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so i finally watched Captain America: Civil War, which I didn't see in theaters because money and also I got upset about a certain winter soldier.

(i am still upset, fyi)

but now that i have finally seen it, I have a fic idea and like...goddammit brain, do you know how many writing projects we're working on? (answer: two novels and i lost count of how many fanfics and also some poetry, that's how many.)


minor spoilers for captain america: civil war, also talking about ableism )
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The Library at Pemberley (8369 words) by lizcommotion
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Pride and Prejudice & Related Fandoms, Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice (2005), Pride and Prejudice (1995)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Elizabeth Bennet/Female Fitzwilliam Darcy
Characters: Elizabeth Bennet, Kitty Bennet, Georgiana Darcy, Female Fitzwilliam Darcy
Additional Tags: Genderswap, Genderbending, Genderqueer, Femslash, Alternate Universe - Gender Changes, Light Bondage, Cunnilingus, Vaginal Fingering, Dildos, Regency, Enthusiastic Consent

"Elizabeth's heart stopped for a moment when Fitz said "rare folios," and she swore once they resolved this that she would explain to her wife, slowly, that she should have mentioned these folios when first she proposed."

Elizabeth and her wife Fitz Darcy return to Pemberley after their honeymoon. Her fear that the marriage to Fitz was a mistake seem to be confirmed when the two argue about sharing Pemberley's vast library. Will they be able to find a suitable compromise? A tender romance with a side of erotica.

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Midsomer Murders x Dr Who

Why does no one move from Midsomer? Why are only two bumbling yet affable detectives in charge of a string of seemingly unrelated murders instead of a giant task force full of forensics people? Why is it still seen as a pleasant destination?

The Doctor knows some deeper work must be at play. His only regret is that it has taken him so long to investigate...better get ready to RUN.
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Cat Update )

What I have been knitting lately )

Writing Meta )

Here's a short excerpt I wrote the other day that I am particularly proud of )

I've been on Twitter a lot in the middle of the night when I can't sleep because of hip pain, because there's lots of other people who can't sleep either, and also because when I have brain fog 140 characters is easier to handle than larger chunks of text.

However, joyously! my brain is letting me read now. Possibly because I am utterly sick of television, as for months I couldn't really do anything after 6 pm other than watch Netflix under a pile of cats. So, rec me your books! Quick, while I can enjoy them!
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"Fear not, Macbeth. No man that’s born of woman
Shall e'er have power upon thee."

One of the things all my teachers and theater buffs and PBS told me about Shakespeare is that he works for any time. Few stage directions! No set costumes! [No copyright restrictions!] You can make all sorts of adaptations!

Read more... )

This is a roundabout way of saying that here are other possibilites (besides MacDuff the C-section baby) for MacBeth's downfall, assuming the prophecy to be correct:
  • one of the clones from Orphan Black (or a less-awesome clone I suppose)
  • a rabid bear
  • any non-human animal, actually
  • lightning, hurricane, tidal wave, or other Act of God
  • alien abduction, followed by Shakespearean Mulder and Scully (and/or Mulder's ancestor)
  • stopped washing hands because of Lady Macbeth's creepy hand-washing, died of germs
  • Lady Macbeth herself
  • some sort of Ophelia crossover
  • Lady Macbeth kills him, creates some sort of regency, takes Ophelia as her lover. Hand-washing was a ploy.
  • someone prayed to the Goddess of Marriage and she fixes everything for Lady Macbeth/Ophelia, including getting rid of Macbeth
  • Daleks
  • The Doctor
  • the US Enterprise fell through a hole in time and it crashed it onto Macbeth while Worf was at the helm
  • he is Immortal and There Can Be Only One. Watcher files sketchy on what happened after his first death. Possibly sighted in modern politics.
  • tripped and hit his head on one of those stone castle walls
  • "tripped" and hit his head on one of those stone castle walls
  • mob of angry peasants and/or guillotine (there's power in groups and groupthink no matter how you're born)
  • realizes error of his ways, becomes a wise, beloved and long-living king
  • does not eat vegetables because he is king and no one can make him so there, dies of scurvy
  • unwisely visited crossroads at dusk, never seen again
  • forgot to pay witches for services, never seen again
  • forgot to pay witches for services, they totally lied about the prophecy, killed by someone who paid them well to dupe MacBeth McSmartypants
Uh fic ideas free to a good home, I guess?
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"I've given you plenty of time," Lily said, licking her paw.

Amelie eyed the small tabby over her bowl of food. She wasn't sure what the protocol was. She never knew how to behave around these other cats. At first Chance had seemed the greater threat with his pacing outside her door and his gifts, but glancing at the self-assured queen now she wasn't quite so sure.

"I'm told he's been finishing your food," the tabby continued.

Read more... )
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I do not even know where most of this is from anymore, but I share with you becauase I found them interesting and I do so enjoy [personal profile] umadoshi's linkspam. I hope you find something of interest.


quote via this tweet: "In short, the most optimistic fiction you can write is fiction where people treat each other well under conditions of crisis." --C Doctorow

Read more... )

Gender & sexuality & feminism, oh my!

Overthinking it: Female character flowchart

Read more... )

Gaming and media

Can Live Action Role-Playing Bring about social change?

Read more... )

Various posts that I connect somehow to feeling crappy about work/not work/not the "right kind" of work

On Tumblr Skillz and their utility in the job market

Read more... )

Just for fun

The Kitty Convict Project -- IDing escaped indoor cats

the yarn harlot is giving me sock envy. good thing i am currently knitting weasley socks in autumn colors (*coughgreatlyaccidentallyalteringthepatternonpurposecough*).

(beware: gif/vine thing!) velociraptors attack outdoor christmas decorations

From the Point of View of the Cat, by Czech writer Karel ńĆapek, 1935 (note: text is in image file, transcription currently unavailable)

Comic about what the Oxfam goats think about Oxfam donations (note transcription currently unavailable

@hourlykitten If you use twitter, I've been following @hourlykitten rather than Emergency Kitten because @hourlykitten cites sources of photos and I find that admirable. (also, it's nice to be able to track back to the original photographer, etc.) I have no affiliation, but I recommend them.

There is an adorable rat on this chilled out cat's head. Not recommended at home.
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[personal profile] alexseanchai  is hosting a Two By Two: Fun with Couplets poetry event (and you don't have to rhyme or use meter unless you want to)

[personal profile] jjhunter  is hosting How are You? in Haiku

come play with us!
(seriously, my brain fog is all mrrrrph today, so it's definitely *not a contest*, just fun with words)

[signal boosts appreciated! ]

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Today I'm hosting Kayleigh from kajones_writing on the first leg of a blog tour. I hope you enjoy it! I was going to write more of an introduction, but ~health fail~. The following is from Kayleigh:

Blog Tour

I’m Kayleigh, I’m a writer, and I’m trying to make my dream come true - to make a living from my writing - by crowdfunding. Three years ago I didn’t know what crowdfunding was, but I was lucky enough to find the crowdfunding community on Livejournal, where I started learning what it was possible for me to do. Since then I’ve experimented, to find what works for me, as I’ve been crowdfunding myself for the last two years (last month was my two year anniversary, which is part of the reason I wanted to do this), and, even though I’m not making much, I love it.


Since last year I’ve lived with my boyfriend of over seven years, but life never seems to give us a break. After the stress of last year, with moving and family issues, I was hoping that this year would be easier. Instead he’s dealing with some very painful medical issues that mean he can’t work, so my aims have changed. This year was going to be the year where I built up my audience, as last year I had to take an unplanned hiatus, with the aim for next year being to start getting a regular income. Now my aim for this year is to help as much as I can with both the groceries and the rent, especially as we’re coming up to a particularly difficult month, as we pay rent every four weeks.


With this aim in mind I’ve been working to make my work easy to get into, by creating the Beginner’s Guide to the Many Worlds of K. A. Jones, and making the crowdfunding side as understandable as possible, with my Crowdfunding Brochure. I do write a lot, because writing is the one thing I’ve always been good at, and it’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to dedicate my life to - I decided I wanted to be a writer when I was six and I never changed my mind. So, if you like what you read here check me out at (my website), or I have mirrors on both LiveJournal and Dreamwidth under the name kajones_writing, and if you’d like to host your own story then email me at or PM at either mirror journal.


The following story is from the World Walkers collection. I hope you enjoy it.



Garth: A New World

Garth - A New World


Stepping onto Athare was easy compared to what they’d dealt with on Kalinia.

Read more: unsure of triggers to list... )
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I haven't finished any projects lately, mainly because omg all the dizzies. However, I thought I'd give you a sneak peak of what I have been doing besides playing computer games. Just because, you know, photos! Fun!

So first off, the targhee/art batt that I spun a bit ago is knitting up really nicely. I am making a hat. Usually it would take me an afternoon to knit this (it's on US #10 needles, which are pretty sizeable making the knitting go quickly). However, I've had to pace myself to a round or two at a time.

Anyway, here goes:

Handspun hat work-in-progress
The bottom half of a hat knit in a "twist" yarn of cream and a multicolored yarn. The hat is still on the needles, which have purple point protectors on them. The background is a gray table.

2 more photos under the cut, if you look closely you can see Glitz! )

So that's what I'm working on right now. That, and I had a story idea while waiting in the lab today spoilers about my plotbunny )

What are you up to these days?
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Title: Not For the Mortal World
Type of Fanwork: Fic
Pairing: Snape/Lily
Characters: Severus Snape, Lily Evans/Potter, Albus Dumbledore, Fawkes
Length (if applicable): roughly 1900 words
Rating: General Audiences
Creator: lizcommotion
Summary/Description: Snape Uses the Resurrection Stone to talk to Lily and settle a few matters of the heart.

Thanks to all my beta-readers for their support.

What made you think to try on the ring? )
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I am sworn to secrecy, but I am sooo excited about my [community profile] junetide project. I can't say much  more than that I was giggling all over my computer this morning as I worked on it. Or was that evil cackling?

For those of you not familiar with Junetide, it's a community creation-gift-giving project. Participants request original "gifts" (artwork, writing), and in return create something for someone else. It's kind of like secret santa only a zillion times more awesome.

I'm getting ready to beta my Junetide writing (I can say it's writing, right?). My partner has already been informed that she will be reading the story. Is there anyone else interested in helping me beta my story? You will also have to be sworn to secrecy - but then, that's half the fun.

Also - unfortunately gift requests are closed for this year's junetide, but you can still participate in other ways.
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aka, a short story I just wrote. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I even showed it to my mom (who is notoriously critical of anything I create), and she liked it. I've been wanting to write something involving the Crystal Palace and human zoos for awhile now, and I think I finally worked it in without sounding preachy. (Note to self: check exact exhibitions involved in the Crystal Palace.)

Anyway, it brings me to an interesting quandary about what to do with my work. I want to make it accessible to as many people as possible. I wrote it, I'm proud of it! The internet is pretty damn accessible, and I like releasing it "DRM-free" so to speak.

On the other hand, it would be really cool to be "published-published." I've submitted a few poems and am waiting the requisite amount of months for the first round of what will probably be rejection letters. (I'm cool with that.) Most of the magazines/journals I'm submitting to allow me to repost my work once it's been published. So there's technically no harm in submitting things, and then reposting them here if I feel like it. (Of course, it can take a year before they publish the damn thing.)

I'm writing a novel (slowly), and I think that is probably going to go online and be crowdfunded (if I'm lucky). I'm not feeling the book publishing industry at the moment...

What are other peoples' thoughts? What do you do with your "creative writing"?
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I wanted to work on writing my novel, as I abandoned it the past week or so in favor of poetry. However, I was overcome with that increasingly-familiar feeling of dread when approaching my notebook. I know I like writing my book, it's just that starting is hard. Sometimes I need to get jolted into it.

Devoid of ideas, I picked up some cross stitch. I have a mini pattern I'm working of featuring an astronaut. I've been planning to put completed astronaut up around my desk as inspiration. While my hands were busy stitching, my mind relaxed enough to begin thinking of writing. I stopped after just one section, because I needed to get my hands on a writing utensil.

Boom. Three pages out in a flash.

Later on, I worked on painting a wrought iron table. My mind wondered yet again, and soon I had a zillion ideas for new poems floating around in my head.

My theory is that focusing on something else bypasses the part of my brain that freaks out and goes, "You can't write that!" allowing me to get in touch with my creativity. I think Julia Cameron would agree.

Thoughts? Anyone else have this experience?
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Outside of some creative writing classes, I've never been to a writer's group. Comments in class have generally ranged in usefulness; people taking the class as a requirement generally just write "good poem" on the top of the page.

My first experience was extremely helpful. The group was welcoming, and everyone worked to provide friendly and constructive feedback. The same was true for my poem. The group leader even picked up on a theme in the poem *I* hadn't noticed before - one which I developed further in my re-write.

I've shared a couple of recent poems with friends, and they shared similar concerns with folks in the writer's group: the beginnings of my poems are strong, but the second half tends to be weaker. I don't develop ideas as fully, instead rushing to the conclusion. My use of images isn't as strong, either. Perhaps I've exhausted that part of my brain earlier in the poem.

Whatever the cause, I now know that this is a potential weak area of mine. This is great news! Now when I'm writing I can give extra attention to the end of my poems (and perhaps even prose) to ensure that its' "working."

I'm definitely sold on the idea of writer's groups. Find one in your area if you can!

I found this group through Meetup. Unfortunately, it's expensive for a group to list themselves on meetup. (This is why many people charge nominal dues.) Apparently this group used to advertise primarily on craigslist - until there were all those sex-related scandals. I never even considered looking on craigslist. I wonder what other writing groups are hiding out there, waiting to be found...


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