 yards of my handspun, and I still have a yard or so left over. Huzzah!

2 photos below the cut )

A business card holder made out of two-toned merino Shepherd’s wool (red and pink) closed with a purple button. I used the white handspun to embellish the bag with a smiley face and some edging. The bag is resting on a pile of buttons I had poured out to choose from; the remaining handspun is above it. This one is definitely for me to keep, as I’d been planning on making something homemade to house my business cards for awhile. Huzzah for finally finishing it!

The following is a small amount of market research. Feel free to ignore, sorry to stick it in an otherwise purely knitting/spinning related post but it seemed relevant and I didn't want to just post two things right on top of one another.

Poll #13744 Small Batch Handspun on Etsy
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 9

If Liz sold small amounts of handspun on Etsy for less $, I would...

Buy some!
3 (37.5%)

Tell other people!
4 (50.0%)

Don't use yarn, so not relevant to me.
1 (12.5%)

Not interested in buying it for other reasons.
1 (12.5%)

Postage is too big a barrier.
4 (50.0%)

What yardages/prices would you be most interested in?

50 yards for $18 + postage
2 (66.7%)

40 yard for $15 + postage
2 (66.7%)

30 yards for $12 + postage
2 (66.7%)

sampler of 10 yards each of 3 yarns for $15 + postage
3 (100.0%)

something else I will detail in comments
0 (0.0%)

Every poll needs a...

1 (11.1%)

2 (22.2%)

2 (22.2%)

piping plover!
0 (0.0%)

4 (44.4%)

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Sung to the tune of "What can you do with a drunken sailor," of course. ;)

Turns out, quite a lot, if you mix 'n match with other yarns. Take, for example, the 18 yards of uber soft undyed Targhee I decided to play with rather than list on my shop. I paired it with a ball of Cascade 128 (which is 128 yards of chunky superwash merino omg) that I had gotten on sale.

Doesn't look like that much yarn, right?

What can you do with 18 yards of handspun yarn?
A ball of forest green Cascade 128 machine spun yarn surrounded by a hank of handspun thick-and-thin white Targhee yarn. The label for the Targhee (my shop label) peeks out from under it.

I thought maybe I'd get a hat with a couple of stripes out of them.

Well I'm mostly done with the hat, and this is what I've got. read on for two photos and be amazed )

probably cross-posting to [community profile] knitting
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With excitement and trepidation I am Officially Launching the sale of my handspun yarn at my Etsy shop, Rogue Crafter's Studio.

Mermaid's tail targhee art yarn 70 yards
70 yards of "Mermaid's tail handspun targhee art yarn" (in other words, green) on a backdrop of weather-beaten wood, blue and multi-colored Mayan weaving, with a seashell and driftwood for contrast. Available on Etsy as well. ^_^

(More to come once I get back from the beach and set the spin on about four more hanks of yarn. I decided driving with wet yarn in the car would not endear me with fellow travelers...)

I ramble about yarn/spinning a lot on

Signal boosts much appreciated!

*squees quietly to self*
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  1. Prepped a bunch of handspun yarn (i.e. labelling yardage, fibre content, washing instructions, etc.) to take to a local art store that has admired my handspun in the past and expressed an interest in buying it. We shall see if they still are. If not, it's a test run, and there are other places that might be. *squees nervously to self*

  2. Started working on a 100% handspun shawl made partly from conservation breed sheep and also art batt from a local farm. I feel *so* crunchy. Am hoping to exhibit it with a local fibre guild - some of them have space in a local art space, or in local libraries. Also, the items they exhibit are usually for sale. This is the excite, too. Here's a sneak peak:
    Handspun earth shawl WIP
    close up of triangular shawl knit from handspun brown/white twist, cream/multicolor twist, and brown/multicolor twist in stripes yarn over holes go up the center, and a blue stitch marker marks the center stitch

  3. I am very excite over both how fast my spinning has gotten and also my improved dyeing skills. 1 photo behind the cut to save your reading page )

  4. I *may* have only gotten two hours of sleep last night whoops oh well so nervous/excited about the yarn "interview".

  5. I can be a fibre artist now?
ETA: Thanks for many kind thoughts. Art shop talkings went very well, although I think based on time +  materials I am probably out of the price range that the shop owner is willing to pay. However, he did mention that other knitters in the store may be interested, so I gave him a huge stack o' business cards and left an 18 yard sample of Best Tea China Wensleydale Handspun. He got very excited about trying it out and also showing it to the other knitters (although I think mainly trying it out himself incorporated into a hat to see what it would look like), and kept stroking the fibre. Yesssss.

In other news, a very dear friend's girlfriend may need to go to the hospital (again), and she is not sure about being able to afford to miss work when she is inpatient. She is going to be raising money on her tumblr I think, so I gave her the above purple yarn as an incentive for folks who chip in. She also does a lot of cut paper art herself. No idea how/when she will have the spoons to do the fundraising, but I'm giving folks a heads up that I will be signal-boosting here in case anyone can throw a bit in the hat, so to speak.


Jun. 4th, 2013 01:01 am
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This week I have spun over 300 yards of finished yarn on my drop-spindle.

Some of them are singles, and some of them are two-ply (which means a total of three spinnings, because strand 1, strand 2, and plying them). I have about 420 yards of yarn if you are counting all the singles (as opposed to the plyed total), and if you figure the plying time then it's really about 540 yards of fibre that's been through my fingers in a week.

Spinning hung out to dry
Six clothes hangers with yarn hanging from them hang from a shower rail. From the left:

- 108 yards of single-ply cream "Finnsheep" woolen yarn, which I plan on dyeing
- 91 yards of single-ply WILD COLORS (mostly black, pink, and green. and orange) Art Batt, sourced from Etsy
- 15 yard single ply sampler (mostly green, orange, and pink) from the same Etsy store as above
- 15(?) yards 2-ply twist of earth tone art batt and cream Targhee worsted yarn
- 79 yards 2-ply twist of Black Welsh Mountain sheep and cream "Finnsheep"; semi-worsted; I call this "chocolate Escher"
- 18(?) yards 2-ply twist of Black Welsh Mountain sheep and earth tone art batt; semi-worsted; I haven't come up with a name for this one yet


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